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 Beauty Li Jiaxin: your company image spokesperson

   date:2020-09-18 19:08:07     read:55   

Beauty Li Jiaxin: your company image spokesperson

Ask a star to represent your company image and make your company a "star".

---Zhuge Changqing

Li Jiaxin, a beautiful woman, has appeared frequently in recent years. She has served as the spokesperson of TCL TV, L'Oreal, China Aokang Women's Shoes, Litao and other enterprises. She can be said to be the benchmark figure of the spokesperson.

So, what are the advantages of employing her as an image spokesperson?

Zhuge Changqing believes that the enterprise has reached a certain scale and has a certain strength. It can be said that the recruitment of celebrities as image spokesmen can be regarded as a powerful addition.

Specifically, there are three benefits:

First, it can set up an image, with the help of celebrities, display its style, and achieve fame by borrowing.

Second, it can enhance the pride of employees. Employees work at the front line and worship stars in their hearts. You can imagine what incentive effect it will achieve when the stars come and walk in the workshop.

Third, it can promote the rapid development of enterprises. There is no doubt that it costs a lot to hire celebrities. China Aokang Women's Shoes spent 2.8 million to hire the image spokesperson of Li Jiaxing. This year, it has exceeded 3 million. How to face the cost of employment if the efficiency is not good if we don't hurry up?

Of course, we should also pay attention to the following points when hiring celebrities as sex spokesmen:

First, it should be suitable for the right way, and celebrities should be suitable for their own products.

Second, enterprises should have sufficient strength. Star prices vary from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions. They should be based on their own financial strength, and should not be puffed up. With sufficient funds, big stars can be hired; Middle-range stars can be hired with medium funds; With small funds, you can hire small stars.

Third, the stars hired should pay attention not to be too sentimental, at least not too much information. Otherwise, it will not be worthwhile.

Zhuge Changqing: We need to be a bold entrepreneur and a big one.

How about Li Jiaxin, the beauty, as your product image spokesperson?

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All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three generations in ten directions.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages at all times and in all countries.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.























(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

Introduction to Zhuge Changqing: Zhuge Changqing, the inheritor and promoter of traditional Chinese culture, is willing to "learn from sages, promote virtue, revitalize China and benefit the world" together with people with the same ideals in the world.

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