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 How to expand your network

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:29     read:37   

How to expand your network

The key is to find the noble person with your heart. In the United States, there is a popular saying: "Whether a person can succeed depends not on what you know, but on who you know."

-----Zhuge Changqing

In the current era of ten-fold speed knowledge economy, contacts have become a professional support system. For individuals, professional is a sharp edge, and personal network is a secret weapon. If there is only professional, but no personal network, personal competitiveness is no effort, no gain. But if you add personal network, personal competitiveness will be no effort, no gain. Therefore, the development and management of human resources can not only provide you with timely help, but also help your career development with the help of "noble people".

1. Introduction to acquaintances: expand the contact chain

According to a survey conducted by the American Human Resources Management Association and the Wall Street Journal on human resources directors and job seekers, 95% of human resources directors or job seekers have found suitable talents or jobs through interpersonal relationships, and 61% of human resources directors and 78% of job seekers believe that this is the most effective way. 51job. com has also done a survey of "the most effective way to find a job", in which "acquaintance introduction" is listed as the second most effective method.

Therefore, according to your network development plan, you can list the areas where the network objects need to be developed, and then ask your current network supporters to help you find or introduce the network objects you want to know, and create opportunities to take action.

Participating in clubs: go out of the closed circle

It is important to use the power of "virtual team" to expand contacts outside the company and unit and expand the scope of making friends, that is, to manage interpersonal relationships through the development of community activities. In normal times, when you approach strangers too actively, it is easy to arouse the opposition of the other party and will be rejected. However, by participating in community activities, interpersonal communication will be more smooth, and you can establish interaction with others in a natural state, and expand your personal network. Moreover, interpersonal communication, which occurs under natural circumstances, often helps to build feelings and trust.

If you join a social organization, you'd better find a role as an organizer. The president, president and secretary general are better, so you can get an opportunity to serve others. In the process of serving others, you will naturally increase the time to contact, communicate and understand with others, and the path of networking will naturally continue to extend.

2. Utilize the network: a fast and cheap network channel

A friend who works as a sales manager in a medium-sized enterprise likes to surf the Internet in his spare time, and has set up his own blog. As soon as he has time, he will post his experience, experience, lessons, joys and sorrows in shopping malls online. Once, while browsing the blog page, he found a wonderful article. After reading it, he published his own post-reading feeling and affirmation and praise of the article. In this way, he and the author established a good "cultural relationship". Four months later, they met and talked happily. The other invited him to work in his company. It turns out that this netizen is actually the boss of the second largest enterprise in the industry that his friend is engaged in. Now, he is the vice general manager in charge of marketing in this enterprise. Because they have a thorough understanding of each other's values, hobbies, interests, abilities and so on, they get along very well with their boss. He also made more than 20 intimate friends in fifteen or six cities across the country through the network, which greatly promoted the development of his business and made breakthrough progress in the extension of human resources.

3. Pay attention to people everywhere: learn to communicate and praise

If you want to be a successful person, you should be good at grasping opportunities and seize every opportunity to cultivate human resources and relationships.

For the wedding banquet, you can arrive at the scene early, which is an opportunity to meet more strangers; When participating in activities, you should exchange business cards with others and chat more during the recess; Be good at actively communicating with others during traveling.

Carnegie, the American steel magnate, hired Schwab as CEO in 1921 with a super high annual salary of US $1 million.

Many reporters asked Carnegie why he was? Carnegie said: "He is the most able to praise others, which is his most valuable ability." Carnegie wrote the epitaph for himself as follows: "Here lies a man, who knows how to make people smarter than him happier." It can be seen how important praise is in the network management.

In the company, you should cherish the opportunity to get along with your boss, boss and colleagues alone, such as accompanying your boss in meetings, business trips, etc. This is a great opportunity given by God to strengthen your contacts, and you should not miss it. Make full preparation and perform properly.

4. Create opportunities

A As a white-collar worker in a joint venture company, he feels that his ambition has not been appreciated by his superiors. He often thinks: If only he could meet the boss one day and show his talent. Colleague B also has the same idea. He takes the initiative to inquire about the boss's commuting time, calculates the time when he enters the elevator, and deliberately goes to wait, hoping to meet the boss and say hello. Colleague C went further. He understood the boss's struggle process in detail, clarified his concerns, carefully designed a simple and weighty opening speech, calculated the time to take the elevator, met with the boss several times, and talked a few words. Finally, he had a chance to talk with the boss one day, and soon won a better position.

A, B and C's personal network management experience tells us that fools miss opportunities, wise people grasp opportunities, and successful people create opportunities. The opportunity is only for those who are ready. The word "preparation" is not just a word, but more important is to "do". It is said that when Liu Yingwu, the general manager of Sunrise Semiconductor, was at IBM in the United States, in order to gain the opportunity to meet with the boss, he observed the time when the boss went to the bathroom every day, and chose to go to the bathroom at that time to create the opportunity to interact with the boss.

5. Law of large numbers

The core of the "law of large numbers" is that the larger the number of observations, the more stable the expected loss rate results. It is the main principle to determine the premium rate in insurance actuary. Applying the law of large numbers to people's relationships means that the more people you know, the more stable the proportion of people who are expected to become friends in the total number of people you know. Therefore, in the case of a certain probability, the work to be done is to get to know more people, widely collect contact information, effectively use the law of large numbers to infer and analyze, evaluate the progress of the contact relationship and the existing problems, so as to formulate corresponding countermeasures, constantly improve the methods, and broaden the popularity.

The former president of Total Fina Elf set a goal every year to exchange business cards with 1000 people, keep in touch with 200 of them, and make friends with 50 of them. He followed the law of large numbers. In fact, the important people in career and career are around. The key is to have the awareness of network resource management, look for and manage with heart.





  贵人就在身边,关键是要用心去找。在美国,有一句流行语:“一个人能否成功,不在于你知道什么(what you know),而是在于你认识谁(whom you know)。”

                        ----- 诸葛长青

























   法国亿而富(Total Fina Elf)机油前总裁,每年都定下目标,要与一千个人交换名片,并跟其中的两百个人保持联络,跟其中的五十个人成为朋友。他遵循的就是大数法则。其实,职业和事业上的贵人就在身边,关键是要有人脉资源经营的意识,用心寻找,用心经营。

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Introduction to Zhuge Changqing: Zhuge Changqing, the inheritor and promoter of traditional Chinese culture, is willing to "learn from sages, promote virtue, revitalize China and benefit the world" together with people with the same ideals in the world.

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