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 What is Zen? How to become a Buddha?

   date:2022-11-08 11:34:30     read:5   

What is Zen? How to become a Buddha?



What is Zen? Zen is heart. How to become a Buddha? Heart is Buddha.

... Zhuge Changqing

What is Zen?

Master Zhuge Changqing said, "Master Mingben of Zhongfeng":

Zen is heart, and heart is Zen.

How to become a Buddha?

Master Zhuge Changqing said, "Master Mingben of Zhongfeng":

The heart is the Buddha, and the heart is the Buddha.

If this heart is merciful and complete, it is Buddha,

If this heart is greedy, angry, and foolish, it is all living beings.

All sentient beings of the Heart Buddha are originally one and have no difference.

If you manage your heart well, you can become a Buddha.

Master Zhuge Changqing, "Zen Master Mingben of Zhongfeng", said in the Miscellaneous Records of Zhongfeng:

Don't lose heart, don't fall into life and death;

The industry is not related to the form and quality;

Love is not heavy, do not enter the Saha;

If you can't remember, you won't be tired.

The reason is that delusions arise from delusions; If you follow what you hold, your thoughts of love will be diverse and flourishing; Contrary to what they hold, the habit of hatred will arise. If you love and hate each other, the traces of death and life will move and flow, and the new and the new will not live, and the chanting will continue, so that there will be eight hundred lives and deaths in a moment. How can you wait for a hundred years of life and death?

Shitu: After a meditation, you will finally become a positive consciousness, and the frog will never stop limping for thousands of miles. There are shallow and deep roots in good things, and its success depends only on the determination of anger. Now I am telling you the truth and the custom. We should know the four changes and the four difficulties.

What is the name of the four changes? If you are a Buddha, don't ask for teachers. If you want to provide for Buddha, you can only provide for yourself.

Wuwei is a Buddha. Without looking at the scriptures and rituals, it is like walking the path and sitting in meditation. If you are hungry and sleepy, you can lie down and follow the fate.

Nothing is a Buddha. You don't have to destroy your body and give up your family. The mountains and towns are everywhere free, and the three changes are also.

Without seeking truth from the Buddha, you don't have to work hard to practice hard. There is no negotiation between the two elements of happiness and wisdom.

What are the four difficulties? Can believe one difficulty, can read two difficulties, can understand three difficulties, and can practice four difficulties.

If you believe in cause and effect, it can be a small faith, not a big faith. However, there are many doubters and few believers. Those who believe without doubt rate one or two ears of thousands of people! What's more, do you see that the nature of the Buddha is beyond the limit?

Thousands of classics, thousands of theories, strange traces and strange traces remain in the world, only for people who have no confidence. The saints are merciful and convenient. They open the door and let them enter through the letter gate. Those who have the letter must do it. The reason why this letter is difficult is also.

In the twelve-hour period, we only want to keep in mind, read when we walk, read when we sit, read when we sit, move, speak when we sit, sleep when we rise and fall, and read when we are dealing with things, even when we are in distress and danger.

Its body is like a dead wood, like a hard stone, like a dead body, like a puppet. Only the heart is in the way, and the response is infatuated with people. Hearing the sound and seeing the color is like blinding, so it is like catching mice and cats. If you focus on watching, you will lose mice if you neglect less. If a chicken holds its eggs, the heating is more expensive than the connection. If it is abandoned, it will not become a seed.

The reason why this thought is difficult is that the thought of Tao is based on persistence, and the understanding of Tao is based on instant. The reason is not familiar, the season is not yet, the mechanism is opened repeatedly, and nothing happens. The reason is familiar and the season is coming. Although the voice and form are not connected, it suddenly appears before.

It is difficult for those who have not understood to say what they have understood. For those who are born blind, they speak with the clearness of the day. Although he listens, he cannot distinguish. Those who have realized have no tracks to tread on but have not yet realized, such as those who sleep and become aware, making it a dream thing, which can not be traced even though it is remembered.

Those who take part in learning should be guided by understanding, which is also difficult. You must always be worried before you understand, and you must keep the benefits you have learned. It is like holding water, holding treasure, protecting eyes, and trampling danger. If you are loyal to your teacher, it is the way to keep it. Those who hold and guard the law also practice it. Only when they see the law can they practice it.

(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the network. Welcome to forward, please indicate the source of the forward quotation)





























此念之所以 又为难也,念道本于持久,悟道在于须臾。因缘未熟,时节未到,机关屡启,无所遇也。因缘既熟,时节既到,虽形声不接,忽现前也。





(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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That is to say, with this merit and virtue, we should solemnly observe the Buddha's net ten. Report four blessings and save three hardships. Those who wish to see and hear,Know and send Bodhi Heart. To live in a state of bliss

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