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 Liu Chang: Liu Yonghao needs to be sealed for 10 years before taking over

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Liu Chang: Liu Yonghao needs to be sealed for 10 years before taking over

Liu Yonghao is four years older than Bill Gates. Liu was born in Xinjin County, Sichuan Province, China in 1951, and Gates was born in Seattle, United States in 1955. This year, the head of China's largest private farming and animal husbandry enterprise, invited by the world's largest IT giant, went to the home of Bill Gates on the other side of the world, near Lake Washington in Seattle. In the late fifties, they have many common topics, such as successors, the next team, and globalization.

Daughter: It needs to be sealed for 10 years before taking over

"At present, one of my biggest problems is to bring out a good team." In any case, as the age increases from one year to one year, the head of this family business inevitably needs to find a successor, "so that we can continue to develop".

Liu Chang, born in 1980 and the daughter of Liu Yonghao, went to the United States to study at the age of 16, and returned home with an MBA degree in 2002. Now she is working in New Hope Group.

Liu Yonghao asked Liu Chang not to appear in front of the media for ten years since 2002. If so, even if Hurun put Liu Chang in the first list of the top ten mainland women millionaires in 2006, Liu Chang never made a public statement.

There was a rumor that Liu Chang was the chairman of the South Hope Group under the New Hope Group. On the same day, Liu Yonghao denied this rumor. He said, "Liu Chang is only interning in the New Hope Group." The father said that her daughter is still young and inexperienced, and now she is more training and learning.

It is understood that Liu Chang is good at capital operation and once directly or indirectly held shares in Minsheng Bank, New Hope and Golden Eagle Growth Fund.

Whether the future scepter will be handed to Liu Chang or not depends on "her nature". If Liu Chang has the will and ability, there is nothing to say. If either is missing, it is not good for Liu Chang or the enterprise.

Just three months ago, Buffett and Murdoch communicated with the heads of 100 top enterprises in the world, including Liu Yonghao. Liu Yonghao did not tell the reporter what he had learned. It is said that Buffett compared the selection of family successors to "selecting the Olympic swimming champion in 2000 to win the Olympic gold medal in 2020" - there is no chance of winning.

Perhaps Liu Yonghao has already understood this reason, because he said that for the successor of New Hope Group, "it is more about the arrangement of the board of directors and equity".

Yourself: The sword is not dull and old

"Buffett and Murdoch are discussing their successors on the stage. I really feel very deeply: they are a little older, and I am much younger than them." Liu Yonghao then burst into a hearty laugh.

Murdoch is one year younger than Buffett. Murdoch is 76 years old. They met at the Global CEO Summit organized by Bill Gates in May this year. Bill Gates, who is expected to retire next year and is 52 years old, sent an agreement to the heads and wives of 100 of the world's most distinctive enterprises to gather at his home on the bank of Lake Washington in Seattle, USA.

At the party, only the senior executives of CNOOC and Murdoch's wife had the same skin color as the 56-year-old Liu Yonghao. As a private gathering, only the leader himself and his spouse or girlfriend were present, without media, officials or assistants.

Unlike Bill Gates preparing to retire and Wang Shi keen to climb mountains, Liu Yonghao, 56 years old, seems to be in his prime. When interviewed by reporters, he wore a flat head, strong as usual, and a casual suit of blue T-shirts, unwilling to talk about retirement. "I have been tied up with the enterprise".

Liu Yonghao met many people at the summit, but the most impressed one was Microsoft President Bob. "He spoke in a firm, decisive and forceful voice. He didn't speak sitting or standing, but walked around. After a speech, he walked at least 40 circles.". Liu Yonghao commented that he is not like a president, but more like a company commander, battalion commander and commander of the army. Such comments may indicate Liu Yonghao's indelible fighting spirit from one side.

At present, Liu Yonghao has not considered retirement or retirement from core positions. In fact, he still has many ambitious plans to achieve: bring a good team, raise the best and most pigs in the country, and lead domestic peers to explore the world overseas.

Team: a large gathering of student union presidents

In any case, "the era of hero building has become the past. In the future, we need to rely on a team, rules, systems and norms to guide the enterprise forward."

In the chat, Liu Yonghao repeatedly mentioned that it is necessary to bring out a young, competitive and enterprise-oriented management team. Whether it is his main task at present or the main purpose of money

Just this year, New Hope Group recruited 2000 college students, deliberately recruited management trainees, and gathered student leaders and student cadres from the most famous universities in the country under its own banner. "The president of the student union of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Agricultural University, the National People's Congress, Sichuan University, and the president of the graduate student union of Peking University... basically, the president of the student union of all universities is here".

The power of the chairman of the student union has been shown, and the outstanding has been promoted to the top of the talent pyramid of New Hope Group. Wang Hang, born in 1971, got to know Liu Yonghao when he was the chairman of the Peking University Graduate Association, and then joined the New Hope Group. Now he is the director and vice president of the New Hope Group. In 2006, Liu Yonghao gave his directorship of Minsheng Bank to Wang Hang, who is "young, with good background and better understanding of finance".

Naturally, in the management training circle of New Hope Group, there are also internally promoted talents and cadres who have changed careers in the army... "I am doing subtraction. I used to be the chairman of hundreds of companies, but now there are only a few left", Liu Yonghao said, "I hope more opportunities will be left to young people, and I will bring out a good team earlier."

Enterprises: difficulties cannot stop the pace of overseas

Another grand plan of Liu Yonghao is to go abroad and explore the world: "10 years ago, we started planning: three years of investigation, two years of plant construction, three years of loss, and so far the profit, gross profit is three times that of China".

Instead of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, New Hope Group selected Southeast Asia as "like Guangxi" to fight the first battle. The first place was Vietnam wearing a hat - people, language, habits, weather, and even Vietnam's reform and opening up are similar to China.

The first thing is that no one buys the goods because they are too expensive. In their eyes, Chinese goods are "half price goods". How can New Hope have the same price as European and American brands.

"At the beginning, Chinese goods went through the border trade, and there were many fake and shoddy goods. The local people have formed a deep-rooted view that the price of Chinese goods is OK and the quality is average."

Of course, the difficulties are far more than these. "When you go out, the language, laws, living habits, policies, customs, tax rates, funds, trade unions... are completely different."

It is earth-shaking that the products of New Hope can be sold at the same price as European and American brands, and the sales and brands are among the top three in the local market.

What is Liu Yonghao's clever plan? First of all, he said, his overseas generals cooperated with teachers and students from local schools to help them do scientific breeding and training in the countryside. Slowly, people found that Chinese goods were not inferior to those from Europe and America. Secondly, the employee benefit offered by the New Hope Group is twice as high as that of the local people. To develop local talents, a factory of 100-200 people will only send 1-2 people.

After taking the difficult first step and gaining recognition of its own enterprises and products, New Hope Group has accelerated its pace overseas. So far, it has built nearly 10 overseas plants: 4 in Vietnam, 2 in the Philippines, 2 in Indonesia, 1 in Bangladesh, and the Philippines is considering building another one.

Not long ago, Liu Yonghao led more than 70 private enterprises in China to fly to Vietnam for a collective investment survey and plan to go out together.

Human, Financial and Ranking Questionnaire

What was the most thoughtful question when I was young?

Have shoes to wear and eat.

What kind of people are sure to succeed financially?

Able to endure hardship, struggle and learn.

What is the most appreciated way to earn money?

Make money through hard work, wisdom and diligence.

What kind of employees do you most appreciate?

Work hard and conscientiously, and be able to complete tasks creatively.

What kind of employees will be fired?

Serious violation of national laws and regulations.

What are the problems we usually study?

Agriculture and team.

What would you most like to use your money for?

In the development of modern agriculture, in training, learning and training of talents.

If one day becomes nothing, what is the first thing to do?

Find a bowl of rice through hard work.

What do you want to leave for your future generations?

I hope they will learn and have enough spiritual wealth.

Under what circumstances will you retire?

When my phone number is gone, it has been reduced by 80%.

What is the motto?

I didn't think about it.

What is your business advice?

Banks must rely on. But it is such an organization that it always comes when you don't want money; When you need money, he is the first to kick you.


Liu Yonghao's "best"

The most difficult decision: Minsheng Bank

In 1993, Liu Yonghao initiated the first bank composed mainly of private capital. At that time, the idea was very simple and contributed to the development of private enterprises, because it was impossible for enterprises to leave the bank.

However, how much do you invest, financing yourself or financial investment? A series of questions made Liu Yonghao scratching his head. So far, as a major shareholder of Minsheng Bank, Liu Yonghao has never borrowed a loan from Minsheng Bank.

The happiest thing: eat well and sleep well

Liu Yonghao said that although he is one year old and one year old, he eats more than others, walks a lot and sleeps well. The key is not to lose heart. If you worry about your own accident every day, it's hard to eat well and sleep well.

The most confused thing: ranking

More and more rankings and lists find Liu Yonghao, but Liu Yonghao is very frank. He said, "They don't ask me, and I'm confused. Regardless of him, I will go my own way."








































































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