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 Small and medium-sized enterprises: how to spread themselves?

   date:2020-09-18 18:54:24     read:45   

Small and medium-sized enterprises: how to spread themselves?

Create a blue ocean of newspaper soft communication

Recently, the National Olympic Committee has introduced measures to prevent the invisible market, and small and medium-sized enterprises have no funds to sponsor the Olympic Games, so it seems difficult to "take the Olympic downwind boat", so how can small and medium-sized enterprises take the downwind boat, and there is no problem? Hou Junwei, a marketing expert, has a very good idea. It is very enlightening to use the internal tabloids of the enterprise to play the edge ball. No matter what problems you encounter, as long as you are good at using your brain, there will always be solutions.

-----Zhuge Changqing

Olympic marketing is more to improve the relationship between enterprises and consumers through the dissemination of brands, and finally make consumers identify with the brand by integrating the Olympic culture into the brand culture. We know that Olympic marketing belongs to attention marketing. Whoever can attract the public's attention during the Olympic Games is the winner. Communication is indispensable to attract attention. For small and medium-sized enterprises, if they can create soft newspaper communication, it may be the most economical and cost-effective plan.

The so-called soft communication here refers to the adoption of embedded methods through cooperation with relevant media and newspapers to launch content with the characteristics of the enterprise itself, and maximize the shaping and expression of the brand.

Specifically, there are the following ways:

1. Buy out the page

For a newspaper, there must be multiple pages. In the process of newspaper advertising, the price of each page must be different. For enterprises, whether it is advertising for brand building or product sales, it is not to say that every page is appropriate, but to see whether the advertising is appropriate or whether the input-output ratio is ideal. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate page according to the characteristics of their products. The purpose of buying out the page is to be exclusive during the launch process. Since the Olympic Games is a matter of concern to the whole people, the sports page is the most appropriate.

2. Buyout column

The buyout of columns is mainly about in-depth cooperation with newspapers, such as naming rights, embedded communication on content, etc. Consumers of different products are different. Therefore, you should choose columns according to your own product characteristics and try to choose columns with strong relevance. For example, if you are an enterprise producing edible oil, you can buy out the life columns of newspapers. Now that you buy out, you need to find topics related to the Olympic Games. What is the life of previous athletes? What to eat? What did you drink? Find out these contents and connect them with your products, then your brand will spread unconsciously.

3. Enterprise special issue

Enterprise special issue is the best way, because the content is concentrated, it can be spread comprehensively, but we must find out the contact point with the Olympic Games and rely on the influence of the Olympic Games. For example, "# # Follow the Olympics with you and cheer for Chinese athletes!" can be printed on the special issue, which is a way of communication. It is necessary to stand with the Olympics and first-line enterprises.

In order to benefit from the Olympic Games, for many non-sponsored enterprises, first of all, it is necessary to understand the relationship between Olympic sponsorship and themselves. The Olympic Games is an event of concern to the whole people, including our consumers. Since the whole people pay attention to the Olympic Games, they will certainly pay attention to enterprises and products related to the Olympic Games. Enterprises should use the event of the Olympic Games to influence consumers' recognition of their brands and products, Then we need to find the connection between ourselves and the Olympic Games and consumers. Only in this way can the Olympic communication do big things with small money. Hou Junwei





                                 ----- 诸葛长青












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