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 Workplace: the "accommodating" way of enterprise leaders

   date:2020-09-18 18:49:48     read:48   

Workplace: the "accommodating" way of enterprise leaders

David Ogilvy, president of Ogilvy Mather, has a habit: every time a new manager takes office, he will give them a gift - a wooden doll. This gift is meaningful. There is a middle doll in the big doll, and a small doll in the middle doll. There is a note in the small doll: "If each of us hires someone smaller than ourselves, our company will become a dwarf country, with dwarfs in groups. But if each of us hires someone taller than ourselves, we will become a giant company."

Carnegie, the American steel king, said, "You can take away all my factories, equipment and funds. As long as you keep my organization and personnel, I will still be the steel king in a few years." After Carnegie's death, People carved a paragraph on his tombstone: "There is a man buried here. He is best at organizing those who are better than himself into the management organization that serves him." Carnegie's success lies in making good use of those who are better than himself. In the era of knowledge economy, managers need the courage and ability to dare and be good at using the strong.

He who dares to use it better than himself must tolerate others' strengths. "The wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it", which is an old bad custom. Li Linfu, who has a honeyed tongue and a sharp sword, "will go to the people who have higher intelligence and achievements than himself"; The physicist Newton was jealous of his younger generation, for fear that others would surpass him, and suppressed the publication of Gray's electrical papers by virtue of his position; Charlie Chaplin, the film master, could not bear to be more talented than his director. He used his power to burn the only copy of "The Daughter of the Sea".

In real life, we often see such a phenomenon: some people are too weak and unwilling to be lonely. They regard the progress of others as a threat to themselves, and slander their colleagues who are more capable and knowledgeable than themselves. They say that they are not good at this, that is not true, or even useless.

Some managers are not willing to use people who are stronger than themselves. In addition to being afraid that these "strong people" are difficult to control, they are mainly jealous of their talents. They can't understand themselves correctly. They always think that they are the best in the unit or department and should be one notch higher than others in all aspects. Therefore, when they meet people who are more capable than themselves, they will be jealous, and even take various measures to suppress them, so as not to let them play their special skills, making many professionals buried, which is really sad.

For a manager, the strength of a person is not only the need of his career, but also his due awareness, mind and character. Only by being magnanimous and tolerant of others can we be heartfelt and respected, and attract a large number of talents. It is not easy for talents to rise to the top. They have worked harder than others, endured more hardships than others, and displayed more outstanding talents than others. Therefore, for top talents and those with more abilities than themselves, we must warmly support them, use them in an unconventional way, and improve their treatment appropriately, so as to encourage more talents to rise to the top and give full play to their talents.









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