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 Sense of honor - the soul of the team

   date:2020-09-18 19:03:44     read:50   

Sense of honor - the soul of the team

A team without a sense of honor is a team without hope. An employee without a sense of honor will not become an excellent employee. I have no doubt about this.

-------------[US] Ferrar Kep

I still remember West Point's Code of Honor: "Each student will never lie, cheat or steal, nor allow others to do so." West Point has given me a sense of honor, which makes me very popular in any team. It is the sense of honor that distinguishes me from those who have not made any achievements so far.

In the education of West Point, honor education has always been given priority. West Point regards honor as paramount. At West Point, every student is required to memorize the styles and differences of all military ranks, badges, shoulder badges and medals, remember the meaning and rewards they represent, and also remember the definition of military materials such as leather, the number of lamps in the West Point conference hall, and even the number of liters of water in the campus reservoir. Such training and requirements will cultivate students' sense of honor. This is worth learning from enterprises, because an excellent employee cannot have a comprehensive and clear understanding of his work and the enterprise he works for.

Soldiers regard honor as their life, and any language or behavior that is detrimental to the honor of soldiers should be absolutely prohibited. Similarly, if an employee has enough sense of honor for his work, is proud of his work, and is proud of his company, he will certainly glow with incomparable enthusiasm. Every enterprise should educate its employees about their sense of honor, and every employee should arouse their sense of honor for their posts and the company. It can be said that the sense of honor is the soul of the team.

If an employee has no sense of honor, even if there are thousands of rules and regulations or requirements, he may not make his work perfect. He may not understand some requirements, or feel tired and troublesome because he thinks they are redundant.

I have had a wonderful experience at Hilton Hotel. I got up in the morning, and as soon as I opened the door, the beautiful waiter standing at the end of the corridor came over and said, Good morning, Mr. Kep. It's normal to call me good morning. It's not difficult to know my name is Kep. I immediately asked her, how do you know my name is Kep? Sir, when you slept last night, we should remember the names of the guests in each room.

Later, I took the elevator from the fourth floor to the first floor. As soon as the elevator door opened, there was a waiter standing there. Good morning, Mr. Kep! Do you know my name is Kep? How is that possible? Sir, there is a phone call from above saying that you are down. Then I went to have breakfast and brought a snack at breakfast. I asked, what is red in the middle? The waiter looked at it, stepped back and said, "What is that?". What is the black one next to me. She looked at it again, stepped back and said, what is that. Why did she take a step back? Because in order to avoid her saliva touching my food.

Maybe everyone has had such experience, but they just feel normal and ignore the past. But I think these seem to be very small things, but they reflect a profound truth. If that waitress doesn't have a sense of honor to be proud of Hilton Hotel, can she behave so dutifully? Achievements can create honor, and honor can make you obtain greater achievements. Can an employee without a sense of honor become an aggressive and spontaneous employee? If you can't realize the importance of honor and what honor means to yourself, your work and your company, how can you expect such employees to strive for honor and create honor?













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