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 You should build your personal brand quickly!

   date:2020-09-18 18:51:18     read:55   

You should build your personal brand quickly!

In the business arena, an enterprise needs to build a brand. Similarly, for entrepreneurs, their personal brand needs to show their unique personality and charm in the unpredictable market situation.

How do entrepreneurs build brands? In a word, to build a brand is to arouse a better feeling in the eyes of others. In the face of global economic integration, what entrepreneurs need to do is ask themselves: "Do I want to try to improve myself or do I want to arouse others' better feelings through my own efforts?" When the dust in the market is gone, most people will pay attention to improving themselves, and then continue to ask themselves in the rest of their lives, why no one appreciates their extraordinary abilities?

The following example will bring many inspirations to the brand building of entrepreneurs:

If you want to sell the company's products or services, you should know the marketing skills of Trump, a real estate magnate in New York, because he successfully sold his own name.

The Trump empire is centered on real estate, along with the operation of casinos and restaurants, as well as the production of television programs, all of which are named after Trump. His own fame has made his management books popular, and well-known brands have frequently invited him to take advertisements. Trump claimed that he was worth $6 billion, but many people doubted this figure. Several former assistants of Trump once said that his property was actually only a few million dollars. This is Trump, a super salesman. He knows the truth and the drama, so he has made a breakthrough.

Although the outside world has different opinions on Trump, his self promotion has worked and created a well-known high price real estate brand in the United States. Taking this year's house price as an example, the price of residential communities under the Trump brand is 39% higher than the average price in New York City. A real estate builder in New York said when talking about Trump in Fortune Star magazine, "his biggest asset is his name. He is a skilled marketer, and he sells his own name."

When building a personal brand, Trump has a powerful tool to convince others. In 1998, Trump once called an insurance and finance company to persuade its CEO to buy the management right of a building. Although Trump only met this CEO once before, and Trump only contributed 5%, and the other party contributed 95%, Trump, like the other party, is the owner of half of the building. People familiar with the situation said that Trump was very good at negotiation and knew how to master the people he faced.

The CEO came from a small rural town and has never bought a large amount of real estate. Basically, Trump told him, "You don't understand the real estate in New York at all, and I am the king of the real estate in New York, and I hope to be able to dominate this matter." He made the other party feel that it would not be successful without his participation, so the cooperation case was successfully concluded. This skill made Trump bargaining with manufacturers, and it was possible to borrow money from banks only by personal guarantee. Even in the early 1990s, when he was in debt of $1 billion and faced bankruptcy, he could get assistance.

Another sharp weapon of Trump is to create a bigger image than the fact. Time magazine pointed out that Trump's casino hotel has been losing money for many years. Since its stock listing in 1995, its share price has dropped by 84%. Since the company obtained new funds through borrowing to tide over financial difficulties, more than 20% of the hotel's net income has been paid for interest. Some accounting companies even questioned whether the hotel can continue to operate. Trump has created the image of a management master for himself, and his management books published on behalf of others are selling well. Time magazine commented that Trump's "role as a propagandist is better than that of a manager."

Caixing magazine pointed out that once when a reporter was interviewing him, the TV station called Trump to inform him that the ratings of his program the night before had gradually caught up with another popular program, and the two sides were even in the second half hour. After hanging up the phone, Trump directly told reporters that the ratings of the two programs had been evenly divided, completely ignoring the ratings of the first half hour. Trump laughed and said, "I'm just a businessman, very crazy, right? This is a crazy world."

Trump's strength is to establish a brand, and popularity becomes his advantage. The name of Trump can not only attract more customers, but also increase the price.

In addition to appearing on entertainment programs and on the covers of various magazines, he also issued Trump credit cards and Trump mineral water this year. Yu Fei


















(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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