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 Lincoln: America's most humorous president

   date:2020-09-18 18:57:36     read:40   

Lincoln: America's most humorous president

Lincoln is one of the most humorous presidents of the United States.

As early as reading, there was an exam when the teacher asked him, "Would you like to answer a difficult question or two easy questions?" Lincoln answered confidently, "Answer a difficult question." "Then you answer, how do eggs come from?" "Chicken comes from." The teacher asked, "Where does the chicken come from?" "Teacher, this is the second question." Lincoln said with a smile.

Once, Lincoln walked to the city. When a car came from behind him, he raised his hand to stop it and said to the driver, "Can you take this coat to the city for me?".

Lincoln worked as a lawyer. Once in court, the opposing lawyer repeatedly stated a simple argument for more than two hours, which made the audience impatient. It was Lincoln's turn to defend the defendant. He went to the stage, took off his coat and put it on the table, then took a glass and drank two mouthfuls of water, then put on his coat again, then took off his coat and put it on the table, then drank water, and then dressed. This repeated five or six times, and the audience in the court laughed. Lincoln said nothing and began his defense speech after the laughter.

Lincoln's face is long and ugly. Once, he argued with Stephen Douglas, who ridiculed him as a two-faced man. Lincoln replied, "If I had another face, would I still wear this ugly face?"

Once, when Lincoln was polishing his shoes, a foreign diplomat came to him and said, "Mr. President, how dare you wipe your shoes?" "Yes," Lincoln asked in surprise, "do you wipe others' shoes?"

Some people think that Lincoln's attitude towards political enemies is not strong enough. They said to him, "Why do you want them to be friends? You should try to eliminate them." "Am I not destroying political enemies? When I make them my friends, political enemies will not exist." Lincoln said gently.












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