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 Training to build enterprise competitiveness

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:51     read:47   

Training to build enterprise competitiveness

Once, Confucius came to the State of Wei with Ranyou. Confucius saw that the country of Wei had a large population and said, "There are so many people here!"!

Ranyou took up the conversation and asked: How should we manage a country when it has a large population?

Confucius replied that we should make people rich and improve their lives.

Ranyou then asked: What should people do when they are rich?

Confucius replied, "Next, we should educate them and govern the country by educating the people.".

The author has deep feelings about this conversation. A few days ago, at the invitation of my friend, I went to Yunnan for a two-day management training for an enterprise. This enterprise is small in scale, but it is very substantial. It has only about 300 employees, but it generates a profit of two or three billion yuan a year. The backyard of the factory is full of employees' self-owned vehicles. According to enterprise leaders, about half of the employees have cars. This is rare among Chinese enterprises. I think the boss of this enterprise must understand the management revealed by the dialogue between Confucius and Ranyou.

The way of Chinese Confucianism to be good to the people is: common wealth and religion. After three decades of reform and opening up policy, China has made many enterprises develop. The number of employees has been large, and the income of employees has also been greatly improved. Relevant economists argue that China has developed into an "olive society". That is to say, the people at the middle level earn a lot. (However, some experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences do not agree with this conclusion through research recently. They believe that China still has the majority of the rural population, and this part of the population is still very poor. Therefore, China is still an "onion society", that is, the majority of the poor people at the grass-roots level.) Assuming that the "olive society" is established, it is no doubt that our corporate governance is not the same as the dialogue between Confucius and Ranyou, Is it time to strengthen the education of employees?

The opening of the "University", the first of the "Four Books" of the old school, also said that the way of university is to be clear and virtuous, to be close to the people, and to be the best. Among them, "close to the people" refers to "new people", which means paying attention to educating and changing the people. Therefore, enterprise training is really necessary for enterprise management!

Training is a tool for enterprise management.

Most excellent enterprise managers are excellent trainers. Because management ideas and methods can only be implemented after employees understand them through communication. If employees do not recognize or understand the ideas and methods of managers through communication, implementation may backfire!

Senior managers of enterprises should unify the values of employees through training!

The middle-level managers of enterprises should make employees understand how to do it correctly through training!

After receiving good training and education, the grass-roots employees of the enterprise really understand why and how to do it!

Training is a good weapon for competition.

At present, many enterprises have made great efforts to attract investment in order to speed up their development, hoping to accelerate their development by integrating resources of channels. Some businesses are successful, while others fail. Most of the successful investors have made great efforts in training. Many dealers are also very honest. To join an enterprise as a dealer is mainly to take a fancy to the training of the enterprise. Through cooperation, I can receive a lot of training. It doesn't matter if I don't make money. I have learned the knowledge of business, which is a great wealth for our dealers.

Training is the guarantee of sustainable development of enterprises.

Training is essential for an enterprise to achieve sustainable development. Because new technologies, new ideas, new systems and new concepts can be implemented into employees through training. If the enterprise lacks new technologies, new ideas, new systems and new concepts, then how can the enterprise develop? Without development, how can there be continuous operation?

Training is the ability of enterprises to compete.

At the moment when the world economy is moving towards integration, enterprise competition is bound to become increasingly fierce. In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is still the competition of talents. Where do enterprise talents come from? The number of talents who come from the air is often "killed", or they are acclimatized. Many examples of enterprises have proved that the talents who really make the enterprise develop depend on the enterprise's own cultivation.

Only the talents trained by the enterprise themselves can be loyal to the enterprise. Without loyalty to the enterprise as the premise, any contribution to the enterprise is limited.

Only the talents trained by the enterprise itself can really understand the enterprise. Any wise manager who doesn't know enough about the enterprise can't really manage the enterprise. Just like a doctor, it is possible to cure a patient's disease only if you really know what disease the patient has.

Any advanced technology and concept, in the final analysis, is the advancement of talents. Only when talents are advanced can enterprises be advanced. Talent ability is really the competitiveness of enterprises! Zhang Xinzhong



























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