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 Shock: After releasing five trucks

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Shock: After releasing five trucks



Buddha has boundless power. If you don't believe it, you can try it... If you do more good deeds, you will be rewarded; Quick response and immediate effect! Release is to save life, release is to accumulate virtue, release is to change fate!

----Zhuge Changqing

Jushi: What are the benefits of releasing animals? I want to make my children filial and improve their learning through release, can it have immediate effect?

Monk Miaoxiang: This is indeed true, because the Buddhist scriptures say that letting go is the way to live. (Editor's note: "The Vatican Sutra" says, "Therefore, let go of life, let go of life, let go of life, and let go of life.") Let go of life, let go of life, and others will let go of your life; If you save other people's lives, others will also save your lives.

The way to live is to release life often. If you release life often, you will live a long life and stand in the world. Some people have good karma everywhere, just because he was released in his previous life.

Once you see one side of life, you have three lives of fate, past, present and future.

We often set free. I think many people want to set free. They all want to have many apprentices in the future. I think that may be the idea. We should release more animals. Our masters here also love to let go. I said you should let go and do it all. In the future, you will have more disciples and it is easy to manage.

The benefits of release can reduce disease and cultivate our compassion. Many people have serious diseases, and they get better immediately after release. There was a leader in Benxi who had leukemia. At that time, I just arrived at Benxi, and the resident went to ask me and said, "Look, what should I do if he has leukemia?"? How? I said you let go. It happened that he went to Tianjin, bought all the things in the sea in Tianjin that day, took a few cars and put them into the sea. Maybe it was just once. It may be two or three months later. This man has been discharged from the hospital, and still works as a leader. He has recovered from his illness. He was originally sentenced to death (by the doctor). So we can get healthy by releasing.

In addition, if you release your life, you will have compassion. If you release your life sincerely, you will have compassion. If you eliminate disasters and avoid difficulties, compassion is the Tathagata. For example, there is a monk in Panjin who often sets free. The living conditions of the family are better. They often release their children with cars. Later, he encountered a lawsuit, which was very big, and he was ranked as the number seven figure in the underworld. Since he released his life and learned Buddhism, he can't meet these old (bad) friends. Once he meets, he has a headache. He can't stand it. He has to leave immediately. After leaving, his headache will disappear. At last, he could only make a phone call and could not meet. For nearly three years in a row, he had no contact with his friends. Later, his friend made a mistake and was arrested, thinking that he was a "military commander" and ranking him as the number seven. Finally, through investigation, we found that there was nothing to do with him. Finally, he was released and returned home safely.

This example shows that after he was released, he avoided many disasters. If you often (with bad friends) together, you can't say clearly. If you go there again, you will not escape from the prison, so it is very good to set free. Another time, he came to our temple, right in front of the statue of Maitreya Buddha. He was going back. I was about to get on the bus, but before I got on the bus, the man at the nearby grocery store (selling incense) said, "Hey, why did your wheels fall off?". His cars are all good. At first glance, the wheels of the car have come off. This scared him. If the car continues to drive and accelerates a little, the car crash will not run away. Before waiting to get on the bus, the other person discovered the problem and avoided a major disaster. So he believed in the release of life, and now he still releases it.

Release is very good. Release turns our bad karma into good karma. For example, if some children are not good at learning, or some come to collect debts, release can relieve the hatred. In addition, the release of life will prolong our life. I have read many ancient books written before. Some people go halfway and see the fish and turtle bought to be released. They see what the dragon prince is and what he is. They let him go to school. There are too many stories. There are many feelings through release. Through this, I should not have been admitted to school, but finally passed the exam. Because he has a kind heart. The first is virtue and the second is learning. Cultivating virtue is very important for us, and it really has an immediate effect.


              ----  诸葛长青



















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