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 Genghis Khan gallops the world and corporate culture

   date:2020-09-18 18:57:32     read:52   

Genghis Khan gallops the world and corporate culture

An enterprise should have its own corporate culture and be suitable for itself, so that it can go further and faster.


1. Vision and core values. Genghis Khan's goal is to become the king of the grassland. He has turned his own and his family's ideals and goals into the goal of the whole Mongol people through commendation, vision and decomposition. Now, the highest level that leaders pursue is the same desire, that is, to establish common aspirations, ideals, visions and goals. Only after finding the goals that need to be urgently achieved, can the members of the organization work hard to learn and pursue excellence, thus making the organization prosperous. In addition, in the face of people from different places, enterprises also need to achieve unified and integrated cultural values to promote the speed of goal achievement.

2. Learning organization. Mongolian people like to keep their swords and bows in hand and practice martial arts all their life. This diligent habit has forged their courage. In the future, the only lasting competitive advantage of enterprises is to have faster learning ability than competitors. The members of the team learn from each other and learn from each other, which not only greatly improves the overall performance of the team, but also makes the members of the team grow faster.

3. Iron-blooded discipline. Genghis Khan once believed that "without iron discipline, the chariot cannot drive far". Under this thought, Genghis Khan established a wolf team. In terms of discipline, we not only pay attention to the general discipline of the enterprise, but also take a series of measures such as the principle that the family does not participate in management and does not hold office.

4. Performance orientation. "After defeating the enemy, we will jointly distribute the obtained property", which is the way that Genghis Khan stipulated to deal with the spoils. In today's society, "advance and retreat together and share benefits" is crucial for any team.

5. Resource integration. With certain strength, how can enterprises integrate resources to the limit and effectively? First of all, we need to integrate internal resources, that is, find more valuable resources and build more competitiveness through internal potential tapping. Secondly, it is the integration of external resources. Including government's public relations and interaction, comprehensive utilization and development of customer information, etc., so as to convert it into customer information and sales.

6. The people-oriented concept. Genghis Khan's respect for talents is also reflected in many aspects. For example, he took reducing the casualties of soldiers as the most important rule of the army and never asked soldiers to die for him. People-oriented is a popular slogan among Chinese enterprises, but it is a pity that few people can really practice it and stick to it. Only by truly creating a family-like atmosphere can an enterprise forge an invincible excellent team.

7. Innovation. Genghis Khan was able to summarize and improve in each battle. He not only carefully selected craftsmen from the captives, but also combined new thinking with changeable military tactics. The competition in the market is dynamic and cruel. To become the ultimate winner, enterprises must continue to learn and innovate to improve their organizational capabilities. (Feng Qi)













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