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 Use smile magic to make management easier

   date:2020-09-18 18:54:09     read:41   

Use smile magic to make management easier

In a busy working atmosphere, a smile will make you feel very relaxed and happy. Smile happily---- Zhuge Changqing

As managers, people will always consider how to motivate employees to be more active in their work; As an employee, everyone also hopes how to make boring work easy and happy. In such a seemingly contradictory relationship, will anyone consider how to meet these two needs at the same time? Even after considering it, I think it will be a complex and arduous project. In fact, there is one way, a very simple way, which can easily and effectively solve the two problems, that is, smile. It is hard to imagine what the world would be like without laughter; It is hard to imagine that the magic of smile can bring such magic effect in management.

There is a classic case like this. Jim Daniel, a famous American entrepreneur, miraculously saved an enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy by relying on a "smiling face". In addition, Daniel also took "a smiling face" as the company's logo, and the company's logo, letterhead and envelope were printed with a happy smiling face.

He always runs to each workshop with a "smile", executes the company's orders and carries out his own management. As a result, employees were gradually infected by him, and the company's production efficiency increased by 80% without increasing investment. The company's employees are friendly and harmonious, the whole company is united and virtuous, and the company's reputation and image have greatly increased. The company has a large number of customers, and the business is booming. In less than five years, the company has not only paid off all the arrears, but also made huge profits.

It can be seen that "smiling can make it easier for leaders and employees to communicate with each other, can make the corporate image more deeply imprinted in the minds of customers, and can bring unexpected benefits to enterprises." Guo Dongjie, deputy general manager of China Comfort Travel Service, has been advocating the implementation of "smiling management" for many years. He believes that there is no essential difference in the management of employees in the service industry or other industries.]

If the internal interpersonal relationship of the enterprise is like "steel indifference", the result will be intrigue among employees, and the enterprise image will be greatly reduced, let alone profit. Only if the manager is confident in his career, keeps a good mood at work and treats others with a smile, the employees of the enterprise will be refreshed, and any difficulties will not be mentioned. From the perspective of managers, the implementation of smile management in enterprises can show the magnanimity of managers. In case of contradiction, smile can make both sides recover their senses and turn the fight into friendship; Smile management is also an important way to praise and encourage employees. When employees create good performance, the manager's smile represents affirmation and praise. Employees can be inspired by the smile, gain strength, and glow with higher work enthusiasm. From the perspective of employees, when managers use smile management at the right time, a smiling face with a bright face can indirectly eliminate the tension and antagonism of employees, and maintain a relaxed mood to work. It will also be energetic and more efficient to do things.

So, how do managers implement smile management within the enterprise?

First of all, smile should come from sincerity. Only sincerity can make people trust. Therefore, managers must be consistent in their work. When talking with employees at work, no matter what problems they encounter, they must calmly deal with them with the attitude of treating things rather than people. The language and expression should be consistent, and try to replace the stiff expression with a smile. When praising employees for their work achievements, they should be praised orally with a smile, which is enough to reflect the sincerity of the manager's attitude.

Second, handle contradictions in work with the attitude of caring and helping others. When guiding the work, don't put on a high attitude, let alone talk in a commanding tone. The mistake is to think that the darker the face, the louder the voice, the higher the prestige will be, which will only lead to the opposite effect. Let employees accept your opinions in a rebellious mood, accept the tasks you deliver passively, and at the same time suppress the improvement of their own thinking and working methods. Therefore, point out the problems and improvement suggestions in the work with an approachable attitude, and let the "reason" speak more to win the hearts of your subordinates.

Third, when employees make mistakes in their work, they must not criticize and criticize them in public. This will only make things worse, and even hurt the self-esteem of employees, resulting in poor working mood or rebellious psychology or behavior of employees, and at the same time, employees will always lose their willingness to work hard. What we need is employees' own awareness and awareness of mistakes, rather than a comprehensive negation of employees. Therefore, criticism should also be methodical.

Fourth, managers should always put a smile on their face. A persistent smile will infect every employee, making the originally tense working atmosphere relaxed and lively. When employees feel happy, they will naturally accept all instructions happily, and their work efficiency will also be improved. In fact, there is no incentive method that can make employees work in happiness as easily and effectively as "smile".

Finally, let the smile spread throughout the enterprise. As the saying goes, "one person is private, many people are public". The smile of a few people can only reflect the relationship between some few people. Only all employees can communicate with each other with smile, and bring the smile to customers naturally, which can be regarded as spreading the smile throughout the enterprise. In this way, it can not only improve the external image of the enterprise, but also create more profits for the enterprise.

In short, the smile not only shows the open-minded feelings of managers in their work, but also reflects the harmony and harmony of interpersonal relationships within the enterprise. It makes work and work more closely; Let people trust and tolerate each other more. Smile management is not so much a magic, but rather a fundamental embodiment of the "people-oriented" concept, and a bridge built between the manager and the managed to connect their minds. Therefore, please don't be stingy with your smile at any time, not only in life, but also in work!




   在匆忙的工作氛围里,一个微笑,会使感到十分轻松、愉悦。开心微笑吧!                          ----诸葛长青






  可见,“微笑可以让领导与员工之间更容易沟通,可以使企业形象更深刻地印在客户的脑海中,能够为企业带来意想不到的收获。”中国康辉旅行社副总经理郭东杰多年来一直提倡实施“微笑管理”。他认为,不论是服务业还是其他行业,在员工的管理上并没有什么本质差别。  ]









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