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 Five basic qualities of a salesperson

   date:2020-09-18 18:55:41     read:41   

Five basic qualities of a salesperson

Concept determines everything, so do business personnel. Whether the concept is correct and practical directly determines whether the salesperson becomes a "winner" or a "loser" in the Jianghu.

There are many trainings on business concepts, but they are all space holes, not practical enough! The salesperson basically goes in the right ear and out the left ear. He can't apply what he has learned in the Jianghu. To this end, the author summed up many years of practical experience and came up with a "code of conduct" for salesmen, which has been implemented in many enterprises with remarkable results and warm response. It is also known by some enterprises as the winner concept of "driving BMW in the Jianghu".

1 Well trained

If you want to wander in the Jianghu, can you master your basic skills and skillfully use business "weapons"? Good training is the basic prerequisite for the success of salesmen.

On this issue, many people have two major misunderstandings in understanding: first, some salesmen are in a fickle mood and have no intention of practicing basic skills well, but envy some colleagues with achievements and believe that they must have "unique skills"; In addition, it is often seen that some salesmen have false appearances. Their external image looks professional, but their internal skills are not.

In the first case, when I was lecturing in many enterprises in Guangdong and Shanghai, there were salesmen who solved the business "trick". I told them to continue to be skilled in the things you are familiar with until practice makes perfect! This is the "trick". You can disagree with me, but if a salesperson can't even understand some basic skills, such as some development trends of the industry, some basic features and advantages of your company's products, what's the significance of a unique move?! The second question is, why doesn't the author focus on "external image"?! As the saying goes, "Gold and jade are the best, but the worst"!

For example, many retailers now attach great importance to "surface articles". If you just walk through the door, they will leave a good impression on you. But if you go into the store and do some product consulting, you will find that many shop assistants do not even understand some basic product knowledge and functions, let alone sales promotion skills. What's the use of such a professional image?!

Of course, what I mean is not to focus on image, but not only on external image. First of all, we should practice "internal skill"! Only on the basis of good internal skills can the external image play a further role of perfection and foil.

2 Crisis awareness

In fact, the same thing, because you deal with it at different times, will have two completely different results.

In reality, many problems are caused by the lack of crisis awareness and lack of foresight of the salesperson.

Some salesmen seem to be very busy. They are very busy every day for some emergencies and emergencies. But if you look carefully, you will find that he is "busy". Because he belongs to the kind of busy person who handles the crisis, cleans up the mess and is very passive in the event.

for instance. Have you ever thought about what you should do in advance when visiting old customers?

Many salesmen do not have this awareness. As a result, when they arrive at the customer's office, they are sweated by the customer's questions. The work is not only uncoordinated, but also "trapped" by the customer's bureau.

It can be seen that if you have no sense of crisis and are not forward-looking enough, you will easily fall into a passive and unfavorable situation.

3 Can be trusted

Many people think that good eloquence, strong communication ability and slickness can make good performance. Even when some companies recruit salesmen, good eloquence and slickness are also important conditions to decide whether to hire.

The author firmly opposes this view. Joe Gillard, the world's greatest car salesman, has a serious stuttering. Let's look at a practical case:

Mr. Liu, who is about 40 years old, is the manager of the South China region of a company. He is slippery and has social experience, but his performance is not ideal. He is not as honest as Xiao Lin, who has been in the industry for more than two years. The boss later changed the area for them, and the result was even more puzzling. Mr. Liu had visited customers who could not be settled for six to eight times, but Xiao Lin had to make one trip.

Later, the facts proved that the original customer thought that Xiao Lin was honest, honest and trustworthy, and it was relatively safe to cooperate with him. But Mr. Liu is too slippery. They have a sense of insecurity.

4 Winner principle

A few years ago, the author worked as the marketing director of From EMKT.com.cn in a large Taiwan-funded enterprise. The general manager has a very classic maxim:

"Are you going to be a hero or a winner?!"

One word reveals the mystery of the salesperson's wandering in the Jianghu. Needless to say, it is also the core of this article! If the salesperson insists on being a winner rather than a hero, it will soon become possible to "drive a BMW in the Jianghu"!

5 Continuous innovation

Chen Wenxi, a famous program host of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV, has a very classic saying: "The biggest difference between the 21st century and the past is the core difference is' speed '."

Yes, the world we live in is changing every day, so salesmen should always remind themselves that if you can't keep pace with the times and maintain a quality of constant innovation, it will always lag behind the Jianghu! At most, he can become a third-rate "Jianghu Warlock" and make a living by selling some dog skin plaster. (Xiao Yuxiang)










  第一种情况,我在广东、上海多家企业讲课的时候,有业务员求解业务“绝招”,我告诉他们,在你们熟悉的东西里面,继续不断的去熟练,直到能够熟能生巧!这就是“绝招”。你可以不服我的观点,但是如果业务员连最基本的一些基本功,比如行业的一些发展动态、你公司产品的一些基本特征和优势你都搞不清楚,就算有绝招,又有什么意义?! 第二个问题是,笔者为什么不把强调“外在形象”作为一个重点?! 俗话说“金玉其外,败絮其中”! 


















    4 赢家原则

  几年前,笔者在某大型台资企业任营销From EMKT.com.cn总监,老总有一句很经典的格言: 


  一语道破业务员行走江湖的玄机。话不用再多,也是本文的核心!  如果业务员坚持做赢家,不做英雄,那么不久,“开着宝马走江湖”,将会变为可能! 







(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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