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 The magic induction of releasing, printing scriptures and chanting Buddha (picture)

   date:2020-09-18 16:27:41     read:33   

The magic induction of releasing, printing scriptures and chanting Buddha (picture)

Buddha and Bodhisattva are compassionate. As long as they are kind and active in doing good, everything will be answered. Xinyue Gege is a girl suffering from terminal illness. She has achieved miraculous changes by releasing her life. It is really said that in the Buddha family, there is no need for anything.

----Zhuge Changqing

Xinyue Gege: I was in the spring of last year, about this time now. For a while, my legs suddenly began to ache. At first, I felt that the friction in my joints was severe when I was walking. Before long, the pain made me unable to walk. Sometimes when I was walking at home, I would suddenly fall down. If I didn't hold things, I simply couldn't stand up!

I have no choice but to tell my husband, (because I rarely walk too much at home, or when I walk, he is almost out of the range of my walking and can't see me) because my husband is still a well-known expert in the orthopedics industry in China. After listening to my statement about the disease, my husband told me very, very heavily that I was estimated to have degenerative arthritis. Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, People's joints begin to age gradually in their 50s and 60s. If they are people with good physical functions, even joints in their 80s and 90s are healthy, and I was just 27!!!

And there is no specific treatment for this disease (degenerative arthritis) at present, but if properly treated, the pain can only be alleviated. If the joint function is impaired, surgical treatment must be considered!

The next day, my husband took me to the hospital where he worked for a film, which confirmed his judgment. And the film showed that my joint was not ordinary aging, but I had to face direct joint replacement to ensure that my life was basically self-care. The hospital where my husband worked is definitely one of the best hospitals in China, and most of his colleagues and students came back from Harvard University Medical School and Stanford University Medical School in the United States, Yale University sends several experts to take turns to give lectures in the department where he works every year. At that time, my husband took my film to the department for discussion. Everyone was shocked, because although there was joint aging in the textbook at the age of 20, none of them had seen it in reality! Even the erudite professors of Yale University have not been exposed to reality! At last, we all decided that in order to take care of myself in the future, we must replace the artificial knee joint!

Although I am not a medical student, my husband and I also have some knowledge of artificial joint replacement together. The risk of surgery is not low, and the trauma is not small, and it is the best operation. After all, it is not the original joint of my own, and it still has an impact on future actions. The more important is that the life of artificial joint is not long. It can be as short as 2 or 3 years, but it will be replaced again in 7 to 10 years, and the cost is not low. If you use a good artificial joint operation, it will cost at least 100000 yuan! Money is still a small matter. The key is that people suffer too much!!

I secretly asked his colleague what the consequences would be if he didn't change. They said that life was very inconvenient and had to be taken care of. Of course, life was not dangerous. Ha ha. After my husband and I went home, they were in a hurry to withdraw money from the bank. I asked him what he was doing. He said he would operate on me immediately. I told him if he could give me some time. I asked the Buddha and Bodhisattva to see if it could be cured. Anyway, the disease has been like this, and he will not get worse

I don't want to have surgery. I'm afraid of pain. If the Buddha and Bodhisattva are not ready, it's not too late to do it. I believe the Buddha and Bodhisattva will bless me to recover! I had a strong feeling that I would recover in the near future! My husband agreed with me after a careful thought. At that time, I basically lost the ability to take care of myself. I was at home alone and he was not at ease. He carried me to work and went to work with him every day. He was like a responsible nanny, cooking and bathing for me, and taking me to the bathroom. He did it conscientiously and silently every day, and never complained once. I was moved to tears many times by him

My main task every day is to practice or to practice. At that time, I made special efforts to do my homework to a person who didn't know how tired I recite sutras for at least 12 hours every day. When he fell asleep at home, I secretly climbed down from the bed to worship the Buddha and Bodhisattva in the Buddhist hall. If it was a weekend, my husband would take me to different markets to spend all the money I had on me every time, and carry out a large number of release, and our relatives, friends and colleagues all actively supported us. The total amount of each release was more than 30000, and the maximum amount was more than 50000

Not long ago, my husband's hospital organized their spring outing to Jiuhua Mountain. This is the first time that their department has traveled to other provinces since its establishment 57 years ago. I especially want to go, although I have been there before. But I am not convenient to move. After consideration, we should not drag everyone down. Finally, we did not go. But the day before the other people left, my husband gave all the salary of the last month to his students and asked him to pay the money to the Body Hall of Jiuhua Mountain, Pray for Dizang Bodhisattva to help me recover immediately. When the student came back, he also brought the receipt of the Body Hall in Jiuhua Mountain. He told the monk in charge of my situation and asked him to issue a receipt to prove that he had provided money for the Bodhisattva truthfully

Later, we learned a lot of information about the printing of scriptures in the forum. We all donated money and printed a lot of Dharma books, such as Vajra Sutra, Dharma Sutra, Sutra of the Earth, Shurangama Sutra, etc. I returned all these merits to the Dharma for a long time. All sentient beings in the ten directions can achieve world peace as soon as possible, and at the same time confess all my sins to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions. Finally, I returned to give myself an early recovery. This lasted for more than a month, one day, My husband took me to work as usual. He was undergoing surgery and I had to go to the bathroom. I couldn't help it for a long time. I didn't come back. I planned to use the stool to move to the bathroom myself. I fell on the ground without doing a good job. Then I was able to stand up directly. I walked quickly to the bathroom and solved the problem. Ha ha, then I walked around the hospital happily. Many people who knew me were particularly surprised!

Ask me how good I am. I am proud to tell them that it was the Bodhisattva who blessed me that I recovered! Many people sincerely said that believing in Buddha is good! I walked outside for a long time. I wanted to drink water because I was thirsty. I planned to go back to my husband's office to drink some water. In the elevator, I happened to meet my husband who was under the operating table. My husband was surprised and asked me how you could go by yourself. I said yes. I also didn't know how I could go, And my leg doesn't hurt any more. I found that my leg muscles have shrunk a lot during the days without walking. After nearly a month of exercise, my leg muscles began to recover!

Until now, my leg has never hurt again. I used to feel particularly hard to go to the bathroom at home. After recovery, my husband and I walked 23 kilometers to Tibet and didn't feel tired. This is really the result of Buddha's blessing!

Elder martial brothers, if there is suffering, please ask Buddha and Bodhisattva. It must be true that you must respond to any request! It's just the speed of induction. Remember, Buddha and Bodhisattva are really responsive!!! Buddhist Learning Network http://www.xuefo.net/

Bless all the people in the world who are destined to meet their needs, the heavenly officials will bless them, the cause will take off, and the source of wealth will expand!



                            ---- 诸葛长青



   没办法我只好告诉我老公,(因为平时他在家我很少过多的走动,或者我走动的时候他差不多全部不在我走动的范围内,无法看见我)因为我老公在中国骨科界还是属于知名专家的,我老公在听完我对病情的陈述后,他十分十分沉重的告诉我,估计我得的是退行性关节炎.通俗的说就是在正常的情况下,人的关节是在50多到60多岁才开始逐步老化,如果是身体机能比较好的人,甚至80 90岁多关节是健康的 ,而我当时刚刚27岁!!!



   我悄悄问过他的同事,如果不换的后果是什么,人家说就是生活十分不便,必须要人照顾才行,当然生命危险的没有, 呵呵.我老公和我回家后,就急着到银行取钱,我问他干什么,他说他要给我马上做手术,我告诉他能不能给我一点时间,我求佛菩萨加持看看能不能好,反正这个病已经这个样子,他也不会再恶化了.

    我不想做手术.我怕疼.如果求佛菩萨还没有好的话,到时候在做也不迟.我相信佛菩萨一定会加持我康复的,一定会!我当时有种强烈的感觉我会在不久的将来一定可以康复!我老公仔细一想同意我的想法了.因为那时我基本上丧失了自理的能力.我一个人在家他不放心,  每天背着我和他一起上班下班,他象个负责的保姆,给我作饭洗澡,带我上厕所.每天在认认真真的默默做着,从来没有抱怨一次.我好多次都被他感动的流泪了.





   到现在我的腿再也没有疼过,以前在家里自己上个厕所都觉得特别费劲.恢复后我和老公到藏地旅游一走路就是2 3公里人都不觉得累.这真是菩萨加持的结果呀!

  各位师兄们,如果有苦难那就求佛菩萨,真的一定是有求必应的!只是感应的速度快慢而已.记住,佛菩萨是真的有求必应!!!  学佛网http://www.xuefo.net/


(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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