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 Releasing life to feel the blessing: feeling after releasing life for half a year

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Releasing life to feel the blessing: feeling after releasing life for half a year



Release, with great sense! All living beings in the world have spirituality. They all know to seek good fortune and avoid bad luck. They all have joys and sorrows. They all have greed for life and fear of death. They are released today, and all things know Thanksgiving! Karma and retribution follow each other closely, and it is the eternal truth that what you plant and what you get. To release life is to save people's lives. If you plant a good cause, you will get good results. If you hinder criticism and release life, you will hinder others from saving lives. If you plant a bad cause, you will get bad results.

----Zhuge Changqing

True Buddhist monk: Now is the world of five turbid evils. Generally, people's blessings are shallow and their karma is heavy. For example, the body is sickly, the life span is short, and there are many disasters. It is quite difficult to practice Buddhism. Is there a way to get out of this dilemma? have That is release. Among all the good laws, the greatest merit is to release life. The Dragon Tree Bodhisattva said in "The Great Wisdom Theory": "Among all the remaining sins, killing karma is the most important. Among all the merits, releasing life is the first." Master Gensangjuza of Tibet also said: "Killing life should be cut off, rescuing and releasing life. Among all the good laws of body language and meaning, releasing life has the greatest merit." Master Ouyi, the ninth ancestor of Pure Land, said: "Desire is the heart of the Buddha, and turning turbid into pure land is better than releasing life." The "Ten Wheel Sutra of Tibet" said: "If you are able to abstain from killing all living beings, all people will respect and become supreme, and you will always be free from disease and prolong your life, and you will be happy and comfortable without damage. All life will be in the world, and you will be convinced that the Tathagata's traveling conditions, and now you can see the Buddha dharma and the monks, you will quickly get the supreme Bodhi fruit." Therefore, the best way to turn a bad mortal heart into a merciful Buddha heart is to turn a five turbid and burning dirt into a pure and solemn pure land. The best way is to let go of life.

Zhenru Jushi has been released since August 2006. After half a year, he got a lot of feelings. He has the following experience. He said

It's really like a hermit's personal experience:

1. I'm in good health. I got high blood pressure in July 2005, and my sleep was greatly affected, often accompanied by dizziness. I'm only 36 years old this year (my family has hypertension). I have slept well, had no dizziness and had normal blood pressure since I was released for half a year.

2. A good temper. I have believed in Buddhism since 1998. But I am very ashamed. I am very angry. I often lose my temper over some small things and my family. There has been no improvement for many years. After being released for 2 months, I learned something. Letting go is merciful to animals, but losing temper with family is not merciful and equal! I am very ashamed. Now my temper is much better. My wife also praised my friends for my good temper and great progress. The company relationship has also been handled.

3. Compassion has grown. I often feel that I haven't made progress in Buddhism for many years. Why? (Since 2004, I have supported poor children and felt that there was progress in practice.) Through releasing, I have increased my compassion. An old monk said to me, "We are all children of Buddha.". During the release, I began to realize that there was no difference between fish and me. In the heart of Buddha and Bodhisattva, fish and I were both lost children. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas never left us, and they were always looking forward to our return home, only because we were greedy, angry and deluded, and thought that other places were home.

4. There is less separation. When I was just released, I had to think about the price, the size of the fish and whether they could survive. (I am from Hebei, and the city where I live is not good for releasing animals. There is only one river around the city. The rivers in the suburban scenic areas are also closed, and they are not living water.) Now it is a life to save one life, and it is a time to save one (as long as I have enough money). Because it can make all living beings happy, it makes all Tathagata happy.

Mosquitoes and cockroaches used to be attacked, but now they are not, because they are also children of Buddha, and there is no difference between them and our six relatives.

5. Bodhicitta is firm. Since December 17, 2006, our rivers have been frozen. In this one and a half months, I released 14 times and 5000 lives (only the ones that survived, not the ones that gave up their lives). Sometimes there is heavy fog, visibility is less than 10 meters, sometimes there is light snow, sometimes the road is slippery after snow. When I arrived at the river, I broke the 15cm ice layer (I carried a small hammer with me). After the release, my arm was sore and my hands were cracked. Because I think that in the past, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have given their brains and even their lives to save me. Maybe I am a small fish released by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas used to cut meat to feed eagles and sacrifice their lives to feed tigers. I really can't do it now, but if I can release my life, I will spare no effort to do it. Although I can't, what can I learn! Although we can't get there, we are always looking forward to it! Like the Long March, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas came to the front. Although I have fallen behind, I will never be a deserter, and I will catch up even if I die!

6. The heart is always pure, and the body is the same as Buddha. Even if you don't chant the Buddha, your heart will not leave the Buddha.

In the process of release, it is oneself who benefits the most. Because in the act of releasing life, he not only paid off the killing debt of the world, but also gave thanks to things, protected by the dragon sky, and the Buddhas were happy. In addition, in the release ceremony, we also converted with the material life, repented and chanted Buddha together, which inspired our own Bodhi seeds and compassion, and also created countless blessings and karma for ourselves invisibly. With this merit, we can use it as our food for living in the Western Blissful World.

Therefore, we urge the world not only to abstain from killing, but also to release life, because releasing other people's lives is to release their own lives, and saving others' lives is to save their own lives. The benefits of saving life are endless, and the merits are incredible!

Zhuge Changqing: It is really like the personal feeling of a hermit, reflecting the reality of release.

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Celebrities say release

Taoist Hui's song of abstaining from killing

The children in this world are as precious as the palm of the palm,

Unfortunately, when he was young, he died of illness and cried out his own flesh.

Animals also have mother-child love. Dogs often protect their children and lick their calves,

Chickens stay close to their young while eels often bow because they love their young.

How can I hate my son? I don't hate him.

Couples in the world would like to meet with each other and prepare for unlimited friendship,

Sometimes love never ends, and the most bitter form is loneliness and shadow independence.

The birds have male and female calling each other, and the animals are divided into female and female groups,

Pisces must swim with their eyes, and wild geese must stay alone.

A man is greedy for taste and beauty. Why bother to open his family.

The pain of the animals is like that of human beings, but only the tears can't cry,

Try to compare him with yourself. Why should Yan Jun judge straight.

Tang and Bai Juyi's poems on abstaining from killing

Who said that Qun was born with little life and skin,

I advise you not to hit the bird of spring. The son is waiting for the mother to return in the nest.

Song and Su Shi's Anti-Kill Poems

There is no shortage of gluttony. Once the throat passes, the assembly becomes empty,

How can we cherish our blessings and leave room for happiness.

Song and Su Shibo's diet poems

In autumn, the frost and dew cover the east garden, and the radish bears mustard and grandchildren,

Who and I have the same satiety, I don't know why we have to eat chicken and dolphin?

Song and Huang Tingjian's Anti-killing Poems

I have many raw meat, different names and different bodies,

The original identity is just another drive.

Suffer from him, and be fat for me,

Don't teach Yan Laoduan what to do?

Song and Lu You's Anti-Kill Poems

The taste of flesh and blood is delicious, and the pain is hard to reach,

Put yourself in your shoes and ask yourself who will cut yourself.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.

Bless all the people in the world who are destined to meet their needs, the heavenly officials will bless them, the cause will take off, and the source of wealth will expand!

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---- 诸葛长青   

居士从20068月开始放生,半年后就得到了很多感应,他有如下体会。 他说





放生过程中,受益最大的还是自己。因为在放生的行为中,自己不仅偿还了宿世的杀债,而且物类感恩,龙天护持,诸佛欢喜。 并且,在放生的仪式中,我们也跟着物命一起皈依,一起忏悔,一起念佛,激发了自己本具的菩提种子与慈悲心,更为自己无形中创造了无数的福德因缘,藉此功德,作为自己往生西方极乐世界的资粮。


网络放生  http://fs.zgfj.cn  
中华放生 http://www.zhfs.org   
共修放生 http://www.nmzx.com/fszqy/index.asp   
放生网   http://www.fangsheng.net  
爱心放生 http://www.fangshengwang.org  



唐、白居易 戒杀诗

宋、苏轼 戒杀诗


宋、苏轼 薄饮食诗













   8、诸葛长青道家文化专辑:http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/articlelist_1239807711_7_1.html    9、诸葛长青儒家文化专辑:http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/articlelist_1239807711_5_1.html    诸葛长青:诸恶莫作、众善奉行,持之以恒、有求必应。









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