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 The medical skill of releasing life and saving people Gao Sun Simiao became an immortal

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       The medical skill of releasing life and saving people Gao Sun Simiao became an immortal

放生救民医术高 孙思邈修炼成仙

Doing more good deeds will surely bring you many blessings!

----Zhuge Changqing

Sun Simang, the immortal of the Tang Dynasty, not only saved many people's lives, but also often did good deeds and often set free. Once, when he saw the villagers beating a snake in the mountains, he persuaded the villagers to actively rescue and put it into the water.

Later, when he was sitting quietly, he saw a man in blue came to invite him. He followed him to the man's home. It turns out to be what people in the world call "Crystal Palace".

The Dragon King came out of the palace to meet him, and invited him to sit on the seat. He said, "My child went out to play yesterday. If it wasn't for the gentleman who saved him, he would die!" So he set up a banquet to entertain Sun Zhenren. After the reception, the Dragon King presented various precious treasures to the real person as a reward. However, the real people refused. He said, "I heard that there are many secret prescriptions for curing diseases in the Dragon Palace. It's much better to pass them to me to save the world than to give them to me."

The Dragon King then took out the thirty-six sides of the Jade Collection and gave it to the real man. After Sun Zhenren got the secret prescription, his medical skills for curing diseases became more sophisticated. This secret recipe is inserted in the "Thousand Golden Prescriptions" written by Sun Zhenren. Later, real people became immortals.

Sun Simiao (541 or 581-682) was born in the Western Wei Dynasty and died in 682. He was a centenarian. Sun Simiao's age now has six statements: the youngest is 101, the second is 120, the third is 131, the fourth is 141, the fifth is 165, and even 168.

He is a famous Taoist and medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty. It is known as the "King of Medicine". Jingzhaohuayuan (now Yaoxian County, Shaanxi Province). Young and intelligent, eager to learn. He said that "when he was young, he suffered from wind and cold, and made medicine repeatedly, and the cost of medicine was exhausted". He is also good at Buddhist scriptures.

In the 18th year of the year, he made up his mind to study medicine. "He is quite aware that he can help his neighbors who suffer from diseases and sufferings both at home and abroad.". In the first year of Dacheng in the Northern Zhou Dynasty (579), many royal families lived in seclusion in Mount Taibai (today's Meixian County, Shaanxi Province) to learn Taoism, refine qi, maintain shape, and study the art of health and longevity. When Emperor Zhou Jingdi ascended the throne and Yang Jian assisted the government, he enlisted as a doctor of the country and said that he was ill. In Sui Daye (605~618), you visited Emei in Sichuan. After the Sui Dynasty, he hid in the Zhongnan Mountain and was friendly with the eminent monk Daoxuan. Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, ascended the throne and summoned him to the capital. He was awarded the title of "Youdao" and refused to accept it. Then he entered Emei to refine the "Taiyi Shenjing Pill".

In the third year of Xianqing (658), Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty was again summoned to Beijing and lived in the abandoned mansion of Poyang Princess. The next year, Emperor Gaozong summoned him to worship the doctor, but still refused to accept it. In the fourth year of Xianheng (673), Emperor Gaozong was ill and ordered to follow the emperor. In the first year of the Shang Yuan Dynasty (674), the disease was returned to the mountain, and Gao Zong bestowed a good horse, which belonged to the fake Poyang Princess. When Yongchun died in the first year of his life, he left an order to be buried in a thin tomb, not to hide the artifacts, but to sacrifice to the prison. In the second year of Chongning (1103), Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty was granted the title of Miaoying Immortal.


                                      ----  诸葛长青

















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