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 "Old Ganma" - a 1 billion boss who only knows three words

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:18     read:52   

"Old Ganma" - a 1 billion boss who only knows three words

"Old Ganma": only knows three words

1 billion female bosses

Tao Huabi, Chairman of Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd

This story tells us that selecting products, using good people and being honest are the three magic weapons to run a good enterprise. The success of entrepreneurs is only related to wisdom

------Zhuge Changqing

A rural woman who did not go to school for a day and could only write her own name, started from scratch, and unexpectedly founded a large private enterprise with assets of 1.3 billion yuan in just six years! This is neither sensational fake news nor legendary stories before the 20th century, but today's unimaginable true fairy tales!

The rural woman who created this new fairy tale is Tao Huabi, who is 51 years old this year. Many people may be at a loss to say her name, but the mention of her "old Ganma spicy sauce" is almost a household name. Tao Huabi is the founder of "Old Ganma Spicy Sauce", which workers eat almost every day, and the chairman of a large enterprise that produces this kind of food.

This rural "old Ganma", who can't read four characters, can't even read the documents. How did she start and manage a large enterprise with more than 1300 employees? What "tricks" and "tricks" does she have that people can learn from? Recently, the reporter made a special interview with the "old Ganma" and learned about her strange and legendary

"Top Move" 1: Seize the opportunity according to the situation and get twice the result with half the effort

Tao Huabi, 51, was born in a remote mountain village in Meitan County, Guizhou Province. Because her family was poor, Tao Huabi never read a book for a day. At the age of 20, she married a member of the 206 geological team; But within a few years, her husband died of illness and left her and two children behind. In order to survive, she had to work and set up a stall.

In 1989, Tao Huabi saved a little money by frugality. On a street in Longdongbao, Nanming District, Guiyang City, she built a house with bricks picked from everywhere and opened a simple restaurant, named "Affordable Restaurant", which specializes in cold noodles and cold noodles. At that time, she specially made spicy sauce as a seasoning for mixing cold noodles, and the business was very prosperous.

One morning, Tao Huabi got up and felt dizzy, so she didn't go to the vegetable market to buy chilies. She thought: anyway, there are several kinds of ingredients to mix cold noodles, and the lack of spicy sauce will not delay the business. Who knows, when customers came to dinner, they turned around and left as soon as they heard there was no spicy sauce. She couldn't help feeling very confused: How could this happen? Are the customers who come here not like to eat cold noodles, but like to eat my spicy sauce?! Is it because of this spicy sauce that my shop is booming?

This event has greatly touched Tao Huabi. She was quick to see the potential of spicy sauce and began to study it... After several years of trial production, the flavor of spicy sauce she made was more unique. Many guests took out money to buy some spicy sauce after eating the jelly, and even some people came to buy her spicy sauce instead of eating the jelly. Later, the business of her jelly became worse and worse, but she did not sell enough spicy sauce. She wondered again: at best, spicy sauce is only a food ingredient. Can these people finish eating it after buying so many?

One day at noon, after her spicy sauce was sold out, there were no more guests who ate cold noodles. She was so flustered that she closed the shop and wanted to go out to see how others were doing. She went to more than 10 restaurants and food stalls selling cold noodles, but found that their businesses were very prosperous. What's the reason? God, it's because these people bought spicy sauce from her! Suddenly, her lungs were going to explode.

How can I fatten others with my own food, but pit myself? The next day, she never sold spicy sauce alone. As a result, those bosses who could not sell spicy sauce came to beg her, and half jokingly said, "Since you can make such a good spicy sauce, what jelly do you sell? Just open a spicy sauce factory! This touched Tao Huabi's inspiration: yes, there are so many people who love to eat my spicy sauce, what jelly do I sell? Take the opportunity to open a factory, I also taste the taste of the small boss!

After a period of preparation, Tao Huabi abandoned the restaurant she had worked hard for many years. In July 1996, she borrowed two houses of the Yunguan Village Committee in Nanming District, recruited 40 workers, and set up a food processing factory, specializing in the production of spicy sauce, named "Old Ganma spicy sauce".

At this time, the scale of her factory was almost like a family workshop. Although the sparrow is small, the "viscera" such as production, supply and marketing must be complete. Dozens of workers have to manage it, and many external affairs such as industry and commerce, tax, and urban management have to be socialized... Tao Huabi, who doesn't know a single character in big letters, thinks it is too difficult! What is her "unique skill" to manage workers and factories well?

At first, she took the most "honest" approach: do it by herself, and the workers will do what my boss does! She never criticizes employees, but just says to them, "I treat you as a family, and you also treat this place as a family. What I do, you can do with me."

At that time, the production processes were almost all manual operations, including pounding pepper and cutting pepper. This is not easy to "play". As the knife rises and falls, the spatter tears the eyes, and no one of the workers wants to do this process. So, Tao Huabi handled the knife by herself. She held a kitchen knife in one hand, and her two arms rolled up and down with a force. She kept saying, "I cut the pepper as an apple, and it's not hot at all." The employees laughed and took up the kitchen knife one after another. During that time, their work was very hard. Tao Huabi took the lead and got periarthritis of the shoulder, The nails of 10 fingers were all calcified due to mixing spicy sauce.

The most worrying thing is that although the output at the beginning of the factory is very low, the local noodle shop can't digest it, and the rest will have to sell by itself. So Tao Huabi personally carried the spicy sauce to the food stores and canteens for trial sale. Unexpectedly, this stupid method worked really well, but within a week, those trial sellers called in succession to ask her to double the delivery; She sent the staff to send it twice, but it was sold out soon... Tao Huabi was surprised, but she also took a reassuring pill.

In June 1997, "Old Ganma Spicy Sauce"

After the test of the market, it has a stable foothold in Guiyang City and has the momentum of killing Guiyang. The shrewd Tao Huabi thought to herself: I have tried to find out the depth of water and the depth of water. What is my "old godmother" afraid of? Isn't the old saying "strike while the iron is hot"? Simply, I will expand the scale and turn the factory into a company!

"Top 2": "emotional investment" has strong cohesion

In August 1997, "Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavored Food Co., Ltd." was officially listed, and the number of workers expanded to more than 200. At this time, the biggest problem for Taohuabi is not production, but management pressure.

The biggest headache for her was that after the expansion of the factory into a company, everything had to go on a regular basis, all kinds of rules and regulations had to be introduced, and all kinds of financial and personnel statements had to be reviewed by her personally, especially the industrial, commercial and other government departments often issued documents to her to implement; As a private enterprise, she also often participates in various meetings held by the competent government departments and prepares speeches to speak on the stage... All of these are simply "driving ducks to the shelves" for the uneducated Tao Huabi!

How can we make a square without rules? How can I go to the "podium" without culture? Looking at the accumulation of more and more documents, Tao Huabi first thought of inviting capable people to run a company that had to try everything. According to her simple feelings, she formulated the only criteria for selecting people: honest, hardworking, able to take work as her own business, and able to take the company as her home. But what kind of talented person should we invite? She thought about it and regarded her eldest son as the standard of comparison.

Li Guishan, Tao Huabi's eldest son, was a serviceman who was transferred to work. At that time, he worked in the car team of the 206 geological team. Although he had only high school education, he was already a great "scholar" in Tao Huabi's blue eyes at that time. She wanted to drag Li Guishan to her private company to help, but she couldn't bear to break his iron rice bowl. Unexpectedly, when Li Guishan learned about his mother's thoughts and concerns, he smiled and said, "What's the age, there is an iron rice bowl?!" She still disagreed, but Li Guishan resigned and came to her company.

The first thing Li Guishan did to help his mother was to deal with documents, and the whole chapter was organized. Li Guishan reads and Tao Huabi listens. When she heard something important, she would suddenly stand up, point at the document and say, "This is very important, write it down with a pen, and do it immediately." After helping her "read" the document, Li Guishan began to draft the rules and regulations, and then read it to her mother. Tao Huabi listened very carefully. When she heard something wrong, she immediately orally corrected it and then revised it by Li Guishan... So many times, until she was satisfied, she drew a circle in the upper right corner of the material. Li Guishan looked at the circle and couldn't laugh or cry. He wrote three big words "Tao Huabi" on the paper to let his mother practice when she was free. Unexpectedly, Tao Huabi looked at these three words again and again, shook her head, and sighed in embarrassment: "These three words are very complex, very complex!"

With the help of Li Guishan, her eldest son, Tao Huabi finally formulated the company's most original rules and regulations with a strong local flavor, which are both lenient and strict, with clear rewards and punishments. However, with the help of her eldest son, Tao Huabi still felt that there were not enough talents. So soon after, she recruited a young man with a bachelor's degree. How to cultivate and retain this talent? Tao Huabi, who has no culture, has her own simple and unique "unique skills". Originally, she recruited this undergraduate to be the office director, but instead of appointing him immediately, she first asked him to do chores in the company. In her words, "This is quenching!" Then she sent him to fight against counterfeits and investigate the market all over the country. In her words, "This is grinding!" She appointed him as the office director six months later, It is Wang Haifeng, the third figure in the "old Ganma" company. How to manage more and more employees of the company

Tao Huabi also has another equally simple and effective "unique skill": to implement management kinship and "emotional investment" for employees from beginning to end.

When she first asked her eldest son to formulate rules and regulations, she regarded this move as the most basic element. For example, in the formulation of employee benefits, Tao Huabi decided that all employees should be covered by the company because of the company's remote location, inconvenient transportation and difficult food for employees. When the "old Ganma" company has now grown to 1300 people, this rule is still not abolished. Such a huge enterprise has always been carrying out the principle of "food and housing for all employees". Who dares to think, and who dares to do? However, Tao Huabi persisted no matter how much she spent.

Although the system has been formulated in this way, she has also personally done it, always caring and considerate of people in unexpected places. There is a cook in the company who comes from the countryside, his parents died early, and there are two young brothers at home. But he likes drinking and smoking, and his salary of more than 1000 yuan per month is almost spent by him. Tao Huabi was worried when she learned this. One day after work, she invited the cook to the hotel for a drink. At the wine table, she said to him, "My child, you can drink as much wine as you want today. But from tomorrow, you should stop drinking and smoking. Because you want to let your two brothers go to school, don't be ignorant of a big word like me." This kind words moved the cook deeply, and immediately said to stop drinking and smoking. However, Tao Huabi is still worried. She only allows him to keep 200 yuan of pocket money every month, and the rest of the money is kept by her for him; When his brother needs money for school, he will withdraw it from her

Tao Huabi thinks it is not enough to care about individual employees. Whenever there are employees on business trips, she always cooks some eggs for them like an old mother sending her children on a long journey, and sends them to the factory gate until she sees them on the delivery bus, and then she goes back

As the chairman of a large enterprise, who can manage money for an ordinary worker like her? Who can care about every employee in such a subtle way? Even if it is unique, it is difficult to find a third one! Although there is no culture, Tao Huabi understands this truth: help one person, move a group of people; Caring about a group of people will surely move the whole group. Sure enough, this kind of affectionate "emotional investment" has only increased the cohesion between Tao Huabi and "Lao Ganma". In the eyes of employees, Tao Huabi is as amiable and respectable as her mother; In the company, no one called her chairman, but all called her "old Ganma". The employees of the company come from all over the world and have different living habits. They eat, live, work and live in the company every day. For a long time, there will inevitably be friction between them, but as soon as Tao Huabi comes forward, the problem will be solved. In this way, all employees of the company, under the same care of her "mother", united to fight for the rapid development of "old Ganma spicy sauce"

By the end of 2000, in only three and a half years, the "Lao Ganma" company had grown rapidly to 1200 people, with an output value of nearly 300 million yuan and a tax payment of 43.15 million yuan.

"Top three": "integrity" management is the "hard truth" of development

After the company has developed to this level, it has seen Tao Huabi in the world, and gradually feels that its "local method" can no longer keep pace with the fierce competition, and must keep pace with the times. What is the "progressive" method? She thought: Although she doesn't have much knowledge, there are many people with knowledge in the world! Didn't Chairman Mao say that? "Foreign things serve China" and "ancient times serve the present". I will use it for me and borrow wisdom to introduce other people's modern management!

Having made up her mind, Tao Huabi sent the company's management personnel to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai and other open cities in turn to investigate the market and learn advanced management experience from some well-known enterprises. She bluntly said to them, "I admit that I am 'old-fashioned', but don't be vulgar, and don't be vulgar! After each of you go out, help me get some new things!" This move really works. After the sent managers come back one after another, it will soon make the company gradually embark on the path of scientific management.

After the company started to normalize, Tao Huabi, who had worked hard for a long time, finally felt a little tired. Whenever she saw old ladies of the same age sitting in the shade of a tree, holding their grandchildren and holding each other, she was so jealous that she could not wait to join them. One night, she couldn't help holding a small stool and walked into the middle of the old ladies. When they saw her coming, they immediately turned the topic to her and asked her, "You have earned so much money and can't spend it all your life. What are you doing so desperately?" Tao Huabi was stunned at the hearing, and really didn't know how to answer. After returning home that day, she was still thinking about this problem in bed and almost stayed up all night. The next day, just in time for the company








                         ------  诸葛长青











   1997年6月, “老干妈麻辣酱”






















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