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 A collection of the blessings of life extension by releasing a life: the ironclad proof of the "

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A collection of the blessings of life extension by releasing a life: the ironclad proof of the "longevity of the benevolent"




Those who release life are longevity stars in the eyes of all beings; those who are longevity stars are blessed with longevity

                            ---- Zhuge Changqing



To release a living being is to save him or her from danger and is the greatest virtue in the world.

  To release life is to prolong the life of a living being and to block the call of death for him.

  Karma is the most powerful of all; if you reap what you sow, you will reap what you sow.

  If you let go of life to save the life of a creature, heaven will prolong its life.

   This is why releasing life can prolong life span and blessings.

  Today, Zhuge Changqing has excerpted two cases of "benevolent longevity" in which life is prolonged by releasing life to share with those who are interested.


   (1) A young sama saves ants to prolong his life 


   It is written in the Parable Sutra that once upon a time there were five men who practised in a forest not far from the city. His disciple was an eight-year-old shamatha. The old master knew that the young shamatha had only seven days left to live because he had the power of destiny. He thought to himself, 'If the little sama dies here, his parents will think that I have not taken good care of him and that he has had an accident, and they will resent me. 


  So the old master told the young sage: 'Your parents miss you very much, so you can go back to visit them and come back after eight days. Little Shamayi bowed happily and took leave of the old master. Halfway along the path, it began to rain heavily from the sky. When he saw that the rain was about to flow into an ant's nest, he hurriedly blocked it with earth so that it did not flood the ant's nest. 


  When the young shamrock returned home, all was well and nothing happened. On the morning of the eighth day, he returned to his master, and the old master was surprised to see that the young shamatha had returned safely. He then went into meditation to observe the reason for this and realised that the young sami had prolonged his life because he had saved the ants. The old master said again, 'You have done great merit, don't you know it yourself?' The young monk said, 'I was at home for seven days, what merit did I do there?' The old master said again, 'Your life expectancy was only until yesterday, but because you saved so many ants, your life expectancy can be extended to more than eighty years.' 


  Hearing these words of the master, the young sage became even more convinced of the principle of 'good deeds have good rewards', and of course his heart rejoiced. So he worked hard at his practice, never slackening off, and later attained the holy fruit of the six divine powers. (From the seventh volume of the Metaphorical Sutra)

   Zhuge Changqing: The young sage's destiny was a karmic one because he had the karma of killing beings in his repeated lives. But by saving a nest of ants, he repaid the debt of his repeated lifetimes of killing and accumulated great merit. This is a powerful proof that goodness has its reward and that the benevolent will live long.

  (2) Liu Jing's release of a long life 

   Liu Jing was a native of the Ming dynasty, and his father was a famous 'Grand Secretary'. Liu Jing was frail and sickly at a young age, and his five original brothers all died in quick succession. As a result, Liu Jing was very concerned about the well-being of his youngest son and had many fortune tellers come to see his fortune. Unfortunately, they all said that Liu Jing would not live to the age of 19. 


   It so happened that a famous fortune teller from Sichuan called Zhou Shi Lian came to the capital, so Liu Da Si Kou invited him to his home to tell Liu Jing's fortune. Please do not despair, but try to repent of your karma. If you accumulate Yin virtue, you may reverse your bad luck.' 


  At the age of seventeen, Liu Jing listened to these words of Zhou Xiang Shi, and he was determined to get rid of all the evils and do good deeds extensively. And he took the 'Book of Merits and Demerits' and the 'Book of Tai Shang Induction' as his code of conduct. Every day he examined and reflected on each article. When a good thought arose, he would draw a red circle on the eastern wall. In particular, I did not hesitate to abstain from killing and releasing living creatures. After three years of doing this, he passed the difficult time of being nineteen years old safely. 


   One day, as he was crossing the Yangtze River from his boat, he saw a fisherman catch a large tortoise. Seeing it, Liu Jing felt compassionate and bought it to set it free. The tortoise seemed to be very spiritual and followed Liu Jing's boat for five or six miles to see him off. That night, when Liu Jing was staying at the hostel, he dreamt of a short, fat Taoist man dressed in black who said to him, 'Your Excellency, you have been doing good deeds for three years and have never slackened off. Now you have prolonged your life and increased your prosperity. But your body has always been weak, and it is inevitable that you will suffer from cold. But I have a small technique to teach you, and if you follow it, you will be safe and free from illness.' When he had finished, he immediately taught Liu Jing the essentials of breath regulation. 


   When Liu Jing woke up, he knew that it was the divine tortoise who had returned the favour, so he followed the methods he had learned in his dream and his health improved day by day. Later, he asked Xiang Shi Zhou Shi Lian to come back to the capital to thank him for his past teachings. That night he and Zhou Shi Lian slept in the same bed and Zhou Shi Lian woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that Liu Jing's breathing from his nose was very faint. When he woke up the next morning, Zhou Shi Lian congratulated Liu Da Si Kou: 'Your son's bones have changed so much in these years, I slept with him yesterday. I slept with him yesterday and learnt that he has learnt how to breathe like a tortoise, which is not only good for his health, but also for his longevity. 


   Later, Liu Jing lived to be ninety-eight years old, and his children and grandchildren were all wise and wise, in keeping with Zhou Shi Lian's prophecy. (From 'Fate is in Your Hands')





















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