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 How to gain the trust of employees

   date:2020-09-18 18:54:06     read:52   

How to gain the trust of employees

How can we win the trust of employees?

In the article "How to do if no one fully trusts the boss?", Professor Bartholome pointed out that the factors to cultivate trust and honesty should include at least six aspects, namely "communication", "support", "respect", "fairness", "predictability" and "competence". This is not different from the leadership style and characteristics emphasized by Chinese-style management, especially when reading many of the arguments in this article and comparing with the eastern culture, it is more similar.

Don't despise communication

Barclays believes that "communication" means to inform subordinates, provide accurate feedback, explain decisions and decisions, treat their problems honestly, resist temptation, and do not return information as a means or a benefit.

There is a well-known domestic private enterprise with an annual turnover of about 600 to 800 million yuan in Guangdong. The boss himself serves as the chairman and general manager, and his wife serves as the deputy general manager. However, due to her humble background and low education level, she was originally with a sense of inferiority complex, but was chosen by the chairman of the board at a entertainment party on the playground, deliberately placed in the company to play the role of assistant, and soon became the chairman's wife. In the past three years, under the advice of the consulting company, she has been promoted from the warehouse keeper and the procurement sponsor to the "executive vice president". The consultant expected her to turn the dark into the light, stand on the table, and truly assist the normal operation and development of the enterprise, rather than wrestle with the warehousing and procurement units and departments. Unexpectedly, she can still treat others with humility shortly after her promotion, and it began to change in less than half a year. Even the vice chairman, who was hired by the chairman of the board of directors, did not pay attention to it. She looked arrogant and could not listen to others' voices at all. The worst thing was that her way of communication was mostly high-profile, and people around her should follow her command, otherwise she would try to fight him down The communication mode of "not counting words" and "full of nonsense" soon enraged the senior marketing director and financial director of the company. At that time, the company's morale was greatly damaged, and the cadres with relatively good abilities left one after another. The people left behind were all vulnerable employees who tried to compromise and waited for the opportunity, and those who were greedy for high salaries.

Do not deliberately "prevent" employees

The second factor that affects employees' trust in the boss should be "Assist". Pasteur believes that "support means caring for subordinates as a person, it means that you can rely on and approach them, and it also means helping them, guiding them, encouraging their ideas and protecting their positions".

Taking the private company just mentioned as an example, when marketing activities are launched, the travel expenses of the marketing staff at the front line or the bonus and salary of the sales guide stationed in the store should be allocated as soon as possible to boost morale and quickly seize the market. However, the executive vice president, in reviewing the expense reimbursement materials sent by the marketing department, either shelved or made difficulties, did not cooperate and support at all, And the advertising expenses of the Marketing and Planning Department are not paid to the advertising company on time. Anyway, asking for money is like asking for her life. If you can delay it for a day, you can cut it for a day. If you do not reach the situation of deduction or fine, you will feel unhappy. The executive vice president put it bluntly, treating employees as thieves and taking extra care to prevent them from making mistakes. This has led to a sharp decline in the overall marketing force of the market.

Don't be arrogant

The third factor that affects trust and honesty is "respect". Barclays believes that "respecting others will bring others' respect for you. The most important form of respect is' authorization ', followed by listening to the opinions of subordinates and acting according to their opinions."

In 1998, the author was invited to Jinan, Shandong Province, to train and teach the 50 reserve general managers of the East Hope Group, the largest private enterprise in China. During the whole process, I felt highly respected. Not only did Mr. Liu Yongxing, the chairman of the board, give me the best room in the hotel, but Mr. Liu fully respected the teacher's choice of teaching methods and techniques during the two-way communication before class, What is more admirable is that during the class, the chairman and his wife, like other students, always abide by the classroom etiquette rules, and carefully study and ask questions. That kind of polite, humble and polite soft attitude is really unforgettable for a lifetime. There is absolutely no arrogant attitude.

Do not keep short

Barclays believes that "the lack of fairness for a long time will soon dry up trust and honesty". Therefore, the fourth factor affecting employees' trust in the boss should be "Fair". The most indignant part of the subordinates is that they are too selfish, not objective enough, engage in small circles and overly partial to their own supervisors. Just like the executive vice president of the aforementioned private enterprise, when the procurement and warehousing unit she manages has rights and responsibilities with other departments, she must protect her few one or two confidants at any coordination meeting, and say "black" as "white", and try to be clever, so that people can't stand it, This kind of boss, who does not seek fairness and objectivity in everything, but only seeks to protect the short term, of course, cannot win the trust of employees, and is more likely to become a clique due to lack of fair treatment, which is not the blessing of the enterprise.

No breach of commitment

The fifth factor that affects employees' trust in their boss is "Future". Pasteur emphasized that "predictability refers to consistent and trustworthy behavior, adherence to explicit or implied promises and consistency of character", which is particularly important for entrepreneurs.

A domestic real estate company hired me as a consultant to assist them in their development. It promised to give me a dividend of 5 percentage points according to the turnover and settle it at the end of the year. Unexpectedly, after less than half a year of cooperation, the performance suddenly jumped sharply. When the set of "real estate franchise chain business system" designed by me was able to operate easily and speed up the replication operation in the mainland, the business owners bent to a few, and the part of the dividend to be paid to me at the end of the year was not a small amount, So I finally forced me to agree to end the cooperation with the company through all kinds of criticism and cold silence. In fact, in order to stimulate the growth of enterprises, many business owners casually promise to pay dividends and bonus systems and welfare conditions (such as car allocation, mobile phone subsidies, and housing allocation) to relevant personnel. If they do not make a reasonable calculation in advance, but fail to make the decision, it will cause irreparable credit crisis.

Not willing to be mediocre

The sixth factor that affects employees' trust in the boss is "working with fulfillment". Pasteur believes that "competent work refers to the pleasure produced by showing technical and professional abilities and business acumen in work".

Mr. Zhang Ruimin, the president of Haier, is well known to all. His "people-oriented", "pursuit of excellence", "communication is more important than power", "the OECD management mode of rising day by day", the talent strategy of "horse racing does not match horse", and the international road of "sincerity to forever" under the banner of brand, all of which can combine the connotation of "predictability" and "competence" to win applause for Chinese enterprises entering the world after entering the WTO. For employees, this kind of entrepreneurs who have the ability and dare to accept challenges is the object they rely on and trust.

Be a trustworthy "LEADER"

Leaders in the 21st century should be "masters of the future, not people who react after the event". Therefore, leaders in the new era should have the characteristics and conditions of "LEADER", namely:

L -- listen, listen and learn more;

E -- explain, more communication and more explanation;

A -- assist, multiple assistance and support;

D -- discussions, more coordination and more discussion;

E -- evaluation, more evaluation and more summary;

R——response; More feedback and more adjustment.

Only in this way can you become a trustworthy boss in the eyes of employees.



















  影响员工对老板信任的第六项因素为“胜任工作(Working with pleasure)”,巴氏认为“胜任工作指的是在工作中表现出技术和专业能力以及商业的敏锐感觉,所产出的愉悦感”。











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