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 Electronic Commerce, Let enterprises have another way to export

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:56     read:42   

Electronic Commerce,

Let enterprises have another way to export

The young Mr. Guo is the foreign trade manager of Shanxi Yuehua Window Decoration Co., Ltd. He graduated from school in 2000 and then worked in foreign trade in Shanxi Yuehua. Mr. Guo has been growing with the enterprise's foreign trade business for seven years. As an enterprise specializing in the production of shutter products, Shanxi Yuehua has achieved 100% export of its products, with an annual export value of more than 10 million US dollars.

Mr. Guo introduced the foreign trade expansion experience of Shanxi Yuehua in recent years.

Encounter e-commerce

"Our company was founded in 1980, and has a shutter manufacturing factory with strong equipment and advanced technology. After more than 20 years of development and accumulation, our enterprises and products enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. Shanxi Yuehua has always been taking part in domestic and foreign exhibitions as the main channel to obtain overseas orders, and has left our presence in Frankfurt, Germany, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and other places in the United States. But the exhibition also has shortcomings, For example, the cost is high, the time is short, and the enterprise investment cost is high. So we are looking for other and effective foreign trade expansion channels.

In 2003, I conceived the idea of using e-commerce to open up the second battlefield of enterprise foreign trade business on the network, and began to investigate several well-known B2B network platforms in China.

Later, a chance encounter at the Canton Fair made us make the final choice. At the Canton Fair, Alibaba's eye-catching orange exhibition booth attracted my attention. The service staff introduced Alibaba and 'Chinese suppliers' services in detail, which coincided with our idea of developing a network battlefield.

In June 2003, enterprise data and product information were uploaded to Alibaba International, and my colleagues and I began to pay attention to the unlimited business opportunities from the Internet.

At the end of the year, we received a total of 82 inquiries from buyers, but there was no deal. Alibaba's customer managers and VIP service personnel often pay a return visit to guide me and the salesmen to learn operating skills and master process specifications, which has improved our work efficiency.

In the face of no deal, the customer manager and VIP service staff also worried about us. I often say to them that we will not be discouraged or discouraged because every investment has risks and needs to go through the cultivation period of market and customers. It is a harvest to be able to understand the attention of global buyers and receive inquiries from buyers around the world. Moreover, due to the product relationship, even at domestic and international exhibitions, customers do not necessarily place orders immediately. Sometimes some big buyers will spend 1 to 2 years to understand and investigate us.

Online trade brings 270000 US dollars of foreign trade business to enterprises

In the first half of 2004, we received 142 valid buyer inquiries, and the Foreign Trade Department also increased to 4 full-time salesmen.

In June this year, we ushered in the first transaction. A British buyer signed a trial order of $100000 after two months of communication with us. After the delivery of the goods, we continue to ask the feedback of the products in the local market through email, understand his improvement suggestions, and provide customers with high-quality services.

Perhaps it is due to the accumulation in the first year that now I and the salesperson can well grasp the customer's demand points, and we quickly obtained a transaction value of 270000 dollars through e-commerce.

E-commerce makes enterprises mature

2007 is the fourth year of our cooperation with Alibaba. Compared with the previous two years, our application in e-commerce is more mature. This is mainly reflected in: before, we took getting orders as the first importance of online trade; Now, we attach great importance to the industry dynamics, product information and other information obtained from online trade, and can understand the direction of market demand, so as to determine the direction of product development, which is more important than simply getting orders.

We also found that there are many common marketing theories between online trade and traditional trade, such as the "28 principles", that is, 80% of an enterprise's profits are usually brought by 20% of its customers. Therefore, in online marketing, we must pay attention to the hierarchical management of customers, and put most of our energy on key customers, which will often achieve twice the result with half the effort. So how to do a good job of customer grading? After years of practice and from Alibaba's trade skills training meeting, we also summarized some rules:

1、 Classified according to the inquiry content. Judging from the content of the buyer's inquiry, we can judge the strength of the purchase intention. If the buyer only asks you to quote in a general way, such buyers will not have actual purchase behavior in a short time; If the buyer asks you to make a quotation for a certain product and asks you to provide more specific data, such as packaging, specifications, quality standards, port of arrival, etc., such inquiries must be taken seriously. This is likely to be a real buyer with purchase intention.

2、 Dare to give up. Some inquiries are too broad, which may be just a way for merchants to investigate the market situation. Don't be too optimistic that this is also a buyer's behavior. If you don't give up these too broad information, then just replying to emails every day will make you too poor to deal with and have no time to take into account more important business.

3、 Pay attention to the suggestions for product improvement mentioned by customers in the email. We can learn about the market demand of new products in the course of such mail exchanges, which is difficult to buy at a high price. "

At the end of the interview, Mr. Guo said: "Up to now, the orders obtained from the network have accounted for 20% of the company's total business. But we believe that with the strengthening of the globalization trend of network trade, we can obtain more and more orders and business opportunities from this battlefield.

E-commerce allows enterprises to have an effective way to export. " Guo Feng






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