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 My true experience of releasing raw materials

   date:2020-09-18 18:33:09     read:55   

My true experience of releasing raw materials



 This is a friend's experience of releasing life, practice proves that releasing life is to accumulate virtue, releasing life is to save oneself ....... If you have money to spare, release more beings ......

                         ------ 诸葛長青


   Release is the best way to cultivate compassion and eliminate sickness and suffering. I would like to share with you my experience of releasing raw materials. 


  The first time I let go of a living creature was probably in the spring of 1997. I had not yet studied Buddhism and was still in the stage of suffering from illness.

  I was reading Zhou Yi, and in this book of Zhou Yi, I learnt that it is important to be kind. One afternoon, I was driving past a food market and stopped to buy something. I found a 16 or 7 year old boy selling a bird hawk (not a very big hawk, after training it can catch sparrows.) I didn't know the price but my first thought was to buy it and release it, how nice to give it freedom.

  I only had 50 yuan on me and I was in a very tight financial situation at that time. I asked for the price and it was exactly 50 yuan. After a long discussion with him, I sold it for $35.

  I asked for scissors, cut the string on the eagle's leg and put it in the air. The hawk immediately flew away, as if it didn't want to miss this opportunity. The young man, surprised (and not expecting me to let it go), whistled to call it back.

  The hawk, indeed trained by humans, heard the whistle and immediately turned back to the lad's side. But the hawk realised that it was free of the rope and continued to fly high again. The lad continued to whistle vigorously and the hawk looked back again and accelerated high. By the time the lad, whistling desperately, the hawk simply ignored it and flew higher into the sky. I was happy to go, and that was my first release. 


  Strangely enough, the illness that was not getting better was completely cured in a lab test shortly after the release. I didn't know the benefits of releasing the life, but the joy afterwards was something that you simply cannot get normally. A month later, also at this same place, the same eagle was bought again. I seemed to feel that this fat eagle might be about to lay an egg and put it near the Anshan Monastery in Xiajiahe in the hope that it would hear the Dharma. At that time, I had just returned to the fold. 


  The real act of releasing the eagle was in '98. The master of Ansan Monastery suggested releasing the life, and many monks responded with their hearts. I was very happy to hear that there were also pujas and so on. I was very happy to hear that there were also pujas and other activities. I was very grateful in the face of the Master's trust. With my girlfriend (now wife), I saw the snapper that was going to be slaughtered (in the way that they are now slaughtered and sold) in the Dalian shopping mall and bought over $3,000 straight away. The rest of the money was spent on birds. 


  After the conversion at the monastery, we went to the reservoir to release the birds. Those snappers swam quickly into the water and someone said: "Bastards are bastards, what a thank you, show,," and just as he finished his words, the snappers floated up on the water surface, showing their pointed heads and nodding at us on the shore. The long-lasting scene was so infectious to all present that Master Gong Lin said, "They are just mute beings, they don't speak human language, this doesn't come to thank you,,,". I was stunned by the sight before me as I experienced the unbelievable. Only a fellow Buddhist who has had the same experience as us can know how I felt at that moment. 


  The regular releases that my fellow practitioners and I have done since then have to be sent to the monastery for conversion, after which we have gone to the mountains and reservoirs to release them. More often than not, we could not make it to the monastery for the conversion, so we had to recite the rituals for the release ourselves. Each release was quite joyful and peaceful. I bought whatever I came across, snakes, fish, birds,... 


  Once I went to a shopping mall to buy milk powder for my children and I happened to notice that there was a snake counter in the Dalian shopping mall, so I paid attention to it for a while. There were different kinds of snakes in each glass case, from white-browed pit vipers (venomous) from Snake Island, to various snakes from the south, and many, many more. I was just about to leave when, in one of the cabinets, a very large and thick black snake circled sharply around the cabinet.

  When **watching close, it stood up straight and **approached me too. I melancholy about buying or not buying, it stood upright and came down parallel again, doing this to me repeatedly. Oh my God! Could it be that it was kowtowing to me to save it,,,? It moved violently and frequently as I parted. I sighed deeply because I didn't have any extra money. During that period, I was experiencing financial difficulties. Buying milk powder for my child was the order of the day and I reluctantly left, but always thinking of the snake. When I got home, I told my wife what I had seen and she agreed that I should go and buy it. The snake weighed at least 2 catties and it was priced at 128 yuan per catty. If I bought it, I really didn't know how I was going to get by this month. 


  I took the money and took a taxi and hurried to the mall. I saw that the snake was still lying inside, and when it saw me coming, it came alive again. The waitress (around 20 years old) easily and skillfully caught and wrapped the snake. I admired the guts of the waitress, I was too scared of snakes to touch one. When it was time to cross the scales, the waitress was surprised and called for another person to come and reweigh it. The snake, which seemed so big, was less than 1 pound on the electronic scale and the amount shown was RMB 118. I noticed that the waitress was hobbling and her right foot was bandaged and swollen up to a large size. When I asked why, she said it was ulcerated and didn't know why. She suddenly asked me what I was buying the snake for and I told her to release it. She lingered for some time and asked why with a puzzled look in her eyes. I blurted out that snakes are very spiritual and should not be eaten or sold, and that if they are eaten or sold they will be punished. She lingered for a moment and scowled. I said, "Look what the mall sells no ah, you do not do this again. She nodded, and I knew she had accepted it in her heart. 


  It was very late in the evening and I took a taxi to hurry home. On the way past home, I saw Willow and asked to stop. I was so caught up in the moment that I had to ask for willow branches to sprinkle with the water of great sorrow. When I got back to the car and had to put the band with the snake at my feet, I found a hundred dollars, folded on the ground, with money inside. I wondered how I hadn't seen it when I got on the bus at first, it was all in the same place. It was such a big sum of money that I wouldn't have noticed it now, would I? I got melancholy, should I give it to the driver or keep it for myself for the next release. The money that was in this position should not be the driver's. I picked up the money and kept it. When I arrived at the courtyard of the block, I just got out of the car, and immediately someone got in. I carried the snake and hurried upstairs. The money I found was 150 yuan, just enough to buy the snake and to pay for the taxi. 


  At my Buddha Hall, I hurriedly performed rituals on it and by the time the rituals were over, it was dark. I went to the hill behind the building, found a spot, opened the band and it came out immediately, and in a haze I saw it rise upright, over a metre high, facing me. I forgot to leave myself a back way, there was a steep hill behind me and if I wanted to walk I had to pass very close to its eyes. I didn't think much of it, but felt it was well-meaning and would definitely not hurt me. It just hurried away without looking back. 


  I told the other Buddhists about this and there was a unanimous request to buy all the snakes that the big business had and release them. I took out the 150 yuan and bought them together. When I went back to the mall, I couldn't find the original attendant, and after asking around, I found out that she had quit. This time we bought all the snakes in the mall, which cost a lot, including the highly poisonous ones. 


  We bought all the snakes and took them to my home Buddhist temple to do the rituals with the monks. When the nectar water was sprinkled on them, the snakes wriggled violently. Afterwards, I went to a mountain and started releasing the snakes. As there were nearly 200 highly poisonous snakes, some of the monks were afraid of them, so it fell to me to release them, and they watched from a distance. I was calm and had no feeling of fear. I opened the tape and said to them in my mind: "To release you, I need you to agree to a few requirements. 1. no running around and scaring people. 2. no biting. 3.,". I repeated this several times and opened the tape through and released them. Many of the snakes were reluctant to leave for a long time, and after I forced them to go with a branch, they slowly began to leave individually. 

  When many of the monks found out about the release of the poisonous snakes, some of them condemned it. I said that if we did not release the snakes, they would end up making wine, so how could we not save them from death? If you have to pick and choose when releasing them, releasing this and not that, you have lost the meaning of releasing them to save lives. I believe that those snakes will accept my request completely and will not hurt anyone. It has been more than four years now and I have never heard of anyone seeing snakes or snakes hurting people in the places where we have released them. I used to have boils and other boils on my body, often with thick blood. Then I don't know when it cleared up, and it never did. By chance I learned that it was the fruit of releasing the snakes. 


  Since then, I have done my own rituals for all the releases I have had. Many monasteries do not give rituals for poisonous snakes etc. In my continuous process of releasing snakes, I have concluded. To release a living being, as the name implies, is to release its way of life. It is best to let go of life in its natural way, to free the living creatures that are under the knife and about to be slaughtered. It has lost its meaning if it is done for merit, quantity and task. The release of life should be done anytime and anywhere, not uniformly with time, place, items, quantity, etc. 


  Old monk Shine Yi, once told me that when you see a living being to be slaughtered, make sure you save it, do conversions, etc., and release it afterwards. Don't worry about being caught by others again,, and also said not to participate in those collective nominal releases,, I didn't appreciate the purpose of the old monk at that time. 


  Soon after, a tantric master came from a Buddhist college and led the group in releasing beings for about 2 months. I did not participate in their release because I remembered the old monk's instructions. It was only afterwards that I realised the incredible wisdom of the old monk. It was entirely right not to participate in their act. 


  Their act of releasing the life, ordering in advance, has created many people who have made a fortune from it. The unlawful act of releasing the beings led to many beings dying on the way. A profound lesson, I could not resist cursing them at the time. The simple release of sentient beings, they carried out in a complicated manner, one after another ritual, one after another return, and the result that awaited was the death of many sentient beings busy. Both dead, not to call it a release anymore. The fish they bought, they went so far as to kowtow to the fish and call out to the mother fish, attracting more passers-by to look on. It is difficult to describe the consequences of their foolish behaviour, which has led to misunderstanding of Buddhism and misunderstanding of Buddhists. 


  I was prompted to write about my own experience of releasing fish for your reference. 


  While I praise Brother Zhang for his heart, my personal opinion is that releasing life should be a release without appearance, a release without desire. If we release life for the sake of the Gurus' blessings, merit and so on, just like trading, using our money, time and greed to exchange for merit and for what we want, we have lost the true meaning of cultivating compassion and releasing life. 


  Through my own experience of life release, I have concluded the following. Do not deliberately come up with a time, place, quantity, species, etc. The best way to release life is to do it whenever and wherever you can, to save the life under the knife. If you are not in a position to go to a monastery, you can make your own simple rituals, which can be found at the back of your morning and evening textbooks. Don't talk to people about how much you have released and how it is. Doing good deeds and humane deeds is not merit, it is transformed into blessings. And while blessings can disappear in an instant, merit and virtue are the source of motivation for us to study and practise Buddhism. Let us not neglect this truth. If, as mentioned above, there is a separate mind when releasing life, and loaches are cheaper and more numerous, then cows and sheep are not released if they are less numerous? All beings are equal, and so is the release of life. If we do not make distinctions, if we release beings whenever and wherever we can, and if we do not become complacent afterwards, that is the beginning of our progress. 


  One day at noon, my wife called me and asked me to hurry over. It turned out that she was on the street during her lunch break and an old man was chasing her to sell catfish and she bought them all, a dozen of them. I drove and she chanted the Great Compassion Mantra in the back, very quietly. By the time we got to the reservoir to release them, the catfish wouldn't leave for a long time, repeatedly crossing out of the water. What was the reason? She released the catfish as a pious act of the heart, not asking for any reward; furthermore, when reciting the Great Compassion Mantra, there were no delusions. A pious act, the induction of the Great Compassion Mantra is inconceivable! I admire such a release! 


  One day I was driving and I noticed a sheep in front of the lamb soup restaurant by the roadside. After a moment of melancholy, I drove over and bought it anyway. If I didn't buy it, it would be meat in the mouth of the crowd tomorrow. I had to buy this one today, even though I was limited in my ability and they were going to slaughter it tomorrow. I bought it, but where would it go? The monastery would not want it. I finally found someone to send it temporarily to a monastery in the countryside, which is too far away from the Great Compassion Monastery, or else I would have sent it there, which accepts any release of living creatures. Another time I bought a foster with a Buddhist friend, there was really no place to send it, so I had to come to a monastery, tie it to the door, the monk came out, pointed with his finger and left. Putting the dilemma to you, I too would like to have a place dedicated to the adoption of released animals, as in the case of the Great Compassion Monastery. 


  One day while driving in the countryside, I noticed white beings in the car in front of me, which I thought were dogs. I thought it was a dog, but realised that it was wrong, dogs do not have such spiritual eyes. Upon confirmation, I knew it was a fox, four beautiful white foxes. I sped up to overtake the car, pulled over, bargained and bought them all. It was expensive but if I didn't, they would end up being skinned and their skins used to make ladies' coats etc. Bought and found a safe place for them to be put. 


  One day at the food market I saw baby quails slaughtered on site. I bought them all, even though I knew they wouldn't live long. A certain monk disagreed and said that the clouds were there. My reasoning was that they were shrivelled up, listless and panicked and scared when they were to be slaughtered. Now they are alive and well, and although they will not live long, they are less likely to suffer from the slaughter, knowing that at that moment of intense anger and terror they will surely enter the three sorrows and emerge without a date. Buy to hear the Buddha's teachings, with the different karmic consequences of death. Also, reversing the karma of the killers and the killed, such a release of life is necessary. 

On one occasion I went to buy fish for release, and as my financial situation has improved, I buy almost all of them for each release. Even when I was not in a position to do so, I did not pick and choose what I wanted to buy. The fish seller (who sells the fish on the spot) had a murderous look on his face and smelt of blood. As we looked at each other, I felt something was going to happen, if only I had left in time. He was very unreasonable and raised the price. The mouth was lousy, cursing. He wanted me to buy them all again and he wanted to raise the price again. Then I couldn't take it anymore and had to leave, and in the moment of leaving, he blurted me out. I am also a man of blood, with a great temper, and at this time I had no more wisdom and was turned by the realm. I hope that whoever reads this will not follow my example, but will treat me as if I had no self. I hereby also repent of my actions and offer my wrongdoing to the learned. I then came up to you and asked what you were doing. Though there were many of them. But they did not dare to hit me. In the pushing and shoving, I became even more furious, I will not rest until I teach you a lesson today, at this time Buddha, Bodhisattva, all good knowledge are forgotten. I immediately called my former buddies and told them to come quickly. A few moments later, my friends arrived in a van and I was like a saviour. I led them to the market, and when the fish buyer saw that my friends were mostly people with tattooed dragons and tigers, he was as honest as a dog in a house. I didn't move at all. I hit him with rocks and sticks, knocking him to the ground and smashing his stall. We then ran off in all directions as they drove off and I easily got into my car and drove away under the eyes of a police full of people. In fact, the family member who had been beaten up was leading the police around looking for me, and I opened the door and got in the car right under their noses. They just didn't see me and let me get away with it. 


  I drove to the house of a monk and found in the mirror that my eyes were full of violence and anger. It was not the calmness it used to be. Even the tone of my voice was full of resentment, and I woke up before it was too late! I am here today to tell you from my experience that letting go of life is not easy, and that when everyone wants to make progress, the demons come and test our path. As the Master said: "Everything is a test, see what you do, if you don't pass, you have to start all over again". Therefore, brothers and sisters who are minded to buy things to release, don't get into trouble with people. Their behaviour is already foolish, so why should we bother with them? If we can't negotiate the price, we just accept it. It's all a karmic account here and it's not for us to know. If we can't, let's leave and not make a fuss about it. The virtue of releasing a life is hard to contemplate, and when we are doing something like this, the test is inevitable.


                         ------ 诸葛长青









What are the acts of abstaining from killing and releasing



 1. Do not kill a living being with your own hands.


  2. Do not abet others to kill.


  3. Do not help others to kill.


  4. Abstain from eating meat.


  5. Do not engage in trades related to killing.


  6Whenever there is worship, regardless of what is being worshipped, use vegetarian dishes, flowers and fruit, not animal gifts.


  7. If you see someone killing a human being, you should discourage them or buy the animal to be slaughtered with money and release it. If this does not work, or if the person does not sell the animal, then you should have compassion for the slaughtered animal, and even better if you can recite the Buddha's name or mantra for it.


  8. Do not abuse the animal.


  9Other actions that are contrary to killing.


  10. Abstain from killing and releasing animals yourself, and advise others to do the same. 












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