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 Low-cost expansion of Longsha Group

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:32     read:30   

Low-cost expansion of Longsha Group

Many domestic enterprises are still in the stage of making money with sweat and blood. For many enterprises whose annual sales have reached hundreds of millions of yuan, the bosses do not feel the joy of making money at all. Many people die young before they can enjoy their profits. In fact, there are easier ways to make money and more exports, but these entrepreneurs have formed a fixed thinking pattern, and feel that hard work is real wealth, but do not know how to make money easily with brands and capital. Now the sign of a rich man is not how much fixed assets and cash you have, but how much money you can mobilize when you need it, whether you have insight into the market opportunities, and whether you can seize the golden opportunity of leapfrog development.

Vision is worth billions of gold

Langsa Group is a smart enterprise. When the competition in the sock industry continues to be fierce and the profits continue to be diluted, it takes the right time to take advantage of the shell of a listed company named * ST Changkong to successfully go public and further enhance the brand awareness. Through the shell, the company's wealth will fuse in less than a year, with market value earnings exceeding 1.5 billion yuan, and huge profits. It is no secret for me to go public by backdoor. When I was stationed at the Langsa Group for the second round of consulting service cooperation, the chairman Weng Rongjin was busy in Beijing on a business trip. Longsha has become a specimen of backdoor wealth for a while. Not only Zhejiang enterprises, including many local enterprises in Shanghai and Beijing, have actively pursued this backdoor meal, but the shell resources in the market have become extremely scarce and expensive; When many enterprises invested a huge amount of money to speculate in stocks and make some small money, Longsha Group prospectively used a small amount of money to carry out equity acquisition as early as a year ago, and reaped huge value-added profits, which is the value of vision.

In fact, Langsa Group has nothing but brands, but as the president of Coca-Cola said, if it burns out overnight, a better Coca-Cola can be built in another year, and the key to breakthrough is to take advantage of the brand. Why do you want to be a brand? The purpose of strengthening the brand is to attract the attention of dealers and consumers, and to attract funds and crowds. As the main advertising slogan of Longsha Socks: "Longsha, not only attraction!"

Four, two, and a thousand gold

Longsha is a typical low-cost expansion road. The first step is to establish its brand. In 1996, when other sock manufacturers were still focusing on the big circulation, it was the first to go to CCTV and boldly launch the first sock industry advertisement. The brand awareness soared. I think those who have seen the advertisement should have been impressed. In their minds, they unconsciously drew an equal sign between Longsha and the first brand in the sock industry. Since then, Longsha Group has stepped out of the vicious circle of low-price competition and entered the path of sustainable development. The rapid improvement of brand influence has made Langsa taste more sweet. In 2004, when the macro control was carried out, the bank loan was obtained by relying on the intangible assets of Langsa brand. For more than ten years, Longsha has never fought a price war. Those enterprises that competed with Longsha in those years have gradually withdrawn from the market. Longsha not only lives well, but also grows bigger and bigger. As Weng Jindi, the general manager of Longsha Group, said: "Like Haier and Little Swan, price competition does not exist between them. The Haier brand has been established in the hearts of consumers, and there is no need to compete for price. So Longsha's socks are priced at 1 yuan, and no enterprise dare to set a price of 1.1 yuan. Many foreign enterprises come to Yiwu to investigate and invest in the sock industry, but after seeing Longsha, they dare not log in. Consumers believe that Longsha is the brand."

In 2006, when Langsa Group made a leapfrog transformation from the hosiery industry to the interior decoration, they found a professional consulting agency like us, and borrowed our breakthrough development model, which has been developed exclusively with more than ten years of painstaking efforts, to carry out an integrated planning of the company's five-year development strategy, brand strategy, and marketing promotion strategy, forming a breakthrough system strategy win and sell model; With the help of our influence in the underwear industry, we successfully held a nationwide large-scale investment promotion conference, which attracted many heavyweight underwear dealers in China to compete and reach the efficiency of four or two thousand kilograms and low-cost expansion. We have to be impressed by the mind and vision of the senior management of Longsha Group to integrate resources. They pay us only a few million yuan, but they gain more than a hundred million yuan of visible income, and more intangible assets such as brands.

Break through and multiply

We have provided strategic breakthrough solutions for many enterprises with great potential in China, which can help them quickly realize the multiplication from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of yuan. The strategies we have provided are to seize the structural opportunities of the industry, in line with the actual situation of the enterprise, and do not need to invest a lot of money. We have reduced the amount of capital and risk we need to invest to the minimum, which is completely an executable practical plan. However, many entrepreneurs have a very difficult mindset. The most frightening thing is that they think that rapid and leapfrog development is beyond their reach. They are still busy working hard to make small money. In fact, it is easy to make big money, but difficult to make small money. For this reason, I am filled with emotion. Consulting is to find a dialogue person for the boss. The first step to do a good consulting project is to get through the boss's thinking. Otherwise, no good strategy can save these enterprises from fire and water. As the saying goes, God can't help those who don't know how to save themselves, let alone we are far from God?

Here, I have to make some comments on the broad-mindedness of the senior management of Longsha Group. They are quite kind to us and always try to give us more consulting fees. After confirming the strategies we provide, they can fully cooperate with us to promote implementation and clear all barriers for us. When we provide training for the middle and lower level employees, they will also take the lead to listen and discuss carefully on time, which makes us unable to spare no effort. In their spare time, they are easygoing and casual, which also makes us feel the simplicity of Chinese entrepreneurs. For these billionaires, if you see them in the street and restaurant, you can't judge from their travel and clothing alone; They are doers. It is common for us to go out for a box lunch together when we work together.















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