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 Release induction: the magic induction after releasing the fox (picture)

   date:2020-09-18 16:32:25     read:45   

Release induction: the magic induction after releasing the fox (picture)


Is releasing useful? Is there any sense of release? Kunming residents and Yayun Qingmei netizens insisted on releasing their lives, and there was a magical feeling. His earliest reaction was caused by releasing the fox. All animals in the world are predestined with human beings. Let go. Let go will make you happy and happy!

-----Zhuge Changqing

Buddhists in Kunming said, "Elder martial brothers, I am a resident in Kunming. We have been involved in releasing foxes since the end of last year. This year, several elder martial brothers have had an incredible feeling. They are released here and offered to you!"! I also hope that you can save these foxes as much as possible, and also prove that this release of foxes is true! kindness knows no bounds!

Because we are in Kunming and far away from Hailar, we didn't go to Hailar to participate in the release in person. We all collected money from our senior brothers in Kunming and remitted money to release them. We were very sad to hear that foxes, martens and other animals would be skinned to death alive. We tried our best to give money. Some senior brothers used all their savings to release one more animal, and some senior brothers borrowed money to release it, Some senior brothers were so sad that they couldn't sleep. After several times of release, this year, one of the senior brothers dreamed of several white foxes coming to be very grateful! Another elder martial brother also dreamed that the fox came to thank her and told her that because you were so eager to release the fox, we had reported to the emperor of the emperor of heaven, and the emperor of heaven had blessed your family. Your husband could not have found the current job originally, because you were so eager to release yourself, so you had the job! (Her husband had a bad job before, and now he has found a job with high income and stability.) I think through these feelings, I feel that karma is true, that good deeds must be rewarded, that evil deeds must be rewarded, and that we all have more confidence in the release of foxes, and that animals like foxes will be released on the horse. I would like to thank the master of Hagel and the senior brothers like Jishidan for their determination to release foxes, We should also try our best to raise money and hope to save these poor loving mothers as much as possible. We hope that they can be free, listen to the Buddha Dharma, chant Buddha for the bliss of life, decide to die, and decide to become Buddha!

Yayun Qingmei: Like most people, I just accept the belief that the merits and virtues of releasing life are incredible from my heart, and I have no deep experience in my heart, because habits make me always believe what I see and hear with my own eyes, although I already know that people's five roots can reach very limited. I always send a little money to the Taoist elder martial brother who is ready to release. Congratulations. I feel stingy in my heart. It's good to do this. At the beginning of the year, when I went to the monastery to convert, the permanent residents asked me to put the screws together when they were released. I went through the process of release with the elder martial sisters. That time, I was really pleased. I was moved by the kindness of the residents. At that time, I had an idea that when I went back, I would often release my life.

However, I am always very busy. Whether I am really busy or not, there are always many busy reasons to postpone the release of life. I still occasionally send a little money to the elder martial brothers who release life and ask them to release life for me or congratulate them. I think this kind of convenience is also very good. It still has merit, and it doesn't need to bother. It is "cost-effective". At that time, my heart was not pure, more like trading.

I didn't know that the release process brought me unexpected results until I really released. "Self-interest in altruism" is two sides of the same thing, impartial, no more, no less.

It starts with the aggravation of mother's illness. My mother is sixty-four years old this year. Since her father's death, her health has become worse and worse, and she has also suffered from heart disease, which has become increasingly serious. Not only does she become old and slow, but also her hands and feet begin to shake involuntarily, which is called "Parkinson's syndrome" in medicine. My mother was very painful. I also sought medical advice in many ways and took a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, but the effect was very weak. I am very anxious. I return to my mother every day and pray that the three treasures of the guru can help my mother eliminate the disease and recover as soon as possible. Once on the phone, the sister of the Buddhist monk in the temple told me that we should set free more for our mother and do more for her. My heart moves next. Yes, the Three Treasures bless every sentient beings all the time, but all sentient beings should respond positively. So I decided to release the animals at the weekend. Coincidentally, before the end of the week, I accidentally saw a post on the Geo-Tibet Rim Forum. The hermits of Hailar were going to hold a large-scale release activity on the Mid-Autumn Festival, releasing foxes. Friends of Taoists in the distance can send money. More money will live an innocent fox. It was only two days before the Mid-Autumn Festival. I immediately decided to remit money. The elder martial brother who received the remittance learned that I wanted to release my mother, and also called to encourage me, It gave me a lot of useful instructions. But I didn't tell my mother about all this, because I was afraid that she would not understand and complain. The next day, I went to see my mother after work as usual. My mother leaned on the bed and chatted with me. She said casually, "I had a dream last night and took a long bath. It was really comfortable." I didn't care too much, dream.

On the third day, the released senior brother sent a text message saying that at eight o'clock in the evening, all the foxes would be released to the depths of the forest. The climate of the forest in autumn and the mature wild fruits would make the foxes adapt quickly. At that time, I was so happy that I seemed to see a lovely fox that was only rescued from the butcher's knife flying happily in the mountains and forests, and they were my parents and relatives for many years.

I didn't go to see my mother for the next two days because I was busy. My mother came to my house at noon on the third day. I was anxious to let my mother lie down and have a rest. My mother said, "No, I'm not tired at all." These two days I suddenly got better, I have strength, and I sleep soundly at night. At first glance, I was surprised. Thank you for the blessing of the three treasures of the guru. The merit of releasing life was so incredible.

If it was an accident, then the next thing left me no doubt.

My son is seven years old this year, because when I was pregnant, my five desires were burning, and my child was thin and weak from childhood and often caught cold. The most severe is pneumonia three times a year. The child has bad weather management. Every cold is accompanied by a long cough. Take medicine and take injections in hospital, the less is 3500, the more is 12000. A doctor once comforted me that "children's trachea is vulnerable to infection because of its imperfect development, and it will gradually improve with age." I had to place my son's health hope on his growing up quickly. But in fact, as he grew up year by year, there was still no change. This spring, my son coughed intermittently for two months after catching a cold. After taking many kinds of drugs, he didn't get better immediately. His son, who was in the first grade, had to tell the teacher in PE class that I couldn't run. His mother said that he would cough if he ran fast. A few days ago, my son caught a cold again. Without exception, his throat was inflamed and swollen, and he made a heavy cough. I immediately took medicine for him, but as usual, his condition was still like a long poisonous insect, which continued to invade. Two days later, my son said weakly before going to bed, "Mom, I feel sore all over." I know that he will have a fever tonight. Watching my son fall asleep, I sadly went into the Buddhist temple to do my evening class. During recitation, my heart can't concentrate, and my ears always pay attention to whether the son next door coughs. Unconsciously, I knelt down in front of the Buddha statue and said, "Supreme Guru Sanbao, I pray you to bless my child mercifully and make him healthy. I wish my son to take the money for medicine and injection to release his life and save the life under the butcher's knife." Having said all this, my heart has firmly decided what to do.

That night, his son had a slight low fever, which was not serious. The next day, he went to school as usual. The next day, he still didn't have a fever, but he still coughed. After the medicine was finished, I was tired of taking medicine for my son. They always made me feel better. I'm not sure whether the side effects of the medicine would cause more harm to the child's body. The third day is the weekend. I said to my son, "Go, mother will take you to set free.". The son was very happy. "Mom, what are you releasing?" "Let's go to the market and have a look." The son took the Buddhist prayer machine and we set off.

Because we went early, there were not many people in the market. The crabs in the seafood market were just fished out of the sea, and they were alive and kicking. I immediately decided to release crabs. A large plate of crabs was packed, about thirteen, and I didn't bargain with the dealer because I wanted to save time on the road. The dealer was very happy with my "generosity", patiently put the crabs into the bag carefully as I asked, paid the money, and we turned around and ran to the seaside. Along the way, I only complained that my electric motorcycle was too slow. We ran along the coastline and found a quiet place with few people after running a long distance. There were fishermen fishing in the east and the west. It was about 200 meters away from us. We just couldn't see what we were doing. It would not pose a threat to our free crabs. Here we are. We stopped the car, and our son trotted ahead and walked through a sandy patch of weeds. We came to the seaside. I opened the bag while running, and read aloud three times to the bag. After reading the mantra on the beach, I squatted down and recited the mantra to the bag seven times quickly. My son opened the chanting machine beside me and read the Buddha's name loudly. After finishing the release ritual, I carefully poured the crabs out of the bag. Maybe it was too long for them to react. After a while, the smell of the sea woke them up. They slowly climbed up, as if they had no sense of direction. They crawled aimlessly on the beach. I was anxious again, in order not to let the fishermen in the distance find them, but also to let them touch the sea quickly, I picked them up from behind the crabs one by one, and they waved big pliers to show resistance. I read the six words of truth aloud, ran into the sea, and threw them gently into the depths of the sea. After throwing them all into the sea, I felt at ease immediately. I sat down and watched the waves beat up again and again, but instead of pushing the crabs onto the beach, I took them home, and my joy rose. All sentient beings have been my parents. My unfilial daughter is lucky to meet the Dharma and convert to the Three Treasures in this life. She is willing to do her best to benefit all parents. She is willing to become a person who will not harm any sentient beings in all life.

The child's heart is the purest. This time, his son likes to let go. He asked me to come again next week. I said, OK!

Two days later, the miracle shocked me again, and my son stopped coughing! If I hadn't experienced it personally, I might not be able to experience this incredible reality personally.

I think that many initiates who have been released for many years benefit and feel more, but they are not persistent. The most important thing is that they do not do good deeds for their own and worldly interests. But I can't help but share this joy with the beginners like me. I hope that all fellow practitioners can do more good deeds of releasing life, accumulate vast merits for the benefit of our earthly, long-lived parents, and enemies and creditors, and return this merit to the Supreme Bodhi, and achieve early success.

Zhuge Changqing: To release is to save lives, to release is to accumulate blessings, to release is to move the world, and the benefits of release cannot be described.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.

Bless all the people in the world who are destined to meet their needs, the heavenly officials will bless them, the cause will take off, and the source of wealth will expand!

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                            ----- 诸葛长青











    8、诸葛长青道家文化专辑:http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/articlelist_1239807711_7_1.html     9、诸葛长青儒家文化专辑:http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/articlelist_1239807711_5_1.html     诸葛长青:诸恶莫作、众善奉行,持之以恒、有求必应。









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