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 A string of witticisms at the Summer Davos Annual Conference

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:11     read:59   

A string of witticisms at the Summer Davos Annual Conference

"The Davos Forum came to Dalian because both cities have a D at the beginning of their names"

——Hao Ruiqiang, CEO of Siemens (China), said so in an interview with reporters.

"It's very lenient to give the Fed an F (fail). I think it should be G (worse than fail), but it sounds like Good."

——Stephen Roach, chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that the policy of the Federal Reserve focusing too much on inflation risk is the main reason for a series of foam in the US economy.

"The subprime crisis is like opening a gap for the US economy. Although it has negative effects, it will not shake the overall situation of the US economy. It is like that my car has some small problems, and it does not need to be driven to the car factory for overhaul."

——Christine Forbes, professor of economics at MIT Sloan School of Management, commented on the recent turmoil in the credit market in the United States.

"I hope you can give more preferential policies to Shanghai as adults give gifts to children during the Spring Festival."

——Fang Xinghai, deputy director of the Financial Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government, smiled at Shang Fulin, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

"I came to Davos in the summer to attend a meeting, and was brought into a small dark room. Now I'm out, and I'll talk to more people."

——Chinese real estate star Pan Shiyi said after attending the special event of "Dialogue in the Dark" at the Summer Davos Annual Conference.

"In the 19th century, China and India accounted for 40% of the world's gross national product, and we may see this again in the next few years. We seem to be experiencing a perfect U curve."

——Sir Martin Solow, CEO of WPP Group, a British advertising giant, described this when talking about emerging economies.

















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