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 260000 yuan You can have dinner with Clinton

   date:2020-09-18 18:51:40     read:58   

260000 yuan

You can have dinner with Clinton

This is a celebrity plan. Although it is in the past, it still gives enterprises a thought and reference: a boss invited Clinton to visit the company and sold tickets by the way. He not only gave Clinton 1.8 million yuan, but also made a lot of money. As long as you are good at planning, you can produce many bright spots, The world is planned. Who is the next enterprise to invite foreign heads of state

---------Zhuge Changqing

With 260000 yuan, you can have dinner, group photo and discussion with Clinton.

The highest ticket for an impromptu speech by Clinton in Henan was 260000 yuan, while Clinton's speech fee was 250000 dollars

Former US President Bill Clinton, who has been in office for several years, has stepped on the land of China several times in three years, or made business speeches or public welfare activities. This month, he came again.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars for each speech, there are also some entrepreneurs who "see through their eyes" waiting for him.

260000 day ticket

As the second city of Clinton's visit to China, the local media in Zhengzhou reported that: "At 6:00 a.m. on September 8, 2005, with the roar of the plane, former US President Bill Clinton stepped out of the cabin. This step ended the history of Henan without a visit from the US President."

Clinton's trip to Henan has warmed up in Henan a few days ago.

For several consecutive days, There is a very infectious text in the Zhengzhou Evening News: "At the age of 32 and 46, he served as the governor and president of the most developed countries in the world, the forever saxophone player and the eye-catching handsome man. The former President of the United States Clinton will set foot on the land of Central Plains for the first time on '9.8 (September 8)'.... The citizens of Central Plains will appreciate the genius of the former President of the United States' speech style and wise dialogue through private business investigation."

There are three different levels of tickets for Clinton's speech in Henan: Class A luxury tickets: 260000 yuan (limited to 5 people); Class B VIP tickets: 100000 yuan (only 8); Class C ordinary tickets range from 1500 to 3000 yuan.

The sky-high ticket price of 260000 yuan can certainly obtain many privileges, such as taking a group photo with Clinton alone, attending the buffet reception attended by Clinton, and sitting on the rostrum with Clinton. Those who invest 100000 yuan to buy Class B tickets can enjoy the privileges of sitting together and taking group photos.

There is no vacancy for the 260000 yuan ticket. Zhengzhou Changjiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Xinzheng Tobacco Group successively paid for luxury VIP tickets, and the boss of a Guangdong furniture company flew to Zhengzhou.

Yesterday, in a speech at the Henan People's Hall entitled "Talking about the American economy and looking at China's development", Clinton said to the 2400 audience, "The United States should relax the restrictions on foreign investors and give them corresponding freedom."

Before the words fell, applause rang. These two sentences are aimed at the sensitive issue of the acquisition of companies in China and the United States. Clinton, who has been on the battlefield for a long time, clearly knows how to satisfy the psychology of the Chinese audience.

Behind Clinton are more than 10 Chinese businessmen in an arc, and the price of each seat is more than 100000 yuan.

The back of China mainland

When Clinton showed the talk show in the People's Hall of Henan Province, a huge banner of "Clinton's trip to China and the mainland" was hung above his head, and the same was true for several days of publicity.

China Continental should be the biggest beneficiary of Clinton's trip to Henan.

"The price of 260000 yuan is to improve Clinton's influence, and also to improve the influence of Chinese enterprises." Wang Chaobin, chairman of Henan Zhonglu Shopping Mall and vice chairman of Henan Federation of Industry and Commerce, explained the reason for the high ticket price of 260000 yuan.

As for the income of this event, Wang Chaobin said that the ticket income was about one million yuan.

According to relevant sources, Clinton's trip was organized by the United States Expeditor Agency, and China Land Logistics and Distribution Co., Ltd. has paid him 250000 dollars. China and the mainland withheld business tax of 106671.05 yuan for emergency travelers. Clinton himself did not declare personal income tax in China.

Clinton's trip to China has nothing to do with Wang Chaobin personally. Wang Chaobin, a Chinese-American, went to the United States in 1983, returned to China in 1989 to start a business, developed real estate in Henan in the early 1990s, and invested in the construction of the China-Land Logistics Plaza in 1998, which is still the largest logistics distribution center in Henan Province. It is reported that the logistics plaza was jointly established with the American Vulcan Company. Wang Chaobin himself has close contact with American politicians.

At the Zhonglu Shopping Mall, Wang Chaobin displayed the fax letter from the Clinton office official Marc Gross to Wang Chaobin. "This is an official confirmation letter from the United States to me."

Wang Chaobin jokingly said, "I lived in New York during my stay in the United States. Now Clinton lives in the same city, and we are villagers."

Koch's China Travel

This is not Clinton's first visit to China after leaving office as president.

In 2002, Clinton delivered a speech at the invitation of two companies in Shenzhen and Business Week of the United States, taking away 150000 dollars in after-tax speech fees. Later, it was reported that two more Chinese enterprises invited Clinton to give a speech in China. In November 2003, Clinton spent five hours in Jiannanchun Group and took away 400000 dollars. Later, it was reported that he made a show for a real estate project in Beijing with a value of 200000 dollars. On the third day after that, he appeared at the "2003 Natural Health Products Expo" in Shanghai and made a speech.

Although it was reported that Clinton had paid off all the debts, Clinton also had a full schedule for this "NGO event" in China.

In addition to his trip to Zhengzhou, Clinton will also attend an economic summit held in Xinjiang today and deliver a keynote speech. On the 10th, he will also turn to Hangzhou to participate in the "West Lake Argument" hosted by Alibaba. It is said that there is a golf game waiting for him to start in Beijing, and the ticket prices and participants of these activities are "very important".





                             --------- 诸葛长青


































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