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 Hubei's richest man from picking up toothpaste to buying 12 billion yuan plane

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:49     read:36   

Hubei's richest man from picking up toothpaste to buying 12 billion yuan plane

How much potential do you still have? Go ahead bravely, remember, you are always the best!

--------Zhuge Changqing

There is a beautiful city in the south of France called Toulouse, and the headquarters of Airbus is located in a corner of the city. At 2 p.m. French time on August 14, 2007, in a hotel not far from the Airbus headquarters, the handover ceremony of an Airbus 320 plane was being held. Bolong, the vice president of Airbus Europe, is handing the key to a middle-aged man named Lan Shili, who is the president of China East Star Airlines.

"Since Airbus adjusted its strategy last year, almost all aircraft handover ceremonies have been canceled, and this time we have held a grand handover ceremony, which is very rare." Lan Shili said in high spirits.

The appearance of Airbus 320 aircraft is designed according to the requirements of Lanshili, and it is the fourth aircraft taken by East Star Airlines from Airbus headquarters. Lan Shili has enough reasons to be excited about taking over the key of the aircraft for the first time: "The moment I take over the key means that I have the most advanced aircraft in the world."

On August 14, at 4pm French time and 10pm Beijing time, Lan Shili boarded his own plane Airbus 320 and took off from Toulouse valiantly and proudly. Lan Shili, who was sitting on the plane, was filled with emotion. The high-standard aircraft handover ceremony and the appearance designed according to his own will made him feel infinite.

The sun always comes after the rain, please believe that there is a rainbow. In the face of today's success, the ups and downs we met, and the fact that we were once treated as thieves, Lan Shili laughed off

The "stomach project" of two toothpaste skins

Time goes back to 20 years ago. In 1987, Lan Shili, who was just admitted to Wuhan University from the countryside, was very poor.

"When I checked in at university, I had only seven yuan on my body. I didn't change my clothes. I had to wash them in the evening and wear them in the morning. I had to wear them if I didn't work. After deducting the tuition fees, there was little left for my living expenses." Lan Shili recalled his dilemma at the beginning.

Lan Shili, who is on duty and has no source of livelihood, is not enough to eat and wear every day. He is eager to change this situation. Finally one day, he found a way to make money.

"One morning, I saw several toothpaste skins on the floor of the washroom. At that time, the price of the waste purchase station was one penny for aluminum, two cents for tin, and one penny for steamed bread in the canteen. Two toothpaste skins could fill my stomach. I thought, if there were many toothpaste skins, would it solve my life problems?" Lan Shili saw hope from these toothpaste skins.

However, it is a shameless thing for a dignified college student to pick up the toothpaste skin that was thrown away by others. Lan Shili hesitated. "Generally speaking, picking up the toothpaste skin is a great challenge to his face and so-called self-esteem, because it requires courage to face it." But when he thought of the steaming steamed buns in the canteen, Lan Shili could not help extending his hand to the toothpaste skin

Although Lan Shili tasted the benefits of picking up the toothpaste skin, he kept it from his classmates because of his face. He soon picked up the toothpaste skin in the dormitory building of Wuhan University, and Lan Shili began to think about other schools.

Lan Shili began to search more diligently: "I spent a Sunday running through almost all the universities in Wuhan, Wuhan University, Wuhan Water Conservancy University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Central China Normal University, Central China University of Science and Technology, and Central China Institute of Technology. I picked up more than one hundred toothpaste skins for the first time. I was very excited at that time. This more than one yuan can solve my living expenses for almost half a month."

The thief in the girls' dormitory

Lan Shili's life has been greatly improved by picking up the toothpaste skin, and his appetite is also growing. After the boys' dormitories have been cleaned up, he thought of the girls' dormitories again.

"The girl dormitory was watched by someone at that time, and I found a chance to sneak in as soon as the old woman turned around." Lan Shili continued to recall.

Entering the washroom of the girls' dormitory, Lan Shili looked around for the toothpaste skin. However, the accident happened.

Lan Shili's eyes reappeared the scene of the year: "When I was picking up, a girl suddenly came in. When she saw me, she screamed out, how could there be a man here. Her cry immediately attracted a dozen people to watch, and someone pointed at me 'thief, thief' and said.".

In the face of the sudden change, Lan Shili was shocked. "I squatted on the ground and hugged my head with both hands. I felt like a thief who was caught, because I really came in without permission."

As time went by, Lan Shili suddenly stood up and explained to the students, "Please look at my student ID card. I'm a student of Wuhan University. I'm not a thief. I just came to pick up the toothpaste skin thrown by others." In the face of the embarrassing situation, Lan Shili's explanation played a role, and the girl's expression began to change.

The angry girls calmed down and understood Lan Shili. Lan Shili felt that he had suddenly become great, "At the beginning, I was really like a thief, and thought it was a disgraceful and shameful thing, but when I finally said it, I became frank and frank. It was not a disgrace for me to rely on my own hands to pick up the toothpaste skin to support myself. So I was very upright and told them loudly that I would pick up the toothpaste skin, and I was making money to support myself."

Lan Shili has never told anyone about this matter. Until last year, Lan Shili, who has been the president of East Star Group, made his first public to the media.

"I have a classmate who, because his family was very poor at that time, never dared to tell everyone that he could only starve every day because of malnutrition, frequent illness, anemia or fainting, and so on. Everyone knew his difficulties. Compared with his passive escape, I may have taken another path, let myself survive with my own hands, and bravely face the poverty I face." Lan Shili summed up his way of survival.

Frustration and entrepreneurship

In order to survive and fill his stomach, Lan Shili spent his college life by picking up toothpaste. "Challenge yourself and face it bravely" is the most valuable wealth that this experience of picking up toothpaste skin brings to Lan Shili.

Shortly after graduation from university, Lan Shili started a difficult business again, but his career was not smooth sailing.

"When I first set up an electronics company to sell computers, I suffered a lot of grievances. You went to sell, people ignored you, and drove you out. It was annoying." Although he had gone through difficulties, Lan Shili was not discouraged, and the experience of picking up the toothpaste coat encouraged him.

Lan Shili said with relief, "I thought at that time that the situation was bad, but at least it was not as embarrassing as being scolded as a thief when I picked up the toothpaste skin. After comparison, I insisted with confidence."

The experience of picking up toothpaste skin during the university period has uncovered Lan Shili's courage and challenge spirit, which helps him to be invincible in his future career development.

As electronics companies become better and better, in the next few years, Lan Shili has frequently changed entrepreneurial projects, including more than 20 industries such as computer agents, hotels, real estate, tourism, and rapidly accumulated 2 billion assets in 15 years.

In 1995, Lan Shili began to set foot in the tourism industry. By 2005, after ten years of growth, his East Star International Travel Service has become the largest private travel agency in China. Domestic and international tourism has also flourished in the past few years, and travel agencies have become a new demand for charter flights. However, Lan Shili always feels constrained by others.

"In a China-South Korea tourism event, guests from both sides gathered, but the next day's flight could not take off on time, so we became very passive. We were complained about by Chinese and Korean guests to our head office, and similar situations occurred from time to time." Lessons urged inspiration. In order to change the passive situation, Lan Shili had a bold idea and set up his own airline.

"Empty hands" reach for the big plane

On June 20, 2005, Lan Shili prepared to build East Star Airlines with a registered capital of 80 million yuan. Shortly after the establishment of the company, Lan Shili released a message that he would buy 20 planes.

"To be precise, our earliest idea was to buy 10 aircraft in the first three years and reach 20 by the fifth year or so." Lan Shili planned so "simply".

Lan Shili, who knows nothing about the aviation field, released his "heroic words", which not only caused a sensation in the entire Chinese aviation industry, but also in the world aviation industry. Everyone believed that Lan Shili did not understand the price of his assets and aircraft.

If it is true, I don't know. I'm scared. "Later on, 10 planes cost 50 to 60 billion yuan, and 20 planes cost more than 10 billion yuan, which is too exaggerated." Lan Shili admitted his shock at the time. At that time, Lanshili's total assets added up to only 2 billion. Even if all the money was taken out, it would only be enough to buy two or three planes.

As soon as the news came out, there was a lot of derision from domestic airlines. This incomprehension made Lan Shili associate with the scene of picking up toothpaste in the girls' dormitory.

Lan Shili suffered from misunderstandings and accusations from all sides of the society. Some people even thought that Lan Shili's practice was crazy. "At that time, there was a discussion inside, and this month's salary was not paid on time, and then he proposed to buy an airplane. Mr. Lan really dared to think. It was incredible."

Nothing is impossible, only unexpected. In short, Lan Shili picked up four planes from France one year later with limited funds.

Two months of negotiation to win ten billion guarantees

At the beginning of 2006, the news that Lan Shili said he would buy 20 planes quickly spread to the ears of major airlines in the world. They gathered in Wuhan to negotiate with Lan Shili. What he said was like spilled water, and Lan Shili could not take it back. He felt that he had made a beehive and had to bite the bullet. Faced with unprecedented challenges, Lan Shili thought to himself that since he could not afford it, he would find a way to rent it. Will the other party agree to rent it?

Lan Shili wanted to find a bank guarantee, but the bank didn't agree: "They made it clear that it was impossible to say 12 billion yuan or 1.2 billion yuan. There was no difference between guarantee and loan. How could you guarantee it? Don't even think about it." Lan Shili was rejected on the spot.

Although the bank did not provide guarantee, but it did not turn back. Lan Shili still wanted to challenge, so he began negotiations with the giants of the world airlines - General Electric Financial Aviation Services of the United States and European Airbus.

"There is no precedent whether it is the policy of renting and purchasing aircraft with the new airline or giving so many aircraft at one time. I made the decision to buy 20 aircraft, which shocked the present negotiations." Lan Shili said with a smile.

After more than two months of negotiation, the most important one was the negotiation, which set a record of 27 consecutive hours. After more than two months of difficult negotiations, on May 9, 2006, Lan Shili signed a lease and purchase agreement with General Electric Financial Aviation Services of the United States and Airbus Europe, respectively, and planned to lease 10 and purchase 10 Airbus aircraft from the two companies in five years, with a total value estimated at 12 billion yuan.

As soon as the results of the negotiations were released by the media, they immediately attracted the suspicions of countless people. "Everyone does not believe that this is true. They say that I am an international swindler, and I have deceived the world." Lan Shili's tone was innocent and helpless.

Conquer the other party with courage and insight

How can an enterprise with a registered capital of only 80 million yuan and no bank guarantee successfully negotiate 20 aircraft worth 12 billion yuan?

"In retrospect, it was courage and wisdom that helped us. That is to say, you should be brave enough to do it." Lan Shili bluntly explained the secret of success.

At the beginning of the negotiation, Lan Shili constantly demonstrated to the people present, explaining the aviation market in China, the consumption situation in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the tourism industry in China and the future business plan, which was strongly supported by the negotiators present. They were very confident that Lan Shili's business plan could be realized.

"They need this market, which is our first advantage; the second advantage is that the per capita ratio of China is very low. We have 1.3 billion people in China, and now there are only more than 800 aircraft, while the United States has more than 5000 aircraft for 250 million people, which shows how big our gap is." In fact, Lan Shili's idea is very correct.

Bolong, the vice president of Airbus Europe, said with great appreciation, "I think his business plan is very realistic. First of all, I didn't expect Wuhan to develop so fast. I was shocked by the speed. Hubei has the same population as France. On this basis, the airline tourism industry has developed so fast. So I think Mr. Lan's business plan is very realistic and meets his current development needs."

Lan Shili convinced the negotiators to become the owner of 12 billion worth of aircraft with his eloquent tongue and amazing courage, which is unprecedented in the aviation industry.

The challenge from a penny to 12 billion

At 1 p.m. Beijing time on August 15, 2007, the Airbus A320 arrived in Wuhan smoothly 15 hours after taking off from France. At 6 p.m., the Consul General of the French Consulate held a grand reception ceremony for Lan Shili in his private residence.

The Consul General of the French Consulate said excitedly, "After the arrival of the French A320 in Wuhan, it means that there will be more and more flights between Wuhan and domestic and foreign countries. I am very happy and honored to be able to welcome this important event."

"The most I said about the whole process from renting to buying an aircraft was that I didn't understand. One person in the negotiation was most afraid that I couldn't understand, because they would be in trouble. He thought that when I didn't understand, I often broke the traditional rules, broke the traditional thinking, and broke the traditional practice. This is a thing that makes everyone feel incredible." Lan Shili said with a little embarrassment.

Lan Shili succeeded with his courage and courage to challenge. In fact, this spirit of challenge has been formed since he was a poor student. Now, I talk about my experience of picking up toothpaste skin and buying an airplane, Lan Shili sighed: "From a penny to 12 billion, the gap is 120 billion times. I never thought of today's harvest. If a penny is for survival, it is only a challenge to myself. Today's 12 billion is in fact a challenge to the social system, traditional ideas, and even the traditional business model of our airline. It is also the biggest challenge to me."

Toothpaste and plane, two seemingly unrelated things, are closely related to the fate of Lanshili. In order to have a full meal, it is a challenge to oneself to put down the face and pick up the toothpaste skin; However, it is a huge challenge to face 20 aircraft worth 12 billion yuan with the next big order when the funds are insufficient. It is this spirit of daring to challenge oneself that has made Lan Shili from a poor student who has not enough to eat to become today's


















  但是,一个堂堂的大学生去捡别人扔掉的牙膏皮,是一件很没面子的事情,兰世立犹豫了,“通俗一点地说,捡牙膏皮对自己的面子和所谓的自尊都是一种很大的挑战,因为这需要勇气去面对。” 可一想到食堂里那些热气腾腾的馒头,兰世立的手就情不自禁地伸向了牙膏皮……









  时间一分一秒地过去,眼看形势越来越不利,兰世立突然“蹭”地站了起来,向同学们解释:“请看我的学生证,我是武汉大学的学生,我不是小偷,只是来捡别人扔下的牙膏皮。” 面对尴尬的局面,兰世立的这番解释发挥了作用,女生的表情开始变了。


















  果真,不算不知道,一算吓一跳。“后来一算,10架飞机要五六十个亿,20架飞机就要100多亿,太夸张了。” 兰世立坦言当时的惊吓。当时兰世立全部资产加起来只有20亿,即使把所有的钱都拿出来,也只够买两三架飞机。






  兰世立想找银行担保,银行不同意:“人家明确表示,别说120亿,12亿也不可能,担保和贷款没什么区别,怎么可能给你担保呢,想都不用想。” 兰世立被当场拒绝。




  谈判结果一经媒体公布,立即引来无数人的猜疑,“大家都不相信这是真的,说我是国际巨骗,竟骗到国际上去了。” 兰世立的语气里透着无辜和无奈。
















   兰世立作为中国新一代知识型民营企业的代表人物,从他创建东星开始,就广受社会关注。一九九一年六月,他创办武汉东星电子技术有限公司,是中国最早从事 IT行业的民营企业之一。他从一开始就是以国际化、现代化的企业为目标定位的,并用全新的文化和理念来推动公司的发展。他还在企业中独创了企业员工军训,并从一九九二年第一届至今已历二十四届,一直坚持到今天,先后有三千余名职员从东星军营走出来,锻造了一批训练有素的队伍。

   他还别出心裁地创办东星商学院,用来培训新职员及管理人员,并投入巨资建立了自己的商学院及军事训练基地。他所提倡的“东星是我家”,“东星是一个舞台”的理念成为企业界所推崇的新概念。 2005年《福布斯》把兰世立先生列为中国富豪榜第70名,成为湖北有史以来第一名进入该榜前100名的富豪。

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