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 I sell stones online

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:54     read:51   

I sell stones online

"I have a big stone", mentioned this sentence, the stone industry in Shandong Peninsula is almost unknown. This is the "slogan" of Yantai Dahaiyang Stone Co., Ltd. Mr. Song Guoran kept changing his gestures as he spoke, showing infinite firmness and confidence. Mr. Song Guoran is even more proud of the company's image of "big red head".

Behind the growing influence of the enterprise, Song Guoran, the general manager, devoted a lot of efforts. Once a university teacher, he was keenly aware of the huge potential of online trade. So three years ago, he chose Alibaba as "China supplier" and embarked on the road of e-commerce.

"At that time, the e-commerce awareness of enterprises in the northern region was still in its infancy, and many attempts were in the process of groping, and at the same time, they might be accompanied by an incomprehensible vision. For us, the only goal was to find ways to expand exports, and the network played a great role in the development process of the company." Mr. Song said.

Today, the main products of the company are curbstones, paving boards, small square stones, as well as stone carving products such as stone balls, stone tables and stone chairs, which are favored by many foreign customers. Dahaiyang Stone has developed into a professional company integrating stone mining, production, installation services and export trade. Many foreign customers know that there is a "big stone manager" in Yantai, China.

Choose a famous brand and increase the exposure rate

For Mr. Song, it was undoubtedly a brave attempt to join Alibaba's "Chinese supplier" in 2003. "At that time, there was no experience to learn from, but Alibaba, the most famous one, was selected from several online media. Just like shopping, people like to go to famous supermarkets or shopping malls, and Alibaba's popularity is in line with my judgment of buyers' psychology, so I decided to try it."

With a rush of energy, Mr. Song led his staff to do the first thing every day when they came to the company, which was to open the computer, receive inquiries from all over the world, and screen and follow up. After three years of hard work, I finally handed over my beautiful transcript. "Now we have our customers in Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia and other countries. Through the network, the stones of Big Haiyang appear in foreign parks, schools, hospitals, large squares and other places, which is our original goal - to let more foreign buyers know 'Big Haiyang'."

You can only win if you dare to challenge

Behind the rising performance table, President Song attached great importance to online trade. He believes that "sincere efforts can be made to open the door". With a good platform for the network, enterprises must also make their own efforts.

In 2003, the company invested in Yantai Dahaiyang Stone Factory, which covers an area of more than 20 mu and is equipped with 4 sets of circular saws, cutting machines and other complete equipment, and became the "major stone producer" in Yantai. At that time, many people were worried about whether the investment was too large. Facts have proved that by making full use of the platform provided by Alibaba, Dahaiyang Stone has rapidly entered and expanded the European market step by step. With the expansion and integration of the customer team and the expansion of the demand for export products, the company has not only greatly increased its investment in the factory, but also invested in three factories in three years, and also invested in owning its own mine in early 2006, which has greatly enhanced its production capacity, In August, it successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 standard certification, providing a more powerful guarantee for further expanding the international market.

Song said that his goal was being achieved step by step through the Internet. Today, his view and understanding of online trade is not as simple as it was. "To jump out of the regional box, we must first revolutionize our own ideas. What southern enterprises can do, northern enterprises can also try, and the fact has proved that online trade is the trend of the times, and is the choice of businessmen all over the world. Invest early and benefit early. We believe that through Alibaba's platform and our own unremitting efforts, tomorrow's" Big Haiyang "will be better."

Now his employees can talk a few words about online trade, and talk about selling stones online. They are all confident. At the stone processing base in Dahaiyang, workers are rushing to make orders every day. Amid the laughter of the workers, batches of paving floors and curbstones were shipped off the production line to the port. What is more worth mentioning is that each heavy stone is carefully carved into exquisite works of art by craftsmen, either large or small, lifelike, which not only meets the local demand but also satisfies the desire of foreign buyers for one-stop procurement. They will be transported to the other side of the ocean by the east wind of the network, so that more overseas buyers will know "Big Haiyang", "Big Stone" and "Big Red Head"! Song Guoran






    如今他手下的员工,提起网络贸易都能聊上几句,谈到在网上卖石头,个个信心百倍。在大海阳的石材加工基地,工人们每天都在热火朝天地赶制订单。在工人们的谈笑风声中,一批批的铺地板、路边石走下了生产线被运往港口。更值得一提的是,一块块笨重的石头由工匠们精心雕琢成精美的艺术品,或大或小,栩栩如生,既满足了当地的需求又满足了国外买家一站式采购的愿望。它们都将借着网络的东风被运往大洋彼岸,让更多的海外买家知道“大海阳” 、知道“大石头”、知道“大红头”! 宋国然

(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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