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 Chen Lihua's "Past, present and future tenses"

   date:2020-09-18 18:39:14     read:37   

Chen Lihua's

"Past, present and future tenses"

Chen Lihua

Design drawing of Hong Kong Jockey Club

Panorama of Financial Street Project

"Beijing is a vast world, and I am right to invest in Beijing!" said Ms. Chen Lihua, a well-known Hong Kong businessman, in an interview with the media on the eve of the 11th Beijing-Hong Kong Fair.

Chen Lihua, the legendary Hong Kong businessman, has too many halos behind him: the chairman of Fuhua International Group, the curator of the Chinese Red sandalwood Museum, the honorary doctor of the Savannah School of Art and Design, Georgia, the United States, and the first rich woman in China

As for the road to success, she summed up: "I have turned blood into sweat and tasted all the joys and sorrows. I have caught up with the good opportunity of reform and opening up, so I must do something." Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, Chen Lihua's "past, present and future" on the road to success has become a profile in the process of economic cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong.

In the past, "the demolition is worth it!"

In 1998, Beijing listed the Jinbao Street project as a key project for investment in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Fuhua Group signed a contract in Hong Kong that year to invest in the construction of the Dongdan North Street to Nanxiao Street section of Jinbao Street and the real estate development on both sides. For the first time, the Jinbao Street project has adopted the development mode of "municipal renovation", that is, the developer invests in road construction and settlement of residents' demolition costs, and the government gives the developer development rights and supporting preferential policies on both sides of the road.

In this project, Chen Lihua's first problem is demolition. "Mobilizing thousands of residents who have lived there for more than half their lives to move, how much pressure we have on demolition." One gives money, the other asks for money, which is a contradiction in itself. However, one night after the project started, Chen Lihua signed a demolition agreement with 2300 households, which surprised her peers. The relocated households in Jinbao Street commented on this rich old lady: she came to our house in person, didn't think the house was dirty, and still sat there to chat with us. It was very kind, not a bit like a rich woman! Chen Lihua said: "Don't give people the impression of profiteers when demolishing. We really need to take care of some difficult households, and resolve the conflict." Now speaking of the demolition of that year, Chen Lihua seems to forget the hardships of the past, and happily said: "This demolition is worth it!"

Jinbao Street is located in the most prosperous section of the capital, with profound traditional culture. During the construction, Chen Lihua, who also has a profound historical and cultural complex, pays special attention to the protection of cultural relics and historic sites. Cai Yuanpei's former residence and Mei Baojiu's former residence have been well protected, and have been affirmed by the Dongcheng District Cultural Relics Bureau. Not only that, but even a piece of old tiles of ordinary residential buildings, Chen Lihua sees them as extremely precious: "In order to keep the original appearance intact, we carefully collected the old tiles removed, wrapped them in pieces of paper, and collected them in a unified way. We can use as much as we can when we rebuild."

Now the scenery of Jinbao Street is just right here

After several years of construction, at present, Jinbao Street has begun to take shape. No. 1 Jinbao Street is adjacent to the main road of Jinbao Street in the south and Wangfujing in the west. At present, the five-star Regent Hotel, the four-star Park Plaza Hotel and the Class A office building Jinbao Building have become the landmark buildings here. The Regent Hotel, which has just opened for one year, has jumped to the 11th place in Asia in the industry.

The Beijing Hong Kong Jockey Club project located at 7 Jinbao Street is another eye-catching scenery on Jinbao Street. Not only because it is the liaison agency in Beijing for the Hong Kong Equestrian District of the Beijing Olympic Games, but also because it has an elegant quadrangle style. The Hong Kong Jockey Club in Beijing covers a total area of 1.62 hectares; The total building area is 37808 square meters, with 2 floors underground and 1 to 3 floors above the ground. The capping ceremony of the main structure was held on June 30, 2006. Chen Lihua said that this project is largely for the Olympic Games.

In the future, Chen Lihua will launch three plans

Opening the panoramic plan of the Jinbao Street project, Chen Lihua said: "This is Lot 2. We have reserved 41 quadrangles in total. In the future, it will become a commercial street in the style of all quadrangles, including commercial city and entertainment city."; This is the No. 6 site, which will be built into "Jinbao Street" and become a boutique integrating the world's top brands... "Our Jinbao Street project will be completed before the 2008 Olympic Games, adding a beautiful scenery to Beijing." Chen Lihua is full of confidence, she said with great pride, "Wangfujing is a golden street, Dongdan North Street is a silver street, and the newly opened Jinbao Street is an international business street that wears gold and silver!" Jinbao Street not only solves the traffic congestion in the west half of Wangfujing area, but also expands the Wangfujing business circle, combines traditional business street with modern business, and opens up the development prospect of Wangfujing, a traditional business district.

While the construction of Jinbao Street is in full swing, Chen Lihua has long looked elsewhere. She revealed that Fuhua Group's next real estate strategy will shift from the urban area of Beijing to the suburbs. At present, in Tongzhou District, Fuhua Group has built Fuhua Shuntong International Ecological Park, where vegetables and flowers are planted, pigs and ducks are raised, and all the operations without chemical fertilizers. "Look, the asparagus in our conference room is cultivated in the ecological park, and how lush it is." Chen Lihua said proudly.

In another planning map, the project of "China Fuhuade International Medical City", located in the North Canal of Tongzhou District, is brewing. The reporter saw that the location of the projects such as "Class III General Hospital", "Health Examination Building", "Plastic Surgery Hospital", "Cancer Hospital", and even a "tarmac" have been planned in the picture. "If we want to build a first-class hospital, we will have top medical experts at home and abroad to provide medical services." At this moment, Chen Lihua is proud again.

What new ideas does Chen Lihua have for her lifelong love of rosewood? Chen Lihua also launched a planning map for the reporter: after the existing Red Sandalwood Palace and the Lihua Pavilion, a higher building rose from the ground. This is the third phase of the Red Sandalwood Museum project, which is also the final work. The Red Sandalwood International Art Exchange Center will be built. It has just been successfully sealed in September and will be completed in April next year. The reporter saw on the planning map that the Red Sandalwood Palace, the Lihua Pavilion and the Red Sandalwood International Art Exchange Center are low in front and high in the back, which are well arranged, showing a royal style of grace and atmosphere. "If you want to do it, you should make it a palace craft and a collection of fine works". Like every piece of red sandalwood that Chen Lihua personally participated in, the Red sandalwood International Art Exchange Center will become a "masterpiece", which is exactly what Chen Lihua pursues.
























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