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 Releasing induction: Releasing has an incredible effect!

   date:2020-09-18 16:28:11     read:46   

Releasing induction: Releasing has an incredible effect!


Release, with infinite blessings! The benefits are only known when you put them away.

----Zhuge Changqing

China Buddhist Relieving Network:

The Buddhist scripture says: "Although there is the crime of killing hundreds of people and horses, if you release one sentient beings, you will clear the sin barrier. If you release thirteen sentient beings, you will clear away the sin barrier of all kinds of calamities. If there are sentient beings who have spent their lives, you will release them for them and extend their lives.

If death is certain within three days, that is, release thirteen sentient beings, and this person can extend his life by three years. "

According to the Buddhist scriptures, we can know that if we release a number of lives or chant Buddhism and practice every day, then the growth of sin will stop and there will be certain elimination. We need to know that all the crimes we have done in the past are growing at all times. If we are mature, we will inevitably get bad results. It is very terrible. Who will get cancer and die at the age of is a certain number. Why? It depends on the size and growth rate of his crimes. If you don't know how to repent by chanting Buddha and releasing life, you will be bound by fate, which is the fate of life controlled by good and evil karma. If you have not reached a certain time, you can see that people are just like being tied to a line. What you do every second, when you laugh, and when you cry are completely controlled. Your mind is also fixed, and you can't make decisions at all. But what is in control? Those who have not yet mastered kung fu can not see it. It requires higher kung fu, which can see the formation and growth of good and evil deeds in previous lives.

To break through the shackles of these fates, extensive practice is not enough, it must be great merit, progressive chanting of Buddha, Buddha seven; Continuously participate in large-scale release, or release every day; I really wish to live in the blissful world; Read thousands of Mahayana classics such as the Dizang Sutra in a short time. Among them, release is the most solemn, convenient, and cost-effective. It costs a lot of money, but it must be 100% of the Buddha and Bodhisattva who pay for it. The Buddha and Bodhisattva will send back 10 times and 100 times the money you spend. If you don't release it, you will never have so much money.

I have released a lot this year. Now I have a project with a profit of 1 million yuan just found me. I use the "Guanyin Spirit Class" to calculate. It is signed. I am grateful to kneel and recite the holy name of Guanyin 300 times. I once wanted to write an article called "Cultivate a Sign". When you encounter difficulties and doubts in your career, feelings and life, use the "Guanyin Spirit Class" to calculate what sign is. If it is a sign, use the methods of releasing life, chanting Buddha, worshiping the sutras, making vows, etc. to do great work and virtue, and then go to the test after doing it, until the sign appears.

When I once worshipped the Sutra of the Earth and released my life in the temple on the mountain, I dreamed that the Buddha and Bodhisattva told me: "You can rest assured to practice. We will take care of your child and wife, and we will invite her to eat." Then I came back, and the child and wife were really well, and the wife's illness was not yet. Wise people give their families to the Buddha and Bodhisattva to take care of and practice more. One of my fellow practitioners also went to practice because he owed 60000 yuan in debt. He didn't go down the mountain and was practicing all the time. The money was also paid back in a short time because of the income from long-term investment and the unexpected income from other aspects. He was wise and asked the Buddha and Bodhisattva to pay his debts. He did not pay any attention to his own practice. This is called "no mind" in the Northeast. But Buddhism is such wisdom, "pedestrians can't do it". Even if the released people do not turn back, their parents, brothers and family members will live a long and healthy life.

Sometimes we release a family. Many fish are a family. The female has eggs. The male fish is also worried. You can save them all at once. If you help his family, the Buddha and Bodhisattva will help your family. Look at the Sutra of the Earth, a master of ghosts is so merciful. Even the villain, who has never made a good cause, will save him. He doesn't want to be pulled away by the enemy creditor who has become a ghost when he dies. What's more, you have created a good cause and saved a family, so you will naturally get help from God when you are in trouble.

It is important to find a good place for animals when releasing. It is equal to finding a good home and villa for animals. One of my fellow practitioners has not enough faith in Buddhism, but he is willing to let go and likes to let go of carp. He once let go of 2000 yuan of carp with me. He likes to find a good place to put it in deep water. The birds also like to find places with dense forests. Not long ago, he told me that he went to buy a house, looked at a house, and was about to buy it. He found that there were many crows at the door, so he decided not to buy it. The next day, he met a Hong Kong man and sold the house to them in a hurry. After they bought it, the house immediately appreciated by 50000 yuan. (He bought a house in Shunde, with an area of 90000 square meters and 150000 yuan. Shunde's house is currently the cheapest in the Pearl River Delta.) It is the reason to buy a good house for animals. People can live in a big house, there must be a reason for it. It is necessary to repair it for a few days.

Old Master Yuanyin said that releasing is the quickest and easiest way to eliminate karma, so the devil doesn't want people to easily eliminate karma in this way, so he often interferes. Don't we chant Buddhist sutras without the interference of demons? Yes, I did. Once I read sutras, I danced lions downstairs. If I didn't read sutras, I wouldn't dance downstairs. When the master of Xuanhua was reading the Dizang Sutra and was about to realize his enlightenment, a lazy monk saw that the master of Xuanhua got up and knelt to read the sutra three times every morning. He was very angry. He was not allowed to read the sutra in the Mahavira Hall and beat the master of Xuanhua. Master Xuanhua said: People should learn magic well to find it.

So we should avoid haggling over interests after release, which is like doing business with Buddha and Bodhisattva. Don't be angry and destroy merit. Buddhism is not about cultivating something new. It is about letting go of greed, hatred and delusion. One point of letting go represents one point in kung fu. Buddhist scriptures often say that the merit of not drinking alcohol and not eating meat is more than the merit of giving with the seven treasures of the world. What is the reason? It means that you have done a lot of good fortune. It's better for you to put down a minute and a half. You can go out of the three realms and live in the blissful world. If you don't give up a penny, you will always have something in your heart. No matter how much you practice, it will become a blessing in the world. You have boundless merit and virtue in releasing life, but you can ignore it after you release it. You are only happy for animals to get rid of suffering, to release calm mind, to release greed, hatred and ignorance, and to live in the blissful world together, which is worthy of praise.


     ---- 诸葛长青




   从佛经所说,可以知道,每天放生若干生命或念佛修行,则当天罪业停止生长,还有一定的灭除。需知我们以前做的罪业都在时刻生长,若成熟,则必定结果受恶报,非常可怕,什么人,到多少岁会得癌,会死,都是定数,为什么,从他罪业大小和生长速度来定。  若不知道用念佛放生等殊胜方式做忏悔,则被命运所缚,命运就是善恶业力所控制的人生运程。  有未到定的功夫,就可看到人如同被线拴着运动一样,每一秒要做什么,什么时候会笑,什么时候会哭都是彻底被控制的,思想也是定的,丝毫无法做主。但是是什么在控制,有未到定功夫的人还看不到,那要更高的功夫,可看到前世的善恶业的形成和生长。  
   我曾经在山上寺院拜《地藏经》和放生的时候,梦到佛菩萨告诉我:“你放心修行,你的孩子和老婆我们来照顾,我们还会请她吃饭。”而后我回来,孩子老婆果然非常好,老婆的病还没有了。有智慧的人都是把家人交给佛菩萨照顾,自己多多修行。  我一个同修欠债欠了6万也去修行,他没有下山,一直在修行,钱也就在不长的时间就因为长线投资有了一些收益,加上其他几个方面的意外收入而还上了。他有智慧,让佛菩萨给他还债,他自己修行一点不理会。这在东北人叫做“不长心。”但是佛门就是这样的智慧,“行人所不能行”。放生人即使不回向,自己的父母兄弟家亲眷属也都会健康长寿。
    圆因老法师说过:放生是最快,最容易消除业障的方式,所以魔很不希望人们用这样的方式轻松消除业障,故多来干扰。  难道我们念佛,念经没有魔来干扰吗,也是有的,我曾经一读经,楼下就舞狮子,我不读,楼下就不舞。宣化上人在读《地藏经》快开悟的时候,有个偷懒的和尚看到宣化上人天天一早起来跪读三遍经,就很生气,不允许他在大雄宝殿读经,竟然打了宣化上人一顿。  宣化上人说:人要学好魔来找。  
    所以我们放生后要避免计较利益,这如同和佛菩萨做生意。不要生嗔心,破坏功德。  佛法不是修出什么新东西来,而是放下贪嗔痴,放一分才代表功夫进一分。  佛经上经常说:不饮酒不吃肉的功德,要超过用满三千大千世界七宝布施的功德,什么道理呢?是说你修福修得很大,不如你能放下一分半分。能放才能出三界往生极乐世界呀。一分不放,心中总有所求,你修得再多也都转成世间有漏福分了。  你放生功德无量无边,但是你放后能不计较,你仅仅为动物离苦得乐,为放出清静心,放掉贪嗔痴,为同生极乐世界,这才值得赞叹。

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