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 Releasing animals can accumulate blessings and transform destiny

   date:2020-09-18 18:56:29     read:70   

Releasing animals can accumulate blessings and transform destiny 



1. 'I advise you to be diligent in releasing life, and you will live a long life. If you have the mind of a bodhisattva, you must be saved by heaven.'

-Maitreya Bodhisattva 


2. 'All beings are Buddhas; to kill beings is to kill Buddhas; to save beings is to save Buddhas.


3. 'At the end of the Dharma, release the living beings first.'


4. If the Buddha's son, with compassion, performs the karma of releasing living beings.

-The Brahma Sutra 


5. To release life is to save life. To release life is to repay a debt.

To release life is to save an emergency. To release life is to be compassionate.

To let go of life is to become enlightened. To let go of life is to practice.

To let go of life is to be active. To let go of life is to facilitate.

To let go of life is to change one's life. To let go of life is to relieve injustice.

To release life is to eliminate disaster. To release life is to heal.

To release life is to save a relative. To release life is to prolong life.

To release life is to bless goodness. To release life is to help the living West.


6. 'To release life is to save one's parents and children.'


7. Master Hong Yi: 'First of all, I would like to ask you, do you want to prolong your life? Do you want to be cured of illness? Do you want to be free from suffering? Do you wish to have children? If you do, I have the easiest way to do it, and that is to release your life.


8. Letting go of life - keeping the first thought of the present moment - compassion.


9. 'The great virtue of heaven and earth is life, and the great way of the Buddha is compassion.


10. 'To release life is to be compassionate, to fulfil the wishes of the Buddhas, to release life and become a Buddha.


11. 'To release life is a life-saving act, the most concrete manifestation of compassion.'


12. 'To release life is an act of amnesty.'


13. 'Release all life... Sickness is cured and all difficulties are relieved.'

'The release of life is a blessing... To bring relief from suffering and misery, and not to cause suffering.'

-The Medicine Buddha Sutra 


14. 'But that is, the human heart proves the Buddha's heart, and there is no better technique than releasing life to transform the turbulent into the pure land.'

-Master Youyi 


15. The release of life is the great compassion of Kuan Yin, and the release of life is the great action and great wish of Pu Yin.


16. The great release of life is the chanting of the Buddha.


17. The merits and virtues of releasing life

Long life.

Secondly, compassion naturally arises.

3. Good gods as friends.

4. All animals are considered to be close and rejoice.

V. Immense merits.

VI. Respect from all people.

VII. No disease or harm.

Eternal happiness.

IX. Respect for the actions of the Buddha in all lifetimes.

Ten. Never leaving the Three Jewels.

11. To attain the fruit of supreme buddhahood at last.

XII. The Master's good knowledge lives on for a long time, and blesses the Master with disasters.

Thirteen: To be reborn in the Pure Land.

-The Ten Wheel Sutra of the Earth 


18. When releasing a living creature, convert it together, repent together, recite the Buddha's name together, and stimulate the seeds of bodhicitta and compassion.


19、The Buddha's name to be recited when releasing a living creature - Namo Baobun Yorai Namo Baosheng Rulai Namo Sakyamuni Six-character Mantra - Buzzing Mani Chanting Mee Moo































































19、放生时应念之佛号—南无宝髻有来 南无宝胜如来 南无释迦如来 六字大明咒—嗡嘛呢呗美哞

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