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 Ma Yun's "Xiake Culture" and "Six-character Gang Rules"

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Ma Yun's "Xiake Culture" and "Six-character Gang Rules"

In the development of the enterprise. There are many people who rely on Wulin novels as their spiritual support, but Ma Yun is the most appropriate one. He is like Linghu Chong, charming in the world, unique in the Wulin, with luck, opportunity and ability, so that he can lead the horse school calmly and run the world!

------Zhuge's Notes

Ma Yun loves Jin Yong. Ma Yun is arrogant and independent; Ma Yun has done everything for his friends without paying back; Ma Yun named the conference room "Guangming Peak", "Peach Blossom Island" and other Wulin resorts in Jin Yong's novels; Ma Yun gathered Internet heroes "West Lake Argument"; Ma Yun defines Alibaba's core values as the "six pulse magic sword", that is, customer first, embracing change, teamwork, integrity, professionalism, passion... all kinds of words and deeds make Ma Yun become a great Xia in the eyes of everyone. Ma Yun will not only tell you how many times he made up the math exam when he was a child, but also tell the employees: "Simplify complex things and deal with them with the mind. Men need the mind, women also need the mind, and men's mind is wronged."

Xiao Ao Jiang Jiang is the Jin Yong novel that Ma Yun has read most. He has been wandering in the IT industry for many years. Ma Yun has his own unique understanding of the four words "Xiao Ao Jiang Jiang": the network is the Jianghu, how to laugh and be proud of it? Laugh, have vision, have heart, can face all kinds of rumors and misunderstandings calmly, still be arrogant and dry clouds, and smile up to the sky; Only with pride, strength and courage can you keep a clear head when others follow suit, and can you still stick to your own direction and look down on your peers in the midst of all the abuse.

Decrypting the secret of Alibaba's success. Alibaba, which has undergone the transformation from one company to five companies, has maintained its steady development?

"From the outside world, we are Alibaba. com and Taobao, but only we know that our core competitiveness is our values." Recently, at Alibaba's 2007 annual meeting, the outside world has been curious about what supports Alibaba's continuous development and expansion. Ma Yun said that corporate culture and values are the key factors for Alibaba to maintain rapid and stable development.

Cultivate "Xiake Culture"

"For Alibaba, employees with common values and corporate culture are the greatest wealth," Ma Yun told reporters.

It is understood that Alibaba's "hoe" is used piecemeal and persistently in order to maximize the value of this "greatest wealth". It is reported that in the atmosphere characterized by "Xiake Culture", Alibaba has a relaxed atmosphere that is unique to Taobao, which is 26 years old per capita. In Taobao, all employees have their own titles of "Guo Jing", "Qiao Feng", "Yi Dao" and other characters in Jin Yong's novels, which are called "flower names", just like the "English names" of foreign enterprises. For example, it is Ma Yun who occasionally appears in the forum and gives advice. In any occasion, you can "brazenly" call Taobao leader Sun Tongyu "God of Wealth" instead of "President Sun".

This "chivalry" has almost spread to the daily operation of the company. The places where meetings and visitors are held at ordinary times have become "Bright Summit" and "Peach Blossom Island", and the Taobao Anniversary celebration has been named "Wulin Conference". Every time the party is held, all employees join different gangs according to their names and compete for the title of "the best gang in the world". In the gang, it has completely disrupted the original hierarchical relationship, making all "shop assistants" forget whether they are leaders or subordinates. Some grassroots employees often jump to become the leader and deputy leader of the gang and lead the original boss.

There is also "streaking". When a project is completed on schedule or in excess of schedule, in order to celebrate to employees, the project leader will wear only a pair of shorts to drill into the table, run around the company building, and even be pulled by everyone, "naked" to distribute candy, and beat drums and gongs to parade.

So on, Ma Yun has injected full vitality into this accelerating enterprise, and the inclusiveness and diversity of the corporate culture that permeates it is also the source of strength for this young enterprise.

Note: Pay attention to unified team values

While respecting diversity and inclusiveness, Ma Yun paid more attention to the construction of the group's unified values in the cultural integration of the company's expansion process, and even wrote them into the enterprise's "regulations".

It is understood that Alibaba's corporate values have been embodied into a pyramid shape, and "integrity", "passion" and "dedication" are the first qualities that employees should have; While "teamwork" and "embracing change" are located at the second layer of cornerstone, and finally reach "customer first". This expression, more commonly known as "six words of truth", is also Alibaba's absolute "rules".

Therefore, the company not only follows this standard when hiring employees, but also takes up 50% of the value performance when assessing employees every quarter, which is the same as personal performance. It is reported that since 2007, this standard has been further extended to all employees at the level of director and vice president.

It is based on the general recognition of this "six word truth" that none of Alibaba's 18 founders left the company. Also driven by this value, every Alibaba person and product has become a natural "preacher", which penetrates and transmits from enterprise customers to users. Users are also integrating into this value system to different degrees while improving their experience.

In addition to the "illusory" factor of unified values, Alibaba also ensures the sense of belonging of employees through practical incentives. It is understood that in order to motivate the old employees, the "old Ali" who has worked for Alibaba for five years is called "five years old" and is given a platinum ring. Employees who have worked in Alipay for just over a year will also leave "Avenue of Stars" type handprints on the walls on both sides of the company lobby, becoming a unique landscape of the company.

Alibaba's Jack Ma is called "a young man who has changed the world trade model" by Clinton and Blair. Many people say he is "an Internet expert who does not understand computers". What he said is more incomprehensible to ordinary people. He said that 95% of people think that a good plan to make money should be put into the garbage can without even looking at it, while a few people say that it is feasible, and a few people think that it is possible to make money, so we should hurry to implement it.

He even said that "Einstein cheated the world"; "Lazy people create the world"... and a large number of facts cited to illustrate his point of view: that life lies in sports, which athletes are not injured, and how many athletes live long? Because lazy people are too lazy to wash clothes, someone invented the washing machine; Lazy people are too lazy to change TV channels. Someone has developed a remote control... Great ideas are created by lazy people.

He got up earlier than others, was born in distress, and died in peace.

Mark Twain has a famous saying: The secret of success is where people want to go. You arrive earlier.

Ma Yun also has a famous saying: making money online is definitely the development trend of the future economy. In the next 2-3 years, online employment, shop opening, online shopping and online sales will become a very important part of life. If we understood the self-employed in the 1980s, we would win; If we understand stocks in the early 1990s. We also won. Why didn't we win? Because we don't understand. Today, the Internet is coming. Can't you understand it? If you can't understand, you will miss another opportunity. The opportunity is always for those who are prepared, but not for those who are blindfolded.

The biggest crisis in the 21st century is those who have no sense of crisis. People live and die in habit.

The Internet has created an era. The Internet has triggered a revolution. The greatest miracle the Internet has created for mankind is resource sharing and surpassing history. Today, the existence of the Internet, as long as the Internet; It can be reached all over the world. At home, you can do business with overseas people thousands of miles away. Today, we can talk business on the car with our small laptop, remit money to foreign banks on the train, get online in the quilt, and sign contracts with others in the bathroom. He won't know you are in the bathroom. Neither time nor place matters. In the past, when we started a company, we had to rent a house, ask an accountant, get a business license, and install a telephone number. Now? Rent a website, apply for an email and buy a laptop. Why? The bank can collect and pay money on the Internet, the post office can receive and send letters on the Internet, the advertisement can be on the Internet, the agreement can be signed on the Internet, and even the object can be found on the Internet. You can open and have a look at Queqiao. There are two marriages, two marriages and three marriages on it. The Internet directly brings people the feeling of owning the whole world. This is one step ahead and one way ahead. So the concept of Internet and e-commerce depends on whether you can understand it and whether you have a sense of advance.

The Internet is actually a highway network, but it is not made of cement. The website is a car, and the website is the license plate number. The computer is the engine; People are drivers. In the past, it took 20 days to get a passport for international trade; Another 15 days of visa, ask an interpreter, buy another ticket, pass the security check by plane, and then go out to talk about business. Is it more than a month? But today on the Internet, take a picture with a camera. Foreigners over there can see that there are all kinds of performance and price; The funds are transferred through the online bank account; Isn't this business finished? Today, our speed is light, so why is the distance zero? Turn on the computer and put on the headset; People from abroad talk to you face to face. Or you can send it to EMAIL, just like abroad. Zero distance. Is that how we feel when doing internet business? Are you all right?! Since ancient times, you can't find such a business.





                           ------ 诸葛手记



























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