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 Murdoch, the world media king, said:

   date:2020-09-18 18:55:44     read:39   

Murdoch, the world media king, said:

Capital control+attack

Murdoch, an ambitious media tycoon, once again demonstrated his ambition to integrate media resources to the world. Since May 1, when News Corporation announced its intention to acquire Dow Jones Group, a famous financial and media company in the United States, at a sky-high price of US $5 billion, the tug-of-war between Murdoch and the Bancroft family has been escalating, and has once become the biggest subject that triggered the fluctuation of the stock prices of both sides

Murdoch holds the right to speak of capital

Following the track of the event, the focus of the game between the two sides of the acquisition, on the surface, has always revolved around the concern of the Bancroft family, which has 52% of the voting rights of Dow Jones, about Murdoch's intervention in "content fairness" after the acquisition. However, the family-style media tradition was finally forced to give in under the temptation of huge capital - from strong opposition to the acquisition, to the loosening of the attitude of the Ban family members, and the round-table meeting with Murdoch, as well as the latest news that the board of directors of Dow Jones Group put the Ban family aside for the reason of "procrastination" and directly controlled the negotiation initiative.

Since the day of the opening of the acquisition curtain, Murdoch's final negotiation has been gaining weight with the introduction of all interested parties, including many media companies that have come to bid successively, such as Bilkler, Tierney, General Electric, Pearson Group, etc. Analysts believe that the possibility of the Bancroft family raising prices in the name of bidding cannot be ruled out. After all, few of the above enterprises can compete with News Corporation.

As a media tycoon, Murdoch's News Group is a global media group with various media channel resources such as newspapers, satellite television, networks, film companies and publishing industry. But to sum up, whether from the New York Post or Fox News Channel, so far, Murdoch has mostly engaged in entertainment, sports and low-end media businesses. From this perspective, Murdoch hopes to maintain the vitality of News Corporation by opening up new horizons. This led to its purchase of MySpace. com, a famous American dating website, with US $580 million in 2005. In addition, the huge acquisition of Dow Jones Group and the upcoming Fox TV commercial channel this year also show that Murdoch is rapidly expanding his media empire into the financial field.

In the face of the ever-expanding hand of the "media empire" of Mercer, as the world's famous financial media, the Dow Jones Corporation founded in 1882 and its Wall Street Journal newspaper department, as well as the Dow Jones Newswires, which provides real-time financial reports and market reviews, the most attractive selling point is its rare authoritative content resources. In this regard, even the British Economist also pointed out that Murdoch chose to propose the acquisition of Dow Jones at this time in order to increase the information sources for the Fox TV commercial channel launched within the year, in order to challenge the CNBC financial channel of the National Broadcasting Corporation of the United States. Coincidentally, according to an agreement signed by Dow Jones and CNBC earlier, Dow Jones will provide program content to CNBC Financial Channel until 2012.

Medium media enterprises take offense as defense

News Corporation's high-profile acquisition has also brought some signals of industry changes to major media companies. In contrast, Thomson Group successfully acquired Reuters Group with US $17 billion in May, further increasing the expectation of the global media industry that a new round of media restructuring war will be staged.

In view of the trend of the re-integration of the media industry, Peter Chenin, President of News Corporation, recently said: "I believe that large media groups such as Time Warner, Viacom and Comcast will become more and more large. Just as many network brands have disappeared from people's eyes 10 years ago, the rest are network giants such as Yahoo, eBay and Amazon. This is the trend of the media industry. Big fish eat small fish. I believe that the tide of mergers and acquisitions will continue and big companies will become larger."

However, among the competitors competing with News Corporation for Dow Jones, General Electric and Pearson Group intend to establish a joint venture with the Bancroft family. One of the plans is to merge the CNBC TV channel of General Electric, the Financial Times and Dow Jones of Pearson Group into a privately controlled joint venture. By holding the same shares by General Electric and Pearson Group, and setting aside a minority stake to be held by the Ban family, we can counter News Group with "comprehensive" strength and maintain their respective discourse rights in the original field.

Analysts believe that although the negotiation between General Electric and Pearson is still in its infancy and may end in failure, the negotiation itself undoubtedly shows Dow Jones another way besides the acquisition of US $5 billion by News Corporation. At the same time, it also presents new opportunities for small and medium-sized media enterprises facing the fate of acquisition in the future. In this sense, the competition and cooperation situation of the media industry is still likely to be maintained, and the fate of the acquisition of medium-sized media enterprises is not inevitable.




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