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 Zhuge Changqing: You must use clean water for feeding

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Zhuge Changqing: You must use clean water for feeding




Giving food is a major event for the provision of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, good gods, sages, ancestors, and transcendental beings. It should be done sincerely.

-----Zhuge Changqing

Giving food is a kind act of offering sacrifices to Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and good gods.

Giving food is a good deed that provides for the ancestors of previous dynasties.

Giving food is a way to transcend the infinite sentient beings.

Giving food is a good deed recognized by the Buddhist scholars, Shidaoye, and Hui sages.

This is a great act of kindness, so do it sincerely.

Zhuge Changqing, based on the situation that some Chinese scholars who are destined to give food dreamed of eating in the toilet, and their drinking cups were knocked over, particularly reminded those who are destined to give food:

When using water for food, be sure to use clean water!

When using water for food, be sure to use clean water!

When using water for food, be sure to use clean water!

1、 Do not use kitchen water as a handout.

Many predestined people do not understand this, and Zhuge Changqing's answer is as follows:

1. The kitchen usually serves meat dishes. If used, it will be contaminated with meat. The kitchen's meat molecules directly permeate the air, and the polluted air directly pollutes the water source.

2. If a family is vegetarian, the kitchen is full of vegetarian dishes, and the water in the kitchen can be used.

3. Case: A Chinese scholar, a Buddhist scholar, Shidaoye Hui enthusiast, used the water from the meat kitchen as a handout. As a result, he dreamed that many people were sitting in the dining room, staring at many meat dishes on the table, without speaking in silence.

2、 Do not use the water in the restroom or toilet as a handout.

Many predestined people do not understand this, and Zhuge Changqing's answer is as follows:

The bathroom is generally connected to the toilet, and the air is dirty, and air molecules can permeate the air.

Therefore, the water in bathrooms and toilets seems to be in the water pipes, but in fact, the water around the water pipes and faucets has been surrounded by a dirty gas field, and the water has changed.

Give food with the water in the washroom and toilet, so you can invite guests to have millet porridge, saying: You are my respected guests, my parents' leaders' benefactors, and you are the people I want to help. I cooked millet porridge for you with the water in the washroom and toilet alone, please drink it

Zhuge Changqing asked everyone to think about how you would feel if someone brought you a bowl of millet porridge made with toilet water?

Case 1: A predestined person used water from the restroom to give food, but inexplicably waved his hand and knocked the cup to the ground, appearing several times in a row.

Later, I asked Zhuge Changqing, who explained to him and then understood why.

Case 2: A predestined person used the water from the toilet to give food, resulting in a dream that many people were eating in the toilet at night.

Ask Zhuge Changqing, who explained the reason to him before he understood the reason.

3、 How do predestined people living in cities use water to feed?

Zhuge Changqing suggested the following:

You can purchase a water dispenser and install bottled water.

You should choose mountain spring water or mineral water for bottled water.

You can directly buy bottled water and press it with a water press.

3. How to identify the quality of large barrels of water?

Because many water suppliers use unclean tap water to sell as mountain spring water or mineral water in order to make money, resulting in poor water quality, what should be done?

Zhuge Changqing suggested that everyone can buy a bucket first, then do several alms, and then ask Buddha, Bodhisattva, God of Good, and Survived Beings to give you dreams to see if this water is suitable.

If you already have divine powers or the ability to communicate with gods, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and sentient beings, you can directly determine whether this water is suitable before purchasing.

4、 How to use water for food when traveling frequently?

According to Zhuge Changqing's practical verification, the water in many hotels is not suitable.

It is recommended that when you arrive at the hotel and arrange your accommodation, ask the attendant where there is a supermarket nearby.

Go to a nearby supermarket to buy mountain spring water and purified water, such as Nongfu Mountain Spring.

Depending on the length of time you live, you decide whether to buy a small or large bottle of water.

5、 How do rural relatives use water to give food?

Zhuge Changqing: Due to the different conditions in various rural areas, some are undergoing urbanization, and some are still in a simple rural style.

If you have undergone urbanization and live in a building, refer to the urban water feeding method. Use buckets of water.

2. If there is no renovation, it is still the original bungalow model.

One is to fetch water from a large well in the village or from a nearby mountain spring.

Second, if there is running water, you can install a faucet separately in the east or southeast of the yard, which is convenient to access.

If there is bottled water, it can also be used.

Many cases have reminded us that the poor feeding effect of many people has a significant relationship with feeding water sources.

The above suggestions for food and water use should be paid attention to in major household tasks!

"Do nothing evil, but do all good.". Zhuge Changqing, I wish you success!

(Written by Guoxue: Zhuge Changqing Pictures: Selected pictures from Nichu Network)

(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing. Welcome to forward it. Please indicate the source for forwarding and quoting.)


----- 诸葛长青

















































(国学撰文:诸葛长青    图片:选用昵图网图片)





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