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 20 things Chinese entrepreneurs should try

   date:2020-09-18 18:53:01     read:57   

20 things Chinese entrepreneurs should try

1. Pay attention to every piece of useful information in the newspaper, large and small, and build your own newspaper clipping with the help of the secretary.

2. Establish your own circle of friends, and make detailed records and classification. Like President Bush, check regularly and call regularly to ask.

3. Start quietly to invest in a business that can only be rewarded after 10 years.

4. Have a dusty working lunch at the construction site.

5. Travel with your family at intervals to maintain a warm and healthy family atmosphere.

6. Outside the business circle, at least have a friend who can scold you in person.

7. Try to leave the company suddenly for a week and stand far away to see if the company can maintain normal and stable operation.

8. Control your "sense of responsibility" and try not to read any statements of the company for 3 months.

9. Remember the birthdays of your deputies and give them a sincere and reserved blessing.

10. Read as many books as possible every year.

11. Become friends with a number of "scholar" economic experts and draw "ideological oxygen" from them irregularly.

12. Experience a feeling of exhaustion - you can find out how much your physical and mental potential is.

13. At the end of each year, there will be at least one day to shut yourself in the room for reflection, and summarize the gains and losses of the past year.

14. Create its own "management dictionary" - create a unique economic world with a unique methodology.

15. There will be people you fear for a while - in the process, you can find another self.

16. Adopt a number of orphans, donate to build a hope primary school, and sponsor a public welfare cause. Through this "materialization" means, let their love and social responsibility not disappear.

17. Maintain the opportunity to go abroad once a year and try to understand the pace of development of the international community.

18. Try a helpless failure experience, feel the experience of the unfortunate in the frustration, and cultivate the awareness of vigilance.

19. Take part in a campaign of any kind and plan actively and truly for it - this will help you cultivate enough community and social awareness.

20. Go to Tibet once, watch the celestial burial, and feel the unpredictable and noble fate between life and death. Pioneer








































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