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 A friendly silence

   date:2020-09-18 18:51:05     read:47   

A friendly silence

In the South Pole, because the junction between the sea and the land is covered by thick ice, the flocks of penguins who feed in the sea must use an ice cave as the exit to jump out when returning to the land. In order to land successfully, before taking off, these penguins usually plunge into the sea more than 3 meters deep, and then use the buoyancy of the sea to jump up from the ice cave and climb onto the ice. In the Penguin team, the leading penguin bears a very difficult task. It not only needs to have accurate judgment on "export", but also has the courage to charge ahead.

The fat seal is one of the natural enemies of penguins. One day, a smart seal found an ice cave where penguins often go, and then lay down beside the ice cave, waiting for the chance to prey on penguins. After a while, the leading penguin "shot" out of the ice cave like a shell. Because of its speed, it leaped over the seal's shaking head and quickly stood up and ran away when it fell to the ice. At this moment, the penguin did not make a cry, and hid his fear with silence. Then, the penguins that followed jumped out of the ice cave one by one, head to tail, some slipped past the seal, some passed over the seal's head. The seal took the opportunity to open its mouth and bite the "prey" in front of it from left to right. Finally, it picked up a slightly insensitive penguin and dived into the sea to enjoy delicious food.

It is reasonable that the leading penguin should send a signal to remind the penguins behind to change their action plan to avoid the seal's attack after jumping out of the ice cave and seeing the seal for the first time. But why should it keep silent? This is because if it sends the signal of meeting the natural enemy at the mouth of the ice cave, it will cause the members of the Penguin team to be confused due to panic, thus affecting the smooth completion of the "landing" plan. If the penguins have been trapped in the dangerous sea, they will face greater risks and losses: either they will drown in the sea because of physical exhaustion; Or it will be chased and blocked by several sharks, and then more than one penguin will die. Therefore, it is a wise choice for the penguin "leader" to remain silent in times of crisis. It has stabilized the "military morale" and encouraged the "morale" with its friendly silence, and even saved the whole penguin family and made its blood multiply.

It is absolutely necessary for people to conceive and prevent the difficulties and risks they may encounter in the process of undertaking. However, sometimes overestimating difficulties and emphasizing risks will weaken people's courage and confidence to forge ahead and struggle, and become hesitant, thus missing many good opportunities for success and delaying the time to win. This is like climbing a mountain. If you are always worried about the deep ravines and steep cliffs at your feet, you dare not move a step. Only when you don't pay too much attention to the "risk" that intimidates you and keep your eyes on your feet and the front can you have the courage to overcome one dangerous situation after another and enjoy the beautiful scenery.







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