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 Wife training: amazing effect!

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:34     read:32   

Wife training: amazing effect!

Generally, an enterprise's training for its subordinates mainly includes two-way communication, field trips and other forms.

Two-way communication: If the staff is the headquarters staff, in order to enhance the sense of work reality, they may be assigned to the front-line business unit to study and exercise for 1-6 months. If employees are front-line backbone personnel, they may also be assigned to the headquarters or other counterpart business units to work together for 0.5-2 months, so that employees have time and energy to summarize and refine the actual operating experience, so as to facilitate communication within the group and realize group resource sharing.

Outgoing investigation: In order to broaden our horizons and enrich our learning experience, the company will organize managers, professionals and award-winning staff to visit other places, including excellent enterprises or institutions at home and abroad.

Training points system: After participating in various trainings and completing their courses, employees can apply for points to the Human Resources Department. The points will be the most comprehensive record of employees participating in the training. The number of annual cumulative points is one of the reference criteria for the promotion or promotion of employees. The requirements for different types of employees are different.

Publication and query of training information: The Human Resources Department will regularly publish training information, mainly including: annual training service overview, monthly training and training plan, external training information, weekly training information and online version of Training Information. Employees can log in to the company's homepage to query or consult the full-time personnel of their unit.

Case analysis: DELL's "wife training"

DELL company adopts "wife training" to train sales personnel.

The so-called "wife training" is to compare the sales manager to the "wife" of the new salesperson. The sales manager, like a wife, constantly nags and encourages the new comer in the ear, so that the new comer can form a long-term good sales habit, so that the sales training can finally play a role.

The training is completed by the training manager and the sales manager.

The new salesperson not only reports to the line manager, but also to the training manager.

The training manager undertakes the function of skill training, tracking and assessment (ranking the sales newcomers every week and informing them of the ranking by e-mail).

The sales manager undertakes the coaching and management functions, and achieves the goal of improving performance through the final implementation of the new employees.

The first is a three-week intensive training, in which experts explain the process and skills of sales and invite experienced salesmen to share their experience.

Then a meeting will be held every weekend with the participation of the sales manager and the training manager to check the progress of the newcomers last week, discuss and share their work experience, analyze new sales opportunities, and develop the sales plan for the next week.

The sales manager, the training manager and the newcomers discuss the growth of the newcomers and the next step. Finally, the "wife" can consciously guide new people to use sales skills, encourage new people in time and manage new people effectively.

The effect of "wife training" is amazing. The figures can show that the average quarterly sales of DELL sales representatives is $800000. When there is no "wife training", the average sales of new people in the first quarter is $200000. After such training, the average sales of new people in the first quarter reaches $560000, far higher than the sales of new people in the previous sales of $200000.

It is also an important way for employees to learn about the internal information of the company. In particular, information that allows employees to know how the company makes money can have a great incentive effect. According to a survey report of Business Week, 59% of employees think that the best way to motivate them is to directly tell how their work helps the company make money, and 77% of managers also think so. How to operate it? The department manager first finds out the important figures about performance that the company most values, explains the difference between the company's cash flow, income and profit, and how to read the income statement and balance sheet, so that employees can connect their work with the final profit level of the department and the company.





















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