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 The new concept of "Journey to the West"

   date:2020-09-18 18:36:51     read:37   

The new concept of "Journey to the West"

The reason why Journey to the West is rated as a masterpiece is reasonable. It not only explains that the four masters and disciples subdue demons, save all living beings, and find the truth

World Entrepreneurship Lab( http://elab.icxo.com )News: In fact, the reason why Journey to the West was rated as a famous work is reasonable. It not only describes the story of the four masters and disciples who subdue demons, save all living beings, and strive to find the true sutra, but also is a thought-provoking and meaningful implication.

We can think of Tang Seng and his disciples as a company. Tang Seng is the general manager, and Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Monk Sha are his subordinates. Each subordinate has its own characteristics. Sun Wukong has strong ability, Zhu Bajie has good popularity, and Monk Sha is diligent. But each has its own shortcomings. Sun Wukong sometimes disobeys the command and acts arbitrarily. Zhu Bajie likes to be lazy, and Monk Sha is not efficient. All these will make Tang Seng, the manager, a headache. How can we make everyone play his strong points and avoid defects?

Similarly, everyone of us is like Tang Seng, but this time we are not running a company or a family, but a financial concept. Why do you say that? In fact, each of us, including you and me, plays different roles on the stage, which is the platform for us to show. The difference is, in what capacity we play this play. At home, we may be good wives or husbands. When we go out, we become good employees or good bosses. But one thing remains the same. We need to manage money. We work hard and manage our families in order to increase our wealth to the satisfaction of ourselves. However, not all people who can make money can manage money. Many people are exhausted all day and find that they have no savings until they get old. The person who can manage money, even if he can't make money, can slowly accumulate his own wealth. So we became the financial executive of every family, Tang Seng.

There is no big deal without "leaders" and help. This leads to the "three disciples". A complete play must have its opposite, which is those "goblins". Of course, there is also a living Bodhisattva like Avalokitesvara. In this way, the repertoire is complete. Now for role assignment, we regard the three apprentices as tools for financial management, and the goblins as obstacles to financial appreciation.

Monkey King: Stocks.

It is no exaggeration to turn Monkey King into stock. Because they have the same characteristics, when you listen to your words, you can get through all the way and have a sense of success in the clouds. And if he doesn't listen to you, you will feel that it's useless to recite the mantra. It will make you angry.

Pig Bajie: national debt

The reason why they compare Pig Bajie to national debt is that they are very popular. I think if people want to save money, the first thing they think of is national debt. This is exactly in line with the characteristics of Zhu Bajie, who can meet both ends of the road, not offend Shifu at the top, but also please senior brothers and junior brothers at the bottom. Moreover, the biggest feature of Zhu Bajie is his love of laziness. I think that if you are lazy about taking care of your property at ordinary times, it is probably the best choice for people to put money in a certificate-type national debt account.

Monk Sha: Bank deposit

Monk Sha is the most diligent. His ability is not as good as Sun Wukong, and his popularity is not as good as Zhu Bajie. However, no matter what happens, Monk Sha is the most loyal. He never leaves Monk Tang. I think bank deposit is an essential financial tool for the common people.

Landman: Fund

In Journey to the West, the landman is not an indispensable role. When encountering monsters, he can sometimes act as a decision-maker to guide the four masters to wipe out the enemy. As for the fund, it is also a company that helps us Tang Seng distribute the "three disciples" reasonably (of course, there are not only three investment channels for the fund in reality. This is a joke, just for example).

Guanyin: Insurance

This is not to say that insurance is omnipotent. In Journey to the West, the four masters and disciples face various dangers, some of which can not be safely overcome by Sun Wukong's golden cudgel, Zhu Bajie's nail rake, and the sand monk's shovel. When faced with a dilemma that none of the three could solve, Guanyin could turn the tide. This is like insurance. When you encounter risks, it can help you solve problems that other financial products can't solve very well.

Monster: Risk

It goes without saying that any financial product is risky. Even bank deposits are at risk of inflation. Of course, it can also be seen as an obstacle to asset appreciation.

Dear Tang Monks, how do you teach your disciples? How are you going to subdue demons and eliminate demons and kill generals?
















观音: 保险


妖怪: 风险



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