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 How to obtain foreign trade orders?

   date:2020-09-18 18:51:11     read:48   

How to obtain foreign trade orders?

Now, foreign trade is like doing business at your own door. So what should we pay attention to? Dai Yuyang is a friend who is proficient in foreign trade and has done a lot of business. Some of his experiences are worth learning from.

--------Zhuge Changqing

1. In the factory, when customers complain that the price is too high, I always say that every penny is worth a penny, and the quality is good. After entering the trading company, I learned that price is the only reason. Especially for big customers, the consideration of price is definitely higher than the consideration of quality. And don't think that you can't do it at a price that others can't do. If you have a penny of goods here, other factories can do it at half a penny. Take the electronics factory as an example. There are more than 3000 large and small factories in Dongguan, Guangdong Province alone. The choice of customers is very large. So when the customer threatens to transfer the order without reducing the price, don't think it can't be transferred at his price.

2. If the customer says he wants to inspect the factory, your opportunity will come. Don't be too troublesome. Only major customers will inspect the factory before placing an order.

3. Don't brag about your current performance to willing customers. I once met with some businesses. When talking with me about the price, I talked about how one of his major customers was, and said that the order of 200K a month was also the same price. This kind of talk is tantamount to sealing my mouth. I felt that he had eaten enough and would not give me any more food.

4. Do what you promise. Even if you can't finish it, tell the guests in advance. Don't wait until the guests ask. Honesty is too important, not only for the company, but also for the individual. Even if the list is not completed, at least the integrity in front of the guests is maintained, which is good for both the business and the future development.

5. Offer with skill. There have been a lot of posts on this issue, but I can't help it, because some factory businesses have quoted the price as sky-high (3~4 times higher than other factories!!). Fortunately, I mean that I am because of the excellent quality. After I ask what is good, I also say that the engineering personnel are quite clear, and I don't know!! Customers are not stupid. If the price of MP3 with the same capacity is higher than SONY, who will be interested?

6. Reply promptly when receiving the guest's inquiry. Even a reply in public format will let the guest know your efficiency and respect for the guest. Sometimes when you think about how to reply, the customer has already flown away. This is especially important for those businesses that advertise on Alibaba or Global Resources and have a large number of messages every day.

7. SENSE in business is essential. This is difficult to describe. In short, we can find out what is the most important factor when customers are considering whether to place an order. I once lost a list of $5 million. The specific reason is not easy to explain, but it was OK to make a phone call to clarify it. I didn't realize the importance of the call. As a result, the list was robbed by others, and I was depressed for a long time.

8. Don't say "no" to guests easily. Smooth handling is a good choice. For example, the target price of the guest is really impossible to achieve. You can say "I will help you and the boss fight for it again", or recommend products that can achieve the target price to the guest.

9. When attending the exhibition, I like to go on the first day, because except the first day, most of the business at the exhibition has no passion, and I am almost tired of dealing with the price search of customers. Those businesses that think they have hot eyes treat guests differently. These are deadly. The exhibition is just a few days. Please give 12 points to give every guest who comes to your booth a good impression.

10. Sitting in the office, repeating the same work, sending and receiving emails.... Many people have worked for several months but have no orders, or even no clue. I believe that most salesmen have experienced this situation. When I was in the factory, I also had this kind of confusion. When I came to the trading company, I realized that the original customer development was not purposeful, that is, it did not focus on key customers at all, but on extensive contacts. Naturally, it was difficult to achieve results. In business, before sending email to new customers, make sure that your email is valuable to customers. For example, if you are making cheap gifts and want to develop the American market, you should know that the target customers are WAL-MART, DOLLAR TREE, DOLLAR GENERAL Stationery makers should know that the target guests are OFFICE MAX, OFFICE DEPOT You should know CIRCUITCITY, RADIO SHACK, STAPLES As long as these guests capture one, the business volume will be enough for the boss to laugh for several months.

11. Questions about the quotation. Most of the current customers have their own quotation format, which is convenient for comparison, but there are factories that can't understand the business, even lazy, and can't fill in timely, complete, and correctly. They always feel that their quotation is OK, and there is no need to fill in such complicated things. But from the customer's point of view, if a factory salesperson can't even do a simple thing like a quotation well, how can he rest assured to hand over the order to you.

12. Questions about business skills. If you want to become a real business, you should pay attention to things other than foreign trade. I mean, in addition to documents, customs declaration and other things that only foreign trade can involve, you should learn more business skills from domestic salesmen. I have posted this before, but it has not been widely recognized. In practice, I deeply feel how foreign trade business is doing business, and business smell is much worse than domestic salesmen. Although we face different markets and customers, business skills are interlinked. (PS. My LP works in the world's largest trading company and is recognized as one of the golden salesmen. I am learning business skills with the help of LP)

13. About payment method. In foreign trade business, payment risk is high, so when considering the payment method, we should first pay attention to controlling the risk, which is understood by everyone. Then, if the customer's payment method conflicts with your risk control, which affects the transaction, how can we get the order and ensure the payment. I have no choice but to go to China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation. Although the procedures are complicated, once the insurance is underwritten, it is absolutely safe.

14. The relationship between business and boss. When I was negotiating with the factory, I obviously felt that talking with the boss was more effective than talking with the business, because the business never knew where the boss's bottom line was, which raised the question of how much the business should know when preparing for negotiation. Don't think that the boss is trusting you by throwing the bill of materials to you. How to grasp the boss's mentality is also what the salesperson needs to learn, especially when the price is not agreed.

15. This one should be sent to the salesmen of the factory. Because in my experience, the service awareness of factories, especially the business of large factories, is very poor. What I mean by service is not that the guests come to serve tea, but that in daily communication with guests and dealing with problems, we should have the awareness of not only making good products, but also making good service. For example, I want a business to help me handle samples. He is tired of doing it and complains that I am the most annoying of his customers. Just think, if the waitress blames the guests while pouring tea, can he continue. Here, we should remind some young women businesses not to play a lady's temper or be coquettish in front of guests, even if they have a good relationship with guests at ordinary times. Foreign trade business pays attention to the rigorous and meticulous style, and must not show a little woman's face in front of guests.

16. Now some marketing books emphasize that salesmen should be neither humble nor arrogant when meeting customers. However, many businesses have only done their best and are cool in front of customers. It's cool. I don't even know the basic situation of the factory after asking many questions, and I put on an expression of "your question is ridiculous". It seems that it is easy to be not inferior, but it is not so easy to be not arrogant at the same time.

17. In school, I also learned some courses in marketing, including psychology, but now it seems that those things are not mastered by people like me who have few years of social experience, especially those who are engaged in foreign trade. The interpersonal relationship is relatively simple, and it is basically impossible to accurately grasp the psychology of customers in negotiations. Therefore, if you don't have enough complicated thoughts, don't waste time and energy to guess what the guests are thinking, let alone make any judgments based on the guess. All judgments must be based on facts.

18. A customer contact list is very important. It is best to compile one in your own OUTLOOK, and send some new products and quotations every other time. Although it is only a matter of hands, it can make customers keep an impression on you. In fact, the number of valuable guests is limited. After the early screening and screening, how to let potential guests place an order becomes the first priority, and how to keep customers' impression of you is the first step to success.

19. Guests are also human beings, and they will also make mistakes and be impolite. Therefore, for those guests who do not scold enough to calm people's anger, they must scold, and they must scold severely. However, after scolding, they must call to explain that they are too young and impulsive, and other appropriate comforts, such as not only sulking in the chest, but also not offending the guests.

20. When I do business in the factory, I often feel that procurement and finance are more difficult to deal with than customers, and a lot of time and energy are spent on internal consumption. Now, if you want to get the support of the company, you must pay attention to the interpersonal relationship at ordinary times, and do not be arrogant.




  现在,对外贸易,就象在自己家门口做生意一样。那么应当注意什么呢?戴宇阳 朋友,精通外贸,做过很多生意,他的一些经验很值得学习借鉴。

                         -------- 诸葛长青












  10、坐在办公室里,重复着千篇一律的工作,发邮件,收邮件。。。。很多人干了几个月却没有订单,甚至一点头绪都没有。相信多数的业务员都经历过这样的情况。本人在工厂时也有过这样的迷茫,来到贸易公司,才知道,原来的客户开发很没有目的性,即,根本没抓重点客户,而是泛泛的联系,自然很难有成果。做业务,在开始向新客人发邮件前,一定要确认你的邮件对客人是有价值的。例如,如果你是做廉价小礼品的,又想开发美国市场,你就要知道目标客人是WAL-MART, DOLLAR TREE, DOLLAR GENERAL....做文具的就要知道目标客人是OFFICE MAX, OFFICE DEPOT....做家电的就要知道CIRCUITCITY, RADIO SHACK, STAPLES....这些客人只要攻下一家,业务量就够老板笑几个月了。











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