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 How I transformed from poor to rich by releasing students to pray for Buddha

   date:2020-09-18 18:39:03     read:56   

How I transformed from poor to rich by releasing students to pray for Buddha




This is the personal experience of a Buddhist friend -----

    Master Yin Guang's "Wenban Zengguang - Jinling Sanchahe Fayun Temple Release Pond" says: "Note that the original purpose of releasing life is to abstain from killing, and abstaining from killing must begin with eating vegetarianism. If everyone abstains from killing and everyone eats vegetarianism. If everyone abstains from killing and everyone eats vegetarianism, then families will practice charity, people will practice propriety and righteousness, the customs will be beautiful and the wind will be simple, and the time will be good. Then there will be no more robberies and killings of each other. This is the most important thing to do in order to undo the natural and human disasters and to correct the root of the problem. Anyone who wishes to have a clean house, a healthy body and mind, peace in the world, and peace and happiness for the people, please seek this in abstaining from killing, releasing life, eating vegetarianism, and reciting the Buddha's teachings, and then you will be able to achieve everything!" 

    The ancestor of India tells us the true truth: abstain from killing, let go of life, eat vegetarianism and recite the Buddha's teachings, and only then will you be able to get what you ask for!   

     I would like to summarise and report on the real benefits of releasing raw materials, I do not dare to exaggerate or show off, but just want to prove the facts to inspire your confidence. 


   1、Returning to wealth    

   Since I started releasing raw materials at the beginning of 2003, I have insisted on spending about 100 yuan twice a month on each purchase of raw materials; the money was well spent and my poor life was changed. After tasting the sweetness, the intensity and scale of the release increased, each time at 300 yuan or more, at least twice a month; September 04 to September 05 a year income of 180,000 yuan. In November 2005 to July 2006, less than nine months, the income is more than 155,000 yuan. This is the truth. If you don't have personal experience, it's hard to believe! 

        My father, for example, although he agrees with the idea of letting go of life, still has misgivings about my expenditure on letting go of life, and often says to me sceptically, "You make so much money, if it is really related to letting go of life, you can let go of life as much as you like, but I am afraid that all this fortune is what you are destined to have, wouldn't that be a waste?" I couldn't answer this question in the past, but today, through chanting the Buddha and clearing my mind where there is enlightenment, I know the answer - the realm follows the mind, and fate is self-sustaining; fate is not fixed, but changes with the mind. If the power of the mind can turn fate, then why not turn it to the good? And Buddhism is all about transforming our own destiny and that of all beings in terms of fundamental benefits. To release one animal is to save one life; to release thousands or tens of thousands of lives at a time, good causes will lead to good results, and one's own destiny and fortune will surely be completely improved! There are countless examples of animals that have a spiritual nature and know how to repay you for your kindness, and in times of crisis, they will save your life. 

      There was a time in '04 when I was in business and I knew before I did it that it would be successful, how did I know? On another occasion when I was releasing turtles, the koi in the pond jumped up very high twice in a row, and since then the business has gone smoothly and the pen has been successful. 

       2. Health through release 

       In 2003, I was in Nanjing and had 12 different kinds of illnesses. Now I have forgotten which diseases I had, and if I counted them again, there would not be as many as 12. My attitude towards illnesses is "I don't care about minor illnesses and I don't treat them, so I let them remove karmic obstacles. A major illness is an added incentive to study Buddhism intensively." To learn how to eliminate worries, worries are grievances, to eliminate worries is to resolve grievances and open up wisdom. When you are bravely chanting for rebirth in the Elysium, the Buddha will arrange some minor illnesses for you, one to remove the karmic obstacles at the time of rebirth, and another also to increase your centrifugal awareness and to test your resolve while also reprimanding your sins. 

       3 Letting go of life increases wisdom 

        As a result, I have a better understanding of the rationale and process of releasing life. The first Buddhist practice of giving alms is that giving alms is a complete practice of giving alms in three ways: financial alms, Dharma alms and fearless alms. It is a perfect form of giving. It can definitely open up wisdom. Small bounties open up small wisdom, while big bounties open up big wisdom. Giving alms brings me to the door of Buddhahood. After you have given some small things, you gradually give more and more, and eventually you do feel that you should give it all away, so that you actually let go of yourself and give to yourself. You know that there is no self. You get the joy of helping others, and then you get the joy of purity. When you enter the door of giving, you see a wide world, not simply that the more you give, the poorer you become. The greatest joy of the Buddhist school, the greatest reward, is to find out for oneself. The greatest joy, the greatest challenge in Buddhism is giving. 

       4 Rejoicing in giving life 

        The great confidence; the countless inductions; the joy of the animal; the joy of yourself. These are all tangible. 

        It's been over a week since I've released any animals, all because I wasted my blessings by squandering my money too much. My wife told me today that she was going to sell the air conditioner, move to a one-bedroom apartment, and live frugally for two years to fulfill our wish to release life. I went along with it and agreed. It will also give us a renewed sense of sadness and purpose, and will teach our children to understand things earlier without having to pick up bad habits. 

      Due to recent work tensions, the daily chanting at home has been raised to 12,000 sounds. The reason for this diligence is that I have been inspired once again by one of Master Youyi's teachings, which I am posting to share with you: 

      "There is nothing strange in the Dharma of reciting the Buddha's name, but only the belief in the power of action. The Buddha said, "If one only recites Maitreya Buddha, it is called supreme and profound meditation. In Tiantai, the four kinds of samadhi are all named after the Buddha. The Buddha reciting samadhi is the king of the samadhis. As Yunshi says, the single phrase Amitabha Buddha is the source of all eight teachings and all five religions. It is a pity that people today regard the recitation of the Buddha as a superficial activity, a fool's work. This is why the faith is not deep enough, and the practice is not strong enough, all day long, the pure work can not be overcome. If you want to understand this samadhi, you will have to find out who it is. The first thing that I don't know is that the mind that can be recited is already free from faults and faults, so I don't need to think about it. The Buddha, who is now recited in a single sentence, is also free from emotion and calculation, so there is no need to talk about the subtleties. The only thing is to believe in it, to keep it steady, to chant it straight away, or to chant it 100,000 times a day and night, or 50,000 times a day and 30,000 times a night, whichever is the case. After this lifetime, I vow not to change my mind. If one does not attain rebirth, the Buddhas of the three worlds will be deceitful. Once one is reborn, there is no turning back. All kinds of dharmas will be available to you. Do not let Zhang San today or Li Si tomorrow. When you meet someone who teaches you, you will think of searching for a chapter and verse. When you meet a follower of the sect, you want to ask questions. When you meet a follower of the Law, you will think of using a mantle. This is a case of not knowing everything, and not knowing everything. I do not know that when I have recited the Amitabha Buddha, the three books and twelve teachings are all there. The three thousand and seven hundred cases, and the upwardly mobile organs, are also within. The Three Thousand Virtues, the Eighty Thousand Deeds, and the Three Pure Precepts are also within. If you can truly recite the Buddha's teachings, you can put down your body and mind, which is a great gift. If one can truly recite the Buddha's teachings, one will no longer be greedy or angrily inclined, which is the great precept. To be able to truly recite the Buddha's teachings without regard for right and wrong, that is, to be able to endure great humiliation. To be able to truly recite the Buddha's teachings without any interruptions or intermingling, that is, great refinement. To be able to truly recite the Buddha's teachings without any delusion, that is, great meditation. To be able to truly recite the Buddha's teachings without being confused by other people's differences is great wisdom. If you are not yet able to let go of the world of mind and body, if your thoughts of greed and anger are still present, if you are still preoccupied with right and wrong, if you are not yet free from interruptions, if you are not yet free from delusions, if you are still confused by all kinds of other differences, then you are not really reciting the Buddha. There is no other way to reach the state of unrest in the mind. The first step is to use a number of pearls, to remember clearly, to carve out a course, and to decide that there is no shortage. After a long period of time, if you have become familiar with it, you will be able to recite it without reciting it, and then you will also be able to remember it. If at first you want to say nice things, if you want to learn to be free from appearances, and if you want to learn to be free from the roundness of the world, you will not be able to believe deeply enough, and you will not be able to do well enough. If you are able to teach twelve points and speak a thousand or seven hundred times, it is all a matter of life and death. At the end of your life, you will never be able to use them. Take care." 

       If you have money and time, you should release the living beings, if you don't have money and time, you should chant more Buddhism, and all the benefits should be returned to all sentient beings in the Dharma Realm, and all the merits should be returned to the Western Pure Land. In fact, chanting and releasing sentient beings is the same thing, releasing sentient beings is to help tangible beings, and chanting is to help intangible beings, while inside and outside are one and the same, so the purpose and effect of chanting and releasing sentient beings is the same.



    印光大师《文钞增广·金陵三汊河法云寺放生池疏》中说: “须知放生原为戒杀,戒杀必从吃素始。倘人各戒杀,人各吃素。则家习慈善,人敦礼义,俗美风淳,时和年丰。何至有刀兵劫起,彼此相戕之事乎。此挽回天灾人祸,正本清源之要务也。凡有欲家门清泰,身心康宁,天下太平,人民安乐者,请皆于戒杀、放生、吃素、念佛中求之,则求无不得矣!” 

       这也和拜佛有关。2003年我在南京,身上有大小12种病。现在我已经忘记了哪些病,如果再数也不会有12种那么多了。并且我对于疾病的态度是“小病不计较,也不医治,让他去消除业障。大病则是精进学佛的增上缘。” 学会如何消除烦恼,烦恼就是冤家,消除烦恼就是解冤,开智慧。当你勇猛念佛求生极乐世界的时候,佛会安排一些小病给你,一个是消除往生时候的业障,还有一个也是让你增加出离心,并且在考验你决心的同时也重罪轻报。 

       3 放生增智慧 

       4 放生得欢喜 


What are the acts of abstaining from killing and releasing



 1. Do not kill a living being with your own hands.


  2. Do not abet others to kill.


  3. Do not help others to kill.


  4. Abstain from eating meat.


  5. Do not engage in trades related to killing.


  6Whenever there is worship, regardless of what is being worshipped, use vegetarian dishes, flowers and fruit, not animal gifts.


  7. If you see someone killing a human being, you should discourage them or buy the animal to be slaughtered with money and release it. If this does not work, or if the person does not sell the animal, then you should have compassion for the slaughtered animal, and even better if you can recite the Buddha's name or mantra for it.


  8. Do not abuse the animal.


  9Other actions that are contrary to killing.


  10. Abstain from killing and releasing animals yourself, and advise others to do the same. 












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