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 Internal training time+external contacts=success

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Internal training time+external contacts=success

Internal training+external contacts

So-called, can only rely on money to make money? Although most of the ways to become rich taught in financial books on the market are based on investment tools, there is more than one way to accumulate assets. Some people know how to make good use of investment tools and make a lot of money; Some people specialize in the network. When they are young, they are willing to pay more social expenses as tuition fees. They squat first and then jump. The following is the promotion of position, salary and knowledge, which can no longer be measured by such figures as the rate of return.

Foreign business: Deeply cultivate workplace relations

Li Yu, who began to invest in the early 1990s, has a better knowledge of financial management tools than ordinary people, but has not used it in his own asset planning. He spent seven years in a top leisure club in Shanghai, became a marketing director, hosted dozens of large-scale leisure sports events, and hosted world famous sportsmen such as Agassi and Zhang Depei.

Some clubs are gathering places for dignitaries, where you can meet many excellent people. Li Yu started as a junior commissioner with a salary of more than 1000 yuan, but he was willing to invite guests to dinner and make more friends instead of saving. "You know what? Just listening to them, I feel I have gained a lot!" He thought the communication cost was too valuable. His major is marketing, and the role of deep networking soon spread like "fermentation". People from all sides strongly sponsored and participated in his activities. However, in three years, he became one of the millionaires.

Li Yu implements the "network financing method": to help expand his career or vision by meeting better talents than himself.

Financial experts also believe that the longer you invest in financial management, the shorter you invest in yourself, and increasing your "human capital", such as increasing your education background, talent, work skills and interpersonal relationships, is more than the interest earned from investment. This proposal is especially suitable for young people who have just joined the society for three or five years. It is at the beginning of their career. The most important thing is to accumulate professional knowledge and establish professional relationships. Instead of calculating some petty profits, it is better to spend time costs on running their own businesses, perform well, and get promoted and paid.

Internal training: build a good reputation

Network finance, which requires real talents and practical learning to complement each other, refers to professional knowledge and professional attitude. Being willing to work hard is the first step to win the trust of customers, superiors and colleagues. Only based on work performance can the effect of networking be obvious.

Yang Qing, 27, was a specialist in a boutique public relations company in his previous job. Now, he is the public relations manager of a well-known watch agency in China. The company sent a famous watch with a market value of 200000 as employee benefits before it officially went to work. Many people admire her for getting this good position. Yang Qing said that she was surprised by the chance to get a career promotion because the boss took the initiative to find her.

The current boss used to be her client and agreed with Yang Qing's ability to handle affairs; When there is a vacancy, she will be listed as one of the candidates. The reason why he was selected by the company was "I later learned that the boss had asked several media reporters for their opinions and finally chose me."

Since she will provide multiple news perspectives for different media with different attributes when she contacts with the media, this effort makes the reporter affirm her specialty. If someone asks about Yang Qing's work ability, it must be a good word. It is often because of the good impression of working together, even if there is no intentional business relationship, it will help you lead a good network, so the cultivation of strength and network cannot be neglected.

Sincerely pay and pay

The "network financial management method" is not suitable for people who are eager to make a leap to the sky. Relationship is a long-term investment. It needs to be simmered slowly. Nobody can be sure when it will blossom and bear fruit. It even needs to be prepared psychologically. It does not necessarily have substantive feedback such as position and salary.

The feedback of contacts is displayed in your career in various forms. Meet excellent people, as Li Yu said, listening to them is rewarding! When you are faced with difficulties and difficulties in life, you can often get guidance and help from good contacts. They may not be able to give direct help in your career (usually if you are trustworthy, they will help you), but sometimes one sentence will benefit you immensely.

The people who are the best at managing contacts all revealed that it is valuable to make friends with others. When Brain Tracy, a famous American entrepreneur and potential inspirer, instructs students to sell successful products, the most often said thing is "sincerely care for your customers". He said: "The more you care about your customers, the more interested they will be in doing business with you. Once the customer believes that you really care about his situation, he will buy from you regardless of the details of sales or competitors." Doing business is just the result, and the focus of Tracy's teaching is to win hearts and minds with sincerity.


 内修工夫+外营人脉 =成功



















  而最会经营人脉者都不约而同地透露:与人结交,真心为贵。美国知名企业家与激发潜能大师博恩崔西(Brain Tracy)指导学员销售成功术时,最常挂在嘴边的就是“真诚地关怀你的顾客”。他说:“你越关怀你的顾客,他们就越有兴趣跟你做生意,一旦客户认定你是真心关怀他的处境,不论销售的细节或竞争者如何,他都会向你购买。”做成生意只是结果,崔西教导的重点是以真诚赢得人心。

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