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 Businessmen in China use new channels to build "relationship network"

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:04     read:35   

Businessmen in China use new channels to build "relationship network"

[Article on the website of Business Week on November 8] Title: You said it was relationship, I said it was gossip (by Frederick Balver)

Relationship, this is the first word that any businessman learns after coming to China. Every Chinese expert will tell you that relationship is the key to success or failure of business, and any link can not be separated from relationship - whether it is to obtain a business license or to open up sales channels. Whether you can earn money depends on whether you have a good relationship. In most cases, if you want to achieve good results, you must know a certain government official and close the relationship with the other party through luxury banquets.

But now, like many other things in China, the meaning of relationship is also changing. Businessmen, whether Chinese or foreigners, began to use various opportunities such as wine tasting, business meetings, forums and MBA courses to build their own networks. Through these informal networks, Western companies can deepen their understanding of the Chinese market and find the best talents and potential business partners.

The word "relationship" can be traced back thousands of years. It is based on traditional values such as loyalty, responsibility, and grace. In other words, if someone does you a favor, he expects you to repay him someday. Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing has made the best use of his network to obtain a real estate development license. In China, it is inevitable to talk about relations, as well as for foreign investors.

As China's economy increasingly moves towards the world, Chinese entrepreneurs and professionals are beginning to see how important it is to establish their own networks in this circle. Yang Yuanqing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenovo Group, said that more and more Chinese people who have studied or worked overseas began to understand how to build a network.

Many people meet business partners and establish their own networks through MBA programs in the United States or Europe. Wang Wei studied at the European School of Business Management, a famous French business school. After graduation, he built a website similar to Youtube based on the network established in the school. Mark Vandez, a Dutchman and partner of Wang Wei, married a classmate of Wang Wei An alumnus who worked in Ogilvy Public Relations helped Wang Wei carry out public relations publicity, and another alumnus helped him raise $8.5 million. Wang Wei said: "If I hadn't met these people at the European Business Management Institute, this website might never have been born."

At present, the popular EMBA program in China has become a shortcut for many people to establish relationships. Targeting senior executives and powerful entrepreneurs, these projects have attracted many successful businessmen. Zhou Junjun, who studied EMBA at a business school in Beijing, said: "It is important to meet friends from different industries and cities."

For foreigners who do business in China, one thing is immutable, that is, to establish a "relationship network" requires perseverance and unremitting efforts. Chatting at the alumni meeting or wine tasting is just the first step to build a valuable relationship. Generally speaking, after the first 30 minutes, people will talk deeply in twos and threes.

In addition, compared with a few years ago, Chinese businessmen are now more experienced and have a global perspective. They will actively look for relationships that can help them expand overseas or allow companies to list abroad.













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