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 Advice from an enterprise visitor

   date:2020-09-18 18:36:57     read:40   

Advice from an enterprise visitor

[1] Plan your own way, don't follow your feelings! According to the personal ideal decision arrangement, most people do not expect to become any academician or professor, but want to live a more moist and comfortable life. Then, we need to carefully arrange our own trajectory. Start from which industry and gradually understand the industry. Don't change jobs frequently, especially don't shift positions for a little salary. In the long run, this amount of money is nothing at all. When you have experience in an industry for several years, money is not a problem in the future. Frequent turbulence is not the best policy. In the end, you have no understanding of any industry. You will always be a novice!

[2] You can do technology, but don't indulge in technology. Never concentrate on technology! Put a lot of pressure on yourself. If you put all your thoughts on it, you are doomed to become Kong Yiji! Enough is enough, because technology is only one of the pillars of your future, and it is not the biggest pillar, unless you are only willing to be an engineer in old age!

[3] Don't be a master of technology, just a master of comprehensive quality! When working in enterprises, we often look down on someone and say that he "doesn't know anything, why he gets so much money, why he gets promoted!" This is a common and typical pedantic statement of engineers. Is 8051 very good? If someone can go up there, he must have his ability, and you have no ability. Think about it. The boss has been engaged in business for so many years. Is he not as knowledgeable as you? They may be good at management, understanding the boss's intentions, and department coordination. Therefore, we must cultivate our abilities in many aspects, including management, affinity, ability to observe things, and ability to tackle key problems. If we want to become a master of comprehensive quality, we have a promising future. Otherwise, we can only hide in the corner and look at the oscilloscope! Skills other than technology are more important skills!! From ancient times to the present, the United States and Japan have always been the same!

[4] Make more friends from all walks of life! Don't just communicate with engineers. They think they have a common language. In fact, it is more important to communicate with other types of people. If you want to be a boss or a senior manager one day, you will face these people all day. Understand their experience, thinking habits, hobbies, learn their mode of dealing with problems, and understand the phenomena and problems in all corners of society. This is a huge capital for future development. Without these, you will be clumsy, stumble, encounter many difficulties, pay a lot of tuition fees, and the probability of success will be greatly reduced!

[5] Knowledge is not necessarily specialized, but it must be broad! Read more books in other fields, such as finance, accounting, import and export, tax, law, etc., and make some accumulation for the future, which will be more useful in the future! Will pay a lot less tuition!!

[6] Seize the opportunity to change to technical management or marketing! If you want to have a future, you can't always engage in development. If you want to change it to management or sales at the appropriate time, the future will be even greater. You have not engaged in technology in vain before, but you will need it in the future. Management can cultivate your leadership, sales can cultivate your market concept and thinking, and at the same time accumulate huge contacts for your future development! It should be said that this is the real pillar of the future..?

[7] Gradually overcome their own weaknesses and personality defects! Doubtful, sensitive, naive (derogatory, not cute), indecisive, timid, worried, too thin, not black enough, dogmatic thinking... The common personality weaknesses of these engineers must be changed! Is it difficult? It is impossible to just think in bed. Go to help your friend keep the stall for a month. It must be effective. Go to practice, not just think! Without overcoming these shortcomings, everything is impossible, and even the project manager is not good -- although you may have good skills!

[8] Prepare for the future while working! Build your own work environment! Configure a working environment for yourself as soon as possible, equip a computer, oscilloscope (you can buy a second-hand one), simulator, programmer, etc., and contact with the work in your spare time. On the one hand, you can contact the market, cultivate market sense, and also accumulate funds. More importantly, you can prepare your own products. We have no money for technology, only technology. The representative of technology is not education and certificates, but products, and produce decent products, You can transfer technology or cooperate with others to start an enterprise! Get things ready first and wait for the opportunity. Otherwise, you can't catch the opportunity!

[9] Learn to be good at selling yourself! It is necessary to be not only competent, but also able to speak and write, and be good at using all opportunities to promote themselves and establish their own brand image! We should create conditions for others to understand ourselves, otherwise how can the boss know you are capable? How do investors outside believe you? Sell yourself early, and chances will come to you! It's a good idea to have a personal homepage!! In particular, cultivate your own reputation in the industry. With fame, the opportunity of high salary is of no consequence, and more importantly, the opportunity of cooperation

[10] Do it when it's time to do it! You can never be 100% sure!!! The conditions are almost the same. You should be bold to do it and start your own business. Don't hesitate, don't hesitate. You may not succeed if you do it, but at least you have accumulated experience for the next impact. You will never succeed if you don't do it, and you must experience failure if you want to succeed.



[1]好好规划自己的路,不要跟着感觉走!根据个人的理想决策安排,绝大部分人并不指望成为什么院士或教授,而是希望活得滋润一些,爽一些。那么,就需要慎重安排自己的轨迹。从哪个行业入手,逐渐对该行业深入了解,不要频繁跳槽,特别是不要为了一点工资而转移阵 地,从长远看,这点钱根本不算什么,当你对一个行业有那么几年的体会,以后钱根本不是问题。频繁地动荡不是上策,最后你对哪个行业都没有摸透,永远是新手! 



[3]不要去做技术高手,只去做综合素质高手!在企业里混,我们时常瞧不起某人,说他“什么都不懂,凭啥拿那么多钱,凭啥升官!”这是普遍的典型的工程师的迂腐之言。8051很牛吗?人家能上去必然有他的本事,而且是你没有的本事。你想想,老板搞经营那么多年, 难道见识不如你这个新兵?人家或许善于管理,善于领会老板意图,善于部门协调等等。因此务必培养自己多方面的能力,包括管理,亲和力,察言观色能力,攻关能力等,要成为综合素质的高手,则前途无量,否则只能躲在角落看示波器!技术以外的技能才是更重要的本 事!!从古到今,美国日本,一律如此! 

[4]多交社会三教九流的朋友!不要只和工程师交往,认为有共同语言,其实更重要的是和其他类人物交往,如果你希望有朝一日当老板或高层管理,那么你整日面对的就是这些人。了解他们的经历,思维习惯,爱好,学习他们处理问题的模式,了解社会各个角落的现象和问题 ,这是以后发展的巨大的本钱,没有这些以后就会笨手笨脚,跌跌撞撞,遇到重重困难,交不少学费,成功的概率大大降低! 


[6]抓住时机向技术管理或市场销售方面的转变!要想有前途就不能一直搞开发,适当时候要转变为管理或销售,前途会更大,以前搞技术也没有白搞,以后还用得着。搞管理可以培养自己的领导能力,搞销售可以培养自己的市场概念和思维,同时为自己以后发展积累庞大的人 脉!应该说这才是前途的真正支柱。。? 

[7]逐渐克服自己的心里弱点和性格缺陷!多疑,敏感,天真(贬义,并不可爱),犹豫不决,胆怯,多虑,脸皮太薄,心不够黑,教条式思维。。。这些工程师普遍存在的性格弱点必须改变!很难吗?只在床上想一想当然不可能,去帮朋友守一个月地摊,包准有效果,去实践 ,而不要只想!不克服这些缺点,一切不可能,甚至连项目经理都当不好--尽管你可能技术不错! 

[8]工作的同时要为以后做准备!建立自己的工作环境!及早为自己配置一个工作环境,装备电脑,示波器(可以买个二手的),仿真器,编程器等,业余可以接点活,一方面接触市场,培养市场感觉,同时也积累资金,更重要的是准备自己的产品,咱搞技术的没有钱,只有技 术,技术的代表不是学历和证书,而是产品,拿出象样的产品,就可技术转让或与人合作搞企业!先把东西准备好,等待机会,否则,有了机会也抓不住! 

[9]要学会善于推销自己!不仅要能干,还要能说,能写,善于利用一切机会推销自己,树立自己的品牌形象,很必要!要创造条件让别人了解自己,不然老板怎么知道你能干?外面的投资人怎么相信你?提早把自己推销出去,机会自然会来找你!搞个个人主页是个好注意!! 特别是培养自己在行业的名气,有了名气,高薪机会自不在话下,更重要的是有合作的机会... 


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