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 Shi Yuzhu's four musketeers and Ma Yun's 18 Arhats

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:21     read:49   

Shi Yuzhu's four musketeers and Ma Yun's 18 Arhats

Shi Yuzhu (right), president of the Golden Partner Company, and Liu Wei (left), general manager of the Company, sat at the bidding site.

Puritan doctrine: The essence of life lies in the direction. Those who can really succeed are not how smart they are, nor how much they have the ability to use the sky, nor how much capital and power they have to rent, but a spirit and ideal - tenacity, consistency, and idealism but not idealism. I have always warned myself that I must do what I am most interested in and like, what I have core competitiveness, and what I can do for a lifetime.

Both Ma Yun and Shi Yuzhu have this spirit and ideal. Search their spiritual world and understand their business practices, and you will find that they are different from yours. This kind of difference reflects different life and common life value. Teacher Xie Yanglin's record has opened a new horizon for us.

At the beginning of Shi Yuzhu's second business, for a long time, the people around him didn't even get their wages. However, there are four people who never give up. They were later called four musketeers: Chen Guo, Fei Yongjun, Liu Wei and Cheng Chen, Shi Yuzhu's "brothers" in the university.

When Ma Yun started his business, the initial 500000 yuan was collected by 18 employees. Nine years later, there were Sun Tongyu, a president, and Ma Changwei, a manager. But none of them lost from Alibaba.

Peacock style of leadership

This extraordinary cohesion is one of the characteristics shared by Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun. Sometimes extreme management methods are used. During the Brain Platinum Campaign, employees worked crazily and worked overtime crazily. Shi Yuzhu often paid thousands of yuan of bonus when employees worked overtime.

According to Liu Chuanzhi of Lenovo, there are two types of leaders, one is peacock type, winning by personal charm; One is the tiger type, which commands the tree. From this classification, Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun belong to the peacock type. No matter how misunderstood in the outside world, no matter how difficult the company is in, the followers never give up their confidence in them.

In the eyes of some people, Shi Yuzhu is evil. In the eyes of Liu Wei and other insiders, Shi Yuzhu is a man who values love and righteousness. Five years ago, when Chen Guo was involved in a car accident, Shi Yuzhu flew back to Shanghai from Lanzhou overnight, and the whole company stopped business to deal with Chen Guo. Since then, Shi Yuzhu will take the company's senior leaders to pay a memorial ceremony every Qingming Festival. For high-level vehicles, only SUVs are used, and self-driving outside Shanghai is prohibited. Fei Yongjun, who climbed Mount Everest with Shi Yuzhu, used the word "kinship" when talking about the reasons for following him for many years. They believe that when the company is in financial difficulties, Cheng Chen will even borrow money from home to help Shi Yuzhu.

Ma Yun, who seems to be deceiving to outsiders, is unusually provocative to Alibaba's 18 Arhats.

"Whenever you see him, what you see in his eyes is confidence. I am sure to win. You are full of vitality when you are with him." Dai Shan, vice president of Alibaba, is one of the 18 Arhats. "When you are in despair, you can see hope and follow", Liu Wei also said of Shi Yuzhu.

Both Ma Yun and Shi Yuzhu have the core characteristics of leadership: put forward a vision that everyone agrees with and use effective incentives. From the first day of entrepreneurship, Ma Yun announced that Alibaba would become the greatest e-commerce company. He also convinced the ministers that when the company went public, it would get more. 2. Three years ago, Alibaba's employees were particularly hard and poorly paid. Others complain that they would rather not have options and pay more. Ma Yun's solution is to have confidence. I will give you my share dilution point. In 1998, in the van from Zhuhai to Wuxi, Shi Yuzhu promised those followers who had not been paid for 20 months that they would make compensation if they had money in the future. During his journey, he will tell employees a dream that Giant Network will be listed in the future. Although at that time, outsiders hardly believed it.

Although both are peacock type, Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun are different in terms of relationship treatment. Ma Yun and the 18 Arhats are more teachers, students, friends and partners. He put forward the vision of "not understanding" network technology, and let the department do business and management. Shi Yuzhu, who is good at practical operation, has a follower relationship with the general, and he also fully delegate power, whether it is human rights or financial power. But he will also do it personally in every key link of business success or failure. When doing brain platinum, he personally surveyed 300 customers. He will review the company's soft articles according to 10 standard articles together with everyone. Follow-up rather than partnership is related to Shi Yuzhu's experience. When he first started his business in 1989, two employees and Shi Yuzhu had a dispute over the distribution of profits and the number of shares. Shi Yuzhu fell off two IBM 286s in a rage. From then on, he decided that in the future, people around him would be followers rather than collaborators. He has never considered the joint stock of subsidiaries, and the parent company must control itself. He prefers tactical talents to strategic talents.

Airborne soldiers and insiders

In the use of talents, Ma Yun values professional managers and airborne soldiers. On the day when he started his business, he said to 18 Arhats that you can only be platoon leaders and company leaders, and I will hire other senior officers. After the IPO of Alibaba, apart from him, the largest shareholder was not 18 Arhats who had followed him for 8 years, but Wei Zhe, CEO of Baianju who had just parachuted in 11 months ago.

Shi Yuzhu, on the other hand, is not so. The key positions are all people who have fought with him and experienced life and death. In his view, the internal employees are like roots growing from the ground. He thanked Chen and Fei Yongjun, who had not been paid for several years in difficult times. During the period of Giant Group, he also parachuted a senior executive of Founder at that time to strengthen internal management, resulting in chaos. After two difficult startups, Shi Yuzhu's most important thing for those insiders is virtue. He is confident that he can see a person's virtue in five years. Of course, it also includes people who have been familiar with it for many years. A vice-chairman of the journey was Shi Yuzhu, the deputy general manager of the small company that bought computers on credit 18 years ago. Liu Wei and Cheng Chen, two of the four musketeers, are at the top. In Shi Yuzhu's opinion, "women may be better from the perspective of loyalty". Liu Wei, who was a secretary at that time, has now become a vice president.

After the listing, Shi Yuzhu has two key points of view on whether talents will be lost. One is the treatment, and the other is the realization of employees' self-worth. Shi Yuzhu gave employees a five-year option.

Another difference between Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun is how to make a cat eat pepper. Ma Yun's method is to put chillies in the fish. Shi Yuzhu's method is to put chillies on the cat's buttocks. However, he will not be stingy to reward the fish. In an exclusive interview with a reporter, he thought about how to make an enterprise become a century-old store and how to maximize the subjective initiative of people. A few months ago, he even offered a high annual salary of 10 million yuan for the recruitment of director of research and development planning.

The nanny of Ma Yun's family, when the monthly salary in Hangzhou was 800 yuan, gave him 1200 yuan. The nanny was very happy. Liu Wei, who has followed Shi Yuzhu for many years, initially earned only 450 yuan and worked hard. When the giant group went bankrupt, the result she was unwilling to pay would be nothing in return. She believed that one day, the company would bring her a big house. When working as a brain platinum, Shi Yuzhu only paid salaries to the managers of the provincial offices sent out, and the income of other people in the regional marketing team was derived from 4 percentage points of each box of products. The marketing expenses of regional managers also come from the commission of product sales.

In terms of staff management, Shi Yuzhu only focuses on the backbone level. Today, the number of this group is about 20 or 30 people. This is what he thinks has been doing well. Since his second venture, "none of my backbone has left. I can't manage the bottom level. If the backbone is not well managed, the following people may leave." For Ma Yun, he likes the team combination of Tang Seng, not the perfection of Liu Bei's team. In "Win in China", he said: "Today's Alibaba, we don't want to use the elite team. If only the elites are together, we can't do a good job. We are all ordinary people. Ordinary people do something extraordinary together, which is team spirit."

◆ Be independent and stick to your own ideas

Shi Yuzhu himself thought that he was about the first person to ring the bell for the IPO of the New York Stock Exchange without a suit and wearing sportswear, so the other party made a special approval for him. Since the roadshow, this independent traveler has been wearing the consistent white sportswear. For a long time before 2006, he would wear sunglasses, even if he was speaking at the forum.

When Ma Yun wanted to go online in 1995, he consulted 24 friends, 23 of whom objected, and only one said that he could try. However, Ma Yun still insisted on his view. Later, he said that even if 24 people objected, I would still do it. When Ma Yun wanted to do Taobao against eBay, almost everyone in the company objected. As a result, Ma Yun still insisted on his decision.

Shi Yuzhu would have done the same before, but not after the failure of Giant Group. A seven-member investment committee was set up, and any project with less than half of the affirmative votes must be abandoned. The veto rate reached 2/3.

◆ Large and small pen

Alibaba has many interesting little tricks. Taobao, which was later built with 100 million yuan, was initially a small website built by Sun Tongyu and others at a cost of 200 dollars. In 2005, when the rival competed with eBay, the Wensan Road, where Taobao is located, was full of advertisements on eBay's road signs. Taobao had no money, so it made a small advertisement on Taobao at the subway entrance opposite the rival company's building, Let the employees of the other party go to and from work every day and take the subway.

In 1989, Shi Yuzhu was penniless and dared to overdraw 2000 yuan to advertise. Ma Yun had money. In 2005, he publicized Yahoo and threatened to spend 100 million yuan on advertising.

Shi Yuzhu's brain platinum, golden partner and journey are advertising bombing. However, according to a person named He Xuelin, it is not really rich and powerful, "In terms of advertising price, the highest price for the advertisement of Naobain in newspapers across the country is not more than 45% of the normal price, and the price for the TV feature film is less than 10%, and the price for the TV advertisement is generally within 40%. For example, Shanghai Orient TV gives other manufacturers 80% of the normal price, and the survey found that the lowest price is 68%. After a month and a half of negotiation, the final deal is 33%."

◆ 500000 idle money and 500000 labor costs

In 1999, at Ma Yun's home in Hangzhou Lakeside Garden, 18 people gathered around Ma Yun. Ma Yun took out his money and said, "The starting fund must be Pocketmoney. You are not allowed to borrow it from your family and friends, because the possibility of failure is very high." Then he said, "Now, each of you will save a little money for dinner and take out all the rest." This pooled free money is the principal of Ma Yun's founding Alibaba.

In 1998, Shi Yuzhu, who had little money, had to "rely on his friends to earn some money and make market planning for his former partners in Shanghai, and the other party paid several sums of money, totaling 500000 yuan". This 500000 yuan is the starting fund for Shi Yuzhu to rise again. (China Business News Xie Yanglin)













  ◆ 50万闲钱与50万劳务费
  1998年,身上没有几个钱的史玉柱只好“依靠朋友赚点钱,给以前在上海的合作伙伴做市场策划,对方付了几笔钱,总共50万元”,这50万元,就是史玉柱东山再起的启动资金。(中国经营报 谢扬林


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