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 Pan Shiyi: The entrepreneurial road from extreme poverty to extreme wealth

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:24     read:41   

Pan Shiyi: The entrepreneurial road from extreme poverty to extreme wealth

Pan Shiyi and his wife

In China, it is almost impossible to talk about the real estate situation without talking about Pan Shiyi of SOHO China. The real estate he developed accounts for nearly half of the sales in the CBD area of Beijing. His permanent brand image constantly appears in various forums, media and outdoor advertisements.

Don't ask the source of heroes

Sitting in the spacious office on the 18th floor of SOHO Modern City, Pan Shiyi, Chairman and Co-president of SOHO China, like a storyteller, described the decadent gold rush years ago.

In the second half of 1991, Hainan's economy was experiencing the first low tide. Like many gold diggers, Pan Shiyi and Feng Lun wandered around the street stalls and beach baths in Haikou all day long. "When I was bored, I cycled around the island and came back with a beard on my face." For a time, a woman and several of them walked closer. Everyone thought they were congenial and often drank and talked together. Until one day, the lady visited the office of "Wantong Company" registered by Pan Feng and left without saying goodbye. Many years later, when Pan happened to meet this lady again, he did not forget to ask the truth about it. The lady said frankly, "Your only desk is covered with a thick layer of dust. I'm really afraid of causing trouble when interacting with such people!"

Before the establishment of Hainan Wantong, Feng Lun, Pan Shiyi and others planned to contract a small state-owned enterprise called "Dadi Company". Both parties agreed that Feng Pan would pay thousands of yuan of management fees to the original factory director every year, and the Dadi Company would be operated by Feng Pan. After the contract was signed, Feng Pan took over the seal of Dadi Company and was preparing to carry out business. Unexpectedly, the old factory director came by bike the next day to take back the seal and tear up the contract. It turned out that after a night's reflection, the prudent old factory director still felt that it was inappropriate to think about Feng Pan's situation. Many years later, the old factory director went to the office of Pan Shiyi, who had become famous, to talk about the past. "I knew you had done it in those days, and now the land has become a big enterprise!" Both sides looked at each other and laughed.

Listening to Pan Shiyi, everyone's laughter echoed in the office area of hundreds of square meters from time to time. On the road outside the window and on the construction site, there are nervous and busy figures everywhere. Who can know which one of them will also tell his "story of downfall" in a luxurious place after many years!

In Qingshui: Xiao Pan Laliang and others help

In 1963, Pan Shiyi was born in rural Tianshui, Gansu Province. When he was a child, his father was a "rightist" and his mother was sick in bed all year round. The first change of fate occurred in 1977. In the fall of that year, my father was rehabilitated, and my family changed from rural hukou to urban hukou and moved to Qingshui County.

Before returning to the city, the Pan family had to take all the grain in the family to the county grain station and hand it over to the Gansu provincial grain ticket. This task fell to the eldest son Pan Shiyi. More than 200 kilograms of grain, a flatbed truck, and more than 20 miles of dirt road. As an adult, "Old Pan" is only about 1.6 meters tall. For the 14-year-old "Little Pan", the hardships of the food delivery road are self-evident

Before long, Pan Shiyi transferred to the county high school, which was his first drifting in his life. "From the countryside to the county, I feel that life is very promising!" Pan Shiyi believes that this is the beginning of his life. A year later, Pan received an admission notice from a secondary technical school in Lanzhou, the provincial capital.

In Lanzhou: self-introduction brought a lot of laughter

Due to poor communication, Pan Shiyi got the admission notice very late. When he stumbled to Lanzhou alone, the school had been open for more than a month. Standing in front of the teaching building, Pan Shiyi, who is full of luggage, doesn't know who to check in.

"I was too tired to catch the train for more than 10 hours and fell asleep after sitting at the stairs," Pan Shiyi recalled. At noon, he was pushed to wake up. "You are from our class, come with me!" It was his head teacher, Mr. Jin, who woke up Pan.

Teacher Jin brought the late student to the classroom and introduced him to the students. "I forgot what I said at that time. What impressed me was that the whole class burst into laughter as soon as I opened my mouth." Pan Shiyi speculated that it might be related to his accent. Until today, his northwest accent still remains unchanged.

"At that time, I walked with my head down all day and never looked at the sky. I didn't know how high the school teaching building was when I graduated. Unlike now, I have to look at his tall building every time I go to a place." Pan said that it was a time of immersing myself in reading.

Two years later, among the 600 students in the whole grade, Pan Shiyi was admitted to the Petroleum Pipeline College in Hebei with the second place. After graduating from college for three years, he was assigned to the Economic Reform Research Office of the Pipeline Bureau of Langfang Petroleum Ministry.

In Shenzhen: spend 50 yuan on "smuggling"

At the end of 1987, Pan Shiyi went south to Guangzhou and Shenzhen for the first time. "From the icy north to Guangzhou, I suddenly felt that this was a paradise, especially in Shenzhen. Everyone was so happy."

After the Spring Festival, Pan Shiyi became a seller. He resigned and went south to Shenzhen. When he arrived at Nantouguan, he had more than 80 yuan left. This is what the outside world described as Pan Shiyi's "venture capital" many years later. Without a border pass, the "venture capital" first spent 50 yuan to ask someone to lead the way and stole into the Shenzhen Special Zone through a hole under the barbed wire.

In reality, Shenzhen is not as beautiful and warm as you can see when you walk around. Pan Shiyi rushed for three meals, and soon entered a consulting company. "In fact, it is a leather bag company. Computer training, running errands for Hong Kong people, and receiving the travel of mainland factory managers, do whatever you can make money!"

Because of the language barrier and the unadapted diet, Pan Shiyi always felt very depressed about her life in Shenzhen. Two years later, in 1989, the company was just about to set up a branch office in Hainan, where the province had just been established. Pan, who believed that "historical opportunities should not be missed", took the initiative to invite him to go south to Hainan, ushering in what he thought was the most colorful stage of his life.

In Hainan: Real estate speculation shows courage

"When I first arrived in Hainan, I felt it was bustling. There were lovers, poets and guitarists on the street. Everyone had dreams, but no money." Recalling this period of history, Pan Shiyi's eyes lit up.

Soon, the company received a brick factory in the central part of Hainan, and Pan Shiyi served as the factory director. The factory has more than 400 workers at its peak and more than 100 people at its peak. It is located in a mountainous area and is not easy to manage.

"Thieves often patronize, and the small generator that provides lighting at night has been stolen three times in a month," Pan Shiyi said like telling a movie story: "People just lay down, and the light suddenly went out, that must be the generator was stolen, so they ran after it, until the thief could not lift it, abandoned the machine and fled." What was more troublesome was the emotional problem of migrant workers. One day, Factory Director Pan was resting in his bedroom - an abandoned water tower, Suddenly, a brick broke through the window and under the water tower, hundreds of migrant workers were gathered to talk about wages. "I can't run if I want to, so I have to go down and talk to them!"

Half a year later, the brick factory stopped production, and Pan Shiyi returned to Haikou. With the coming of the economic downturn, most of the gold miners withdrew, and Pan Shiyi decided to stay and try his luck. "Two yuan for a haircut and a bargain. Sleeping on the beach at night and burying clothes in the sand for fear of being stolen. I watched half of the Spring Festival Gala in someone else's room and was driven away."

In August 1991, Pan Shiyi partnered with others to establish Wantong Company, which borrowed more than 10 million yuan at a high interest rate to speculate in real estate. With the arrival of the second wave of Hainan's economic boom, Wantong accumulated more than 10 million yuan in just over half a year. "Although he later lost his money, he found courage." In August 1992, Pan Shiyi, who sensed that the foam of Hainan's real estate could not last, evacuated from Hainan and went north to the capital.

In Beijing: sweat like beans when reporting work

By chance, Pan Shiyi, who was eating in the canteen of Huairou County Government, overheard the people at the table saying that Beijing had given Huairou several indicators of joint-stock companies to raise funds, but no one was willing to do so.

Pan Shiyi seized this opportunity. Soon, Beijing Wantong Industrial Co., Ltd. began to enter the establishment process. While Pan Shiyi was secretly happy, he received a phone call from the relevant department: "You have made trouble. Several leaders of the ministries and commissions want to listen to your report!"

Pan Shiyi came to the National Commission for Economic Reform. "As soon as I entered the door, dozens of 'big people' lined up. I said in front of me, while reading, I kept dripping sweat on the material."

A leader reminded Pan Shiyi: "Don't be too nervous, young man. We just want to listen to the practice of the new policy." Finally, a director took a sample of the "equity certificate" brought by Pan and praised that Beijing people do things in a standard way. Every equity certificate is so formal, and some foreign enterprises take the receipt instead. This is a positive compliment to Beijing Wantong. This time, Beijing Wantong dug up hundreds of millions of yuan of profits, and Pan Shiyi began to emerge.

In April 1994, Pan Shiyi met Zhang Xin, who worked at Goldman Sachs Bank on Wall Street. The two married in October of the same year. In September 1995, Pan Shiyi left Wantong and founded Hongshi Industry with his wife, and then created the overall situation of SOHO China.

It should be said that the appearance of his wife gave Pan Shiyi the wings to take off.

Pan Shiyi connected:

Chairman and co-president of SOHO China

curriculum vitae:

Born in Tianshui, Gansu Province in 1963.

After graduation from university, he worked in the Ministry of Petroleum.

Since 1987, he has started his own real estate development career in Shenzhen and Hainan.

In 1992, Beijing Wantong Industrial Co., Ltd. was jointly founded with others and developed a series of real estate projects in Beijing, including Beijing Wantong New Century Plaza, China International Airlines Tower, Beijing Wantong Ideal World


















































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