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 "Tao Te Ching" is as good as water: life should learn the spirit of water

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"Tao Te Ching" is as good as water: life should learn the spirit of water

The best kindness is like water, and the greatest wisdom of life.

... Zhuge Changqing

Thank Lao Tzu for leaving the Tao Te Ching for mankind.

The Tao Te Ching is extensive and profound, including the principles of heaven, earth and man.

How do you spend your life?

Laozi believes that we should learn the spirit of water.

This is the famous "good as water".

Laozi said in the Tao Te Ching:

The best kindness is like water. Water is good at benefiting all things and does not fight. It is hated by all people, so it is less than the Tao. Reside in a good place; The heart is good; And kindness; Good words and good faith; Good governance; Good things can be done; Good timing. The only thing we can do is not fight.

What is the basic meaning of Laozi's passage?

Zhuge Changqing believes that the basic meaning of this passage is:

The highest level is like water. Water is good at nourishing all things and does not compete with all things. It can stay in a place that people do not like peacefully, so it is closest to "Tao". As a human being, we should learn the spirit of water, and do many good things in the place where we live, be broad-minded and tolerant like the ocean canyon, be people-oriented in communicating with others, be honest in speaking and handling affairs, be good at harmonious governance for the government, be able to handle things successfully, and be good at seizing the opportunity in action. Only as powerful as water, but not fighting, so there is no pain.

Zhuge Changqing studied the traditional culture of traditional Chinese culture and believed that the "good as water" in Laozi's Tao Te Ching contains four meanings:

The first meaning is kindness.

Zhuge Changqing: People should be as kind as water and do more good deeds.

Water is everywhere, water nourishes everything, water is the source of life, selfless dedication.

Such a state and action will naturally be blessed by heaven and earth and help by people.

Zhuge Changqing believed that "we should do good deeds and accumulate virtue like water when we get more help from others and less help from others".

The second meaning: Be modest.

Zhuge Changqing: People should be modest and modest like water.

Look at the water, where it is low, it flows everywhere. It is always modest, but people always chase him and cannot leave him.

Look at the sea, because it is as open as a valley, it becomes vast.

Zhuge Changqing: We should be as open as water, inclusive of the world, and achieve "the prime minister can pull a boat in his belly". If we can do this, we are high-level people.

Third meaning: strong ability

Zhuge Changqing: People should be as powerful as water.

Water, with strong ability.

Water can flow everywhere and react to obstacles.

It can be turned into ice, air, rain and dew

Strong ability to make water necessary between heaven and earth.

The same is true of people. As long as they have strong ability, they can be as free as water.

The fourth meaning: everything follows fate

Zhuge Changqing: How did trouble come from? They are all caused by too much desire. People should be like water, control their own desires, do not fight, do not grab, and take things as they go.

Just like water, you can take things as they are, do not fight or grab, and you will have no worries.

If you face anything like water, you will be calm.

You see water everywhere. There is no obstacle, no trouble, only happy voice. Why? The best kindness is like water.

At the same time, we should also learn that water can adapt to circumstances. You can see that water can become steam and fly to the sky in summer, snow and ice in winter, and it can flow freely in peacetime.

Zhuge Changqing: We need to learn how to make water as it happens.

Water makes us always compare and reflect. How are we doing? Is it the same as water: kind-hearted, modest, powerful, and all along?

Zhuge Changqing suggested that we should often reflect on ourselves, whether we have an insight into the wisdom of water? Have you learned the characteristics of water? Learning and practice will make a big leap.

The best good is like water. I hope that every person who has a chance to have a deep understanding of the four connotations of the best good is like water, so as to realize a happy life.

The best kindness is like water, which makes your success endless.

(Picture selected from the network)

Learn from sages and promote virtue.

Revitalize China and benefit the world.

Don't do any evil, and do all good.

Zhuge Changqing, wish you success!















































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Introduction to Zhuge Changqing: Zhuge Changqing, the inheritor and promoter of traditional Chinese culture, is willing to "learn from sages, promote virtue, revitalize China and benefit the world" together with people with the same ideals in the world.

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