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 Rice feeding+noodles Congee feeding: huge feeling

   date:2023-04-10 08:45:52     read:3   

Rice feeding+noodles Congee feeding: huge feeling

Zhuge Changqing





amitabha. Continuous feeding brings great blessings. Blessed by Buddha and Bodhisattva. It can accelerate the process of becoming a Buddha.

-----Zhuge Changqing

amitabha. The benefits of giving food are immeasurable. In the "Buddha Says to Give to Hungry Ghosts and Sweet Dew Flavored Great Dharani Sutra", the Buddha says, "At that time, all the six tastes of hungry ghosts and gods in the ten directions were gathered. They paid tribute to those who gave food, as if they had seen their parents." (Zhuge Changqing: Those hungry ghosts who saw those who gave food, as if they had seen their parents, paid tribute to those who gave food).

The Buddha said in the Buddhist scripture "The Buddha Says to Save the Hungry Ghost from the Flame Mouth": "Ananda, if there are monks, nuns, and eunuchs... who bless the food giving of ghosts, they can have unlimited blessings. It is no different from providing the merits and virtues of the hundred and thousands of Tathagatas. The extension of lifespan increases the power of color, and the good root is sufficient. All non human nocturnal forks are present. All evil spirits and gods dare not harm them. They can also achieve unlimited blessings and lifespan

The Sutra of Saving and Pulling out Flames "states:" When monks, nuns, Youbosai, and Youpoyi recite this secret message, the roots of goodness are abundant. All non human beings, such as the Yazha Raksha, dare not harm evil spirits and gods. "(Zhuge Changqing: Continuously feeding can receive protection from Buddha, Bodhisattva, and good gods, and no one dares to harm them.)

Zhuge Changqing suggested that those who are destined to eat rice and noodles Congee should do it simultaneously if they have time.

Recently, a destined person "Xiangxiang" used Zhuge Changqing's ritual of giving food and made noodles and Congee with three utensils. Here is the answer given to her by Zhuge Changqing's teacher and shared with the destined person.

Hello, Mr. Zhuge Changqing. Last night, I made noodles Congee with three utensils and ten water rice for the first time. Because I didn't make preparations in advance, I simply made noodles Congee for the first time. The reason was that a thought in my heart led to this Congee feeding.

1. When I was in the Buddhist temple, I flashed a thought of "noodles Congee", and found that the idea spread to the void like the emitted radio waves, which was very powerful.

After a while, a lot of people gathered in front of me, and their feedback information was also noodles Congee.

2. I didn't prepare in advance. Tear the Steamed rolls into small pieces and then pour in the millet porridge. Mix well with chopsticks and let it cool.

3. Put the noodles Congee in a clean place and pour out the rice.

4. For the first time, I would like to take a photo to observe the moment when all beings transcend. No matter how hard I try, I can only take a picture of lotus.

5. The air is filled with mist, and trees, shrubs, rockeries, me, and others seem to be moving and very quiet. I feel like I am deaf. Is it the transcendence of sentient beings that drives us? Or did it move my vision? Surrounded by a sea of evaporated water, the aura permeates, and the countless rays of light emitted by street lamps are clear and radiant.

As if in a painting, perception: People walk in a painting, as if in my heart, as if it were true, as if it were false, as if it were a dream, as if a solitary shadow was looking forward to the west bank.

6. When I returned home, amidst the constant sound of Buddhist chants, a young young young man appeared. I turned to him and immediately passed away, feeling happy and joyful. Teacher Zhuge Changqing, is he here to say goodbye? Or have you been harmed by me and followed me all the time?

-------Teacher Zhuge Changqing: The young man you see is your enemy and creditor who has been following you all along, with mature opportunities to accept transcendence.

7. Following closely, a dark dragon head appeared and said, "Delicious and delicious (still satisfied, I didn't remember clearly). Teacher Zhuge Changqing, is he a sentient being? Or have you been a loyal family member for generations? Or what kind of karma?

------Teacher Zhuge Changqing: Which dragon head do you see is your long-standing kinsman? He needs your almsgiving transcendence.

8. I saw two of me, one eating a small amount of spareribs and the other eating a pile of clams. Eating with relish. Teacher Zhuge Changqing, is it the meat and clams I have eaten that remind me to repent of excesses?

------Teacher Zhuge Changqing: When you see your creditors eating meat and clams, they remind you to exceed them.

amitabha. Zhuge Changqing suggested that if we had time, we could "feed rice and noodles and Congee" together, which would make great contributions.

When doing this, read the ritual together, then go to the scene, put the noodles Congee on the ground, and pour the rice out.

Noodle Congee can be made with noodle Congee, millet rice porridge (not too hot), various grain mixtures, etc. It is recommended that the concentration be higher, not too thin, and pour it into three disposable paper cups.

Continuous Five in One, there will be a great leap forward in the future! come on.

Bless all those who are destined to meet their needs, receive blessings from heavenly officials, soar in their careers, and expand their financial resources!

Bless all those who are filial piety and respect their teachers, stop evil and do good deeds, benefit society, promote the Dharma and promote life. Continuously repent, release, give food, recite, and become vegetarians. They will have prosperity and auspiciousness, achieve everything they wish, have good luck in everything, and achieve early results!

Nanwu Master Shakyamuni Buddha. Namo Amitabha.

Nanwuliang Weide is free and bright as the Tathagata.

Nanwu Oriental Glass Medicine Master Buddha. Nanwu Maitreya Buddha.

Nanwu Guanyin Bodhisattva. Nanwudi Tibetan King Bodhisattva. Nanwu Void Hiding Bodhisattva.

Nanwu Gaizhang Bodhisattva. Nanwulingji Bodhisattva. Nanwu Weituo Bodhisattva.

Blessed is the Infinite Heavenly Sovereign. Yuan Shi Tian Zun. Lingbao senior. Moral Heavenly Sovereign.

Taiyi saves the Bitter Heavenly Master. Confucius, the supreme master of Dacheng. Jesus Christ. Muhammad.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Ten Directions and Three Generations.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages from ancient and modern times, both in China and abroad.

Dirty Vajra. Splashing Dharma Vajra. Win to the King Kong. Reside in King Kong.

Qingzao Disaster King Kong. Detoxifying Vajra. Huang follows the pursuit of Vajra. White Pure Water Diamond.

Red Voice Fire Diamond. Hold on to the Disaster King Kong. Zixian King Kong. The Great God Vajra.

The Heavenly King of the Eastern Kingdom. The King of Southern Growth.

The Western Heavenly King with Wide Eyes. There is a lot of news about the Heavenly King in the north.




阿弥陀佛。施食功德无量。施食在《佛说施饿鬼甘露味大陀罗尼经》里佛说“尔时十方一切六趣饿鬼鬼神悉赴集。瞻仰行者。如见父母。 ”(诸葛长青:那些饿鬼看到施食的人,就象见到父母一样,瞻仰施食的人)。











5.空气中氤氲四起,树、灌木、假山、我、、、似在移动,而且很静,我如耳聋一般 ,是众生超度带动了我们?还是移动了我的视觉?四周如大海被蒸发的水韵弥漫,路灯发出的光千千万万的光线但条条清晰,光芒四射。


















Zhuge Changqing: A scholar of traditional Chinese culture, a consultant of traditional Chinese culture, and a doctoral fellow. Adhering to the principle of "three people walking together, there must be my teacher", pursuing ancient and modern sages and learning from various schools of thought, living in seclusion in the world of mortals, with a broad view of the universe, and determined to "learn from sages, promote good virtues, revitalize China, and benefit the world".

Zhuge Changqing: zhuge8031@163.com

(This article is original by Zhuge Changqing, and the lace diagram and layout mode are selected from the internet. Welcome to forward, please indicate the source when forwarding and quoting)



That is to say, with this merit and virtue, we should solemnly observe the Buddha's net ten. Report four blessings and save three hardships. Those who wish to see and hear,Know and send Bodhi Heart. To live in a state of bliss

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