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 Examples of the rewards of killing and releasing life and protecting it

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 Examples of the rewards of killing and releasing life and protecting it


The Ancestor said, "Of all the bad karma, killing is the worst. If you kill at home, your home will become a killing field. It is an inauspicious place for spirits to gather. Man and all animals, born between heaven and earth, are equal in heart and soul, but they differ greatly in form because of bad karma. If you eat him in this world, and he eats you in the next, then there will be no end to the killing of animals in all ages. And killing is rewarded by sickness and suffering and short life. Good and evil follow one another like shadows and cannot be avoided.      

  I heard a true story in the Shanghai Buddhist monk's forest about the immediate retribution of killing a living being: a female monk's own experience: she had a son who was only a teenager and once went fishing by the river and caught a beautiful carp. When he returned home, the child told his mother that he had a dream in which a girl told him that she was the fish and asked him to go with her. Shortly afterwards, the child died. Speaking of this experience, the woman regretted that she did not know karma, did not believe in Buddhism and did not know the heavy rewards of killing. She said: If she had known that the sin of killing and eating fish would take her son's life, she would never have given it to him. Now she persuades others not to kill, and she herself has since abstained from killing and letting go of life, and has become a vegetarian and a Buddhist.

  There was also the case of a certain Zhao from Pucheng, Fujian Province, who fasted for a long time and worshipped the Buddha. His wife, who had no faith at all, bought many creatures before her birthday and wanted to kill them for a banquet. Zhao said, "If you want to celebrate the birthday, you should make them die. The lady said, "Your words are useless. If we follow the Buddha's teachings, men and women are different from each other and do not kill life, in a few decades' time the whole world will be full of animals. Zhao was unable to persuade him. At night, she dreamed that she went to the kitchen and saw a pig being killed, but she became a pig herself. Later, when she killed a chicken or a duck, she saw herself transformed into the thing she had killed. When he woke up from the pain, his heart beat and his flesh trembled. From then on, he released the life he had bought and became a long-time vegetarian. This man had great good roots in his past life, so he was blessed by Buddha's mercy and was made to suffer in order to stop his bad karma. Otherwise, he would have been slaughtered and eaten by others for the rest of his life. Those who kill and eat meat in the world should put themselves in their place and think of themselves, then it will not be difficult to turn back.

  Master Lian Chi said, "There was a Mr. Jin in Qiantang, Zhejiang Province, who was a very devout fasting man. After his death, his spirit attached itself to a child and said, 'Because my good deeds were not extensive enough, I have not been reborn in the Pure Land of Buddha and Bodhisattva. But in the underworld I come and go as I please and am quite happy.'

  One day his spirit again possessed the body of that child and chided his wife, saying, 'Why did you kill the chicken to sacrifice me? Because you killed a chicken, now everywhere I go, there are always officials from the underworld behind me watching over me, so I cannot be as free as before.' A pregnant woman asked about her own good fortune, and he said, 'This birth is a boy, and both mother and child are safe and sound. The next birth will be another male child, and when a second male child is born, both mother and child will die.' In time, all his words came true.

  If everyone is vegetarian and abstains from killing and letting go of life, they can cultivate compassion and avoid killing. It is difficult to mention all the good fortune that will come to a family that is protected by the good gods. If you follow the practice of releasing the dead and chanting the Buddha's name, you will not only increase your good fortune, but also follow your wish to be reborn and enter the non-returning world.

  The true story of the induction of the release of life: There was a prime minister in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, named Xiao Zhen, who dreamt in his youth that he would only live to the age of 18. Later, his father was sent to Sichuan to be the commander-in-chief. Xiao Zhen did not want to go with him, but his father forced him to go with him.

  When he arrived in Sichuan, the marshal hosted a banquet for the soldiers, and after three rounds of wine, as usual, he had to serve a famous dish called 'jade chop jelly'. The dish was made by burning iron chopsticks red with fire and then stabbing them into the udder of a cow, the milk flowed out and coagulated on the chopsticks, which were then seasoned and made into a dish.

  Xiao Zhen happened to walk into the kitchen and saw many dairy cows tied up, which he found very strange. When he enquired, he was surprised to find out the truth. He thought to himself, 'How dare human beings go to such lengths to torture dairy cows for the sake of satisfying their momentary appetites?' So he hastily went to his father and asked the commander for a 'forbidden food plate' and ordered that this dish be forbidden forever so that the dairy cows would not suffer from further stab wounds.

  Soon afterwards, Xiao Zhen dreamed of a divine being who said to him, 'Your kind heart has done a great deed, and you will not only be spared the pain of dying young, but you will also be blessed with a hundred years of life.' Xiao Zhen lived to be over ninety years old and died peacefully without illness.

  During the Song Dynasty, two brothers, Song Jiao and Song Qi, were studying at the university at the same time. After a monk saw the appearance of the two brothers, he said, 'The younger brother will get the first place in the examination, and the older brother will also win.' Later, after the spring exams were finished, that master saw Song Jiao again and happily congratulated him, saying: 'You are very much like the man who once saved millions of lives!' Song Jiao said, 'I am a poor scholar, how can I save so many lives? That master said, 'Then even tiny insects have lives.' Song Jiao paused for a moment and said: 'I remember, one day when it was raining heavily and the ants' nests were soaked by the torrential rain, I made a bamboo bridge out of bamboo to save them. Did you mean this one incident, said the monk, 'That is right. This time your brother will win the exam, but now you will not lose to him.'

  Later, when the list was released, Song Qi did win the first prize, but the Empress Dowager said, 'My younger brother should not be placed ahead of my elder brother.' So she said that Song Jiao should be placed first and that Song Qi should be moved to tenth place. It was only then that Song Jiao believed that what the master had said was true. People should not think that Song Jiao merely saved some ants, how could he have such a great reward? In fact, the title of the exam winner was a vain title outside of his body. The thanksgiving of millions of lives in the future will be even more powerful.

  There is also the case of Liu Jing, whose father was a famous 'great scribe' in the Ming dynasty, who was released to prolong his life. Liu Jing was weak and sickly at a young age and his five older brothers all died in quick succession. As a result, Liu Jing was very concerned about the well-being of his youngest son and had many fortune tellers come to see his fortune. Unfortunately, they all said that Liu Jing would not live to the age of 19.

  It so happened that a famous fortune-teller from Sichuan called Zhou Shi Lian came to the capital, so Liu Da Si Kou invited him to his home to tell Liu Jing's fortune. Please do not despair, but try to repent of your karma. If you accumulate Yin virtue, you may reverse your bad luck.'

  At the age of seventeen, Liu Jing listened to these words of Zhou Xiang Shi, and he was determined to get rid of all the evils and do good deeds extensively. And he took the 'Book of Merits and Demerits' and the 'Book of Tai Shang Induction' as his code of conduct. Every day he examined and reflected on each article. When a good thought arose, he would draw a red circle on the eastern wall. In particular, I did not hesitate to abstain from killing and releasing living creatures. After three years of doing this, he passed the difficult time of being nineteen years old safely.

  One day, when he was crossing the Yangtze River from his boat, he saw a fisherman catch a large turtle. Seeing it, Liu Jing felt compassionate and bought it to set it free. The tortoise seemed to be very spiritual and followed Liu Jing's boat for five or six miles to see him off. That night, when Liu Jing was staying at the hostel, he dreamt of a short, fat Taoist man dressed in black who said to him, 'Your Excellency, you have been doing good deeds for three years and have never slackened off. Now you have prolonged your life and increased your prosperity.



What are the acts of abstaining from killing and releasing



 1. Do not kill a living being with your own hands.


  2. Do not abet others to kill.


  3. Do not help others to kill.


  4. Abstain from eating meat.


  5. Do not engage in trades related to killing.


  6Whenever there is worship, regardless of what is being worshipped, use vegetarian dishes, flowers and fruit, not animal gifts.


  7. If you see someone killing a human being, you should discourage them or buy the animal to be slaughtered with money and release it. If this does not work, or if the person does not sell the animal, then you should have compassion for the slaughtered animal, and even better if you can recite the Buddha's name or mantra for it.


  8. Do not abuse the animal.


  9Other actions that are contrary to killing.


  10. Abstain from killing and releasing animals yourself, and advise others to do the same. 












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