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 Holding up the sun of tomorrow: a super extreme school for cultivating elites

   date:2020-09-18 19:06:45     read:69   

Holding up the sun of tomorrow: a super extreme school for cultivating elites

The basic elements of success are fearlessness, death, courage, endurance, and confidence----- Zhuge Changqing

Education is the foundation of a long-term plan. Education is not only knowledge education and skill education, but also quality education, moral education and team spirit education.

In Japan, another school that trains elites is extremely shocking. Through militarized super-intensive training, they cultivate a great spirit of hard work, self-improvement, unity and cooperation. The trainees can be invincible in the future work and life, not afraid of difficulties and dangers, and move forward bravely, so as to make their life more brilliant.

Let's take a close look at this elite training school in Japan:

School name: Japan's "Economic Fighter Training Institute" is known as "Hell" in Japan, "Economic Fighter Training Institute" Encouraging School "

The purpose of the school is to cultivate Japanese enterprise leaders into the most powerful and excellent talents.

Address: at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan

School flag: a black eagle symbolizing strength

Motto: "100 liters of sweat and tears".

Student: They all volunteered to be adult cadres from relevant companies and enterprises.

Lesson 1: You are here for your future work. You need to work hard, sweat and tears to complete the course. Your only solution is to cooperate and make hell become heaven.

Specific festival: the fourth day is Hell Day: scatter in groups and run 40 kilometers. At 10 o'clock, we scattered out, gathered at 1:30, and asked, "Everyone should come back, which group has one person lost in the march, the whole group failed the test, and unity is the first thing.".

Features: The school refuses to teach students production experience and management methods. They forced students to speak loudly and express their feelings loudly; Carry out strict physical training for students and cultivate team spirit; Students are required to walk on the street every day and shout: "I am the best person, I can win! I can win! I can win!" In class, the teacher led the students to read aloud: "I am capable, I am strong, I am young, I can win! I can win! I can win!"

School principal: In the bridge era, students today need not knowledge, but other things. It is to cultivate enough resistance and self-confidence. The only thing I want to teach students is how to get rid of difficulties, push each student to the limit, and then overcome the limit. The result is that every student will no longer feel fear in front of the workers and will no longer feel timid in front of the superiors. Only when people have confidence can they have confidence. Only when they have confidence can they overcome difficulties and get rid of all kinds of pressure. Only when you have confidence can you smile, your smile is real, and it is a spontaneous smile from your heart. Don't be self-violent, self-abandoning, and self-denial. You should consciously train yourself and strive for self-improvement. With the fearlessness of "going into the mountains without fear of tigers hurting people, going into the sea without fear of tornadoes", and "horses without fear of uneven roads", you can take this critical step firmly in the path of "meeting in a narrow way, and the brave win" that you may encounter on your life. The difference between people is often here. Only those who are truly brave of difficulties and obstacles can reach the peak of their life.

Nanwu Master Sakyamuni Buddha. Namo Amitabha. There is no Oriental Glazed Medicine Master Buddha in the south.

Nanwu Guanyin Bodhisattva. Nanwudi Tibetan King Bodhisattva. Nanwukong hides Bodhisattva.

Blessed life is limitless. Yuanshi Tianzun. Lingbao senior. The moral supremacy.

Taiyi saved the bitter god. Confucius, the supreme teacher of Dacheng. Jesus Christ. Mohammed.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three generations in ten directions.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages at all times and in all countries.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.


   无所畏惧,视死如归,勇往直前,耐力超常,信心坚定,才是走向成功的基本要素!                          -----诸葛长青




   校名:日本 “经济斗士训练所”之在日本被称为“地狱”,“经济斗士训练所“鼓气学校”























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