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 Uncover the secret: the unique skill of making money of successful online business de

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:08     read:39   

Uncover the secret: the unique skill of making money of successful online business de

The whole network business group in China has exploded to the current scale of 30 million, compared with 4 million in 2004. According to statistics, the "online business group" has recently expanded rapidly with an average daily growth of more than 30000. In fact, not everyone who chooses to open online stores can make money.

After 118 days, the results of the "Top Ten Online Businessmen in Beijing 2007" sponsored by China Electronic Commerce Association and Alibaba were announced. Let's explore the secrets of these "grassroots" online businesses to make money through the Internet. The Beijing competition area includes five provinces and cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong and Liaoning. Five online merchants in Beijing were selected in the top ten. Among the top 30 players in the competition area, Beijing players occupied nearly half of the seats, which once again confirmed Beijing's advantages in the field of e-commerce.

Focus question 1

What on earth do the top ten online merchants succeed by selling?

What are you yelling at? What products do these successful online merchants sell online? The reporter learned from the interview that the main products sold by the top ten online merchants in the Beijing competition area are: ship model and ship model, audio and video books, antivirus software, weight loss products, online video phone, real estate brokerage, auto parts, medicine and other fields.

Different from previous years, the 2007 online business festival audition registration was opened for the first time to merchants integrating Alipay, attracting more than 1400 applicants from different industries, such as virtual games, digital communications, business services, air tickets, etc. Yao Min, who won the "top ten", came from the well-known software manufacturer Ruixing Technology. Ruixing's sales of 200 million yuan came from the Internet, and sellers bought anti-virus software on the official website of Ruixing through Alipay. The Yitai Lifeng website represented by Yan Zhiwu sells video chat products under 263, the earliest network communication service provider in China.

The success of individual online merchants cannot be underestimated. The 45-year-old Si Jingguo, whose net name is "Captain Captain", comes from Qingdao. He was a soldier and a regimental cadre before entering the business world. After entering the business world, he mainly engaged in various ship models, ship models, sand tables, etc. Of the annual sales of 5 million yuan, 3.5 million yuan comes from the network. At first, he made a model ship because his 3-year-old daughter wanted it, but his salary was not enough, so he decided to do it. At that time, he also sold the product to an organization leader at the price of 15000 yuan for two models. At that time, his salary was only more than 100 yuan, which was more than 100 times his salary.

Tu Jiangang's China Law Book Co., Ltd. has an annual turnover of 130 million yuan. Through the advertising of search engine, we have purchased dozens of keywords of Yahoo Baiye Window, and the online orders of two stores in Beijing alone increased by 30% this month.

Tianjin Jingwei Electric Materials Co., Ltd., where Pan Yulei is one of the top ten Internet merchants, has a turnover of 10 million in 2006, of which 9 million were online. In the first quarter of 2007, the overseas orders obtained from Alibaba had reached 7 million yuan. It is expected that by the end of this year, the total amount of orders obtained through the network will reach 28.5 million yuan.

Focus question 2

What are the unique skills of successful online merchants?

The first move: if there is a problem in transportation, the warranty will be replaced.

"Captain," said Si Jingguo, "I often tell the staff that a model with thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of yuan should not have problems. If there is a problem due to transportation, it must be guaranteed and replaced! I will pay another 5000 yuan to repair the product with 5000 yuan, and I will also pay for it. It looks like losing money on the surface, but I have won and retained a customer forever."

The second move: have a wide range of business districts.

Yuan Yina, one of the top ten online merchants in Beijing in 2007, joined Taobao's mall store in 2006, and now has become the first "two crown" store of Taobao's books, audio and video stores. She has a wide range of online business circles. At present, there are 20000 to 30000 cooperative member companies with annual sales of 2 million, all from online stores.

Third move: be a wholesaler.

In October 2006, Gao Yaxin, one of the top ten online merchants in Beijing, opened a small shop on Taobao due to the need of business development. After the baby was put on the shelf, he couldn't be busy alone, and his wife became the shopkeeper. The sales of Chinese herbal pollen and herbal tea they manage are not good at the initial stage. After studying, the couple decided to change their thinking, send the price list of their products to the senior shopkeeper on Taobao and send samples. In this way, the situation was opened. Now they are wholesalers in this industry. They specialize in wholesale business on Taobao and have lists every day. Gao Yaxin said, "It is abnormal if there is no list one day."

The fourth trick: Even if customers don't buy things, they should also serve carefully.

Wang Jinjia, 24 years old, has established the store for only one year, and has 1832 "favorable comments", with an annual turnover of 2 million, including 1.2 million online turnover! Many people come into her store and even if they don't buy anything, she tries to introduce the product properties and use methods to customers in detail. Although weight loss products are a hot topic, few people are willing to pay for them. At the beginning of the store, the girl experienced the feeling of being left out. However, she has prepared for this and gradually launched her own offensive. In addition to the 24-hour online status of "Taobao Wangwang", she also regarded every buyer who visited the store as the advertising spokesperson of the store. The store is mainly for repeat customers.

Fifth move: Don't chat on instant messaging tools.

"Captain" said that he did not often chat with "Tradelink" software, but rather talked about business. Therefore, there was an online status statement in Tradelink: chat should not exceed three sentences. The writer is interested and the reader is interested. The effect of this premise is that the quality of the inquiry increases and the transaction rate also increases.

Sixth trick: spend more time online to serve buyers.

Lu Guangzhao, one of the top ten online merchants, has been engaged in auto parts business for less than two years, and the annual online turnover has reached 10 million. Lu Guangzhao concluded that his success depends on two things, one is keyword bidding, and the other is his long online time every day. Lu Guangzhao said, "The key word of my bidding is' balance block '. It used to be more than 100 yuan, but now it will cost more than 1900 yuan to bid. But it is still worth it! At the same time, I try to stay online longer and communicate with customers in time. Every day I spend more than 10 hours online!"

The seventh move: pay attention to contact and the feelings of old users.

"Captain" and his staff should answer the inquiries of business friends in time every day, and say hello to the customer group through instant messaging software every day. If there is a major holiday, we will not send messages in groups, but greet each customer with holiday greetings.

Focus question 3

How hard does it take to make a fortune online?

It is really fashionable to open an online store, but it is definitely not the way to make money by opening an online store. As far as the reporter knows, some people are busy for nothing, and there are still half a year or even a year to go. So, how hard do these so-called successful online merchants really work?

The reporter learned from the interview that "Captain" Si Jingguo said, "In business contacts, as long as I promise to customers, no matter how difficult it is, I will not renege on my promise." Before he entered Alibaba, he has been engaged in the aircraft model business for a long time. In the middle, he encountered several setbacks such as rising raw material prices, single product style, small customer group, which led to the company almost on the verge of bankruptcy, But he resisted the pressure again and again.

Gao Yaxin, the seller, has been engaged in online trade for four years, and has been electrocuted for the first time since 2003. It is very dramatic from the original network novice to the current expert. He bought "keywords" at his own expense for the company's business, and went thousands of miles to attend the online business conference at his own expense. In this process, he met with the support of the company and his family, but he withstood the pressure, and finally won the support of his wife. Both of them worked together for the online store.

This time, the online merchants selected a special award - Zhang Yuncheng of Pengcheng E-purchase. The doctor said that the patient with severe muscular atrophy could live to 28 years old. He participated in the online business competition for the second time this year and won the top 50 in Beijing. The young disabled person supported Taobao online store with one chopstick and one finger to support his family and self-reliance by virtue of his tenacity and self-improvement spirit. His experience has received the keen attention of the media, and he sells for leukemia Taobao friends in the store. Many excellent businesses volunteered to become their suppliers, which made him less worried about the future, and more netizens went to his online shop spontaneously.

hot tip

The key is to persist and explore more

1. After opening an online store, many people may find that in the first few months, the business is not as smooth as they think. At this time, we need to insist and explore ways to make money. For example, we need to visit other people's online stores, compare their prices, make their prices more competitive, or find their own differences, and at the same time attract popularity through some concessions. It's no use blaming others for their ignorance and blaming others.

2. The seller should correctly identify the ID of the transaction party. Recently, the registration ID of some members has been used by illegal elements. The fraudster registers similar ID to cheat, such as LiLi and LiLi3, and tries to muddle through. The seller should be vigilant and pay attention to the ID of the chat with you and the ID of the transaction.

3. When answering the customer's questions, the cold and stiff attitude is problematic, which will affect the customer's feelings and even "drive away" the customer. Opening an online store requires more patience from the shopkeeper. Especially in the case of more goods, we should be patient to answer every question raised by each guest. It is very hard to open an online store. If you are really too busy, you should consider looking for someone to cooperate with, or relatives and friends to help, because you want to leave the impression that customers can handle things easily, which will also make your own store more competitive.














































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